5 Winter Looks for a Slimmer Look

It's time to slowly forget about summer dresses and sandals at a low speed, because autumn is quickly gaining momentum. Very soon we will replace blouses and shirts with sweaters and cardigans. Get you Klook promotion code if you want to save some money for your slimmer look wardrobe. You already managed to look at 8 stylish autumn images with a white sweater? If you are already burning with the desire to wear stylish autumn outfits, then we have very good news for you: we have prepared everything about 5 looks that will make you visually slimmer. These are the best street style outfits, don't miss out!

1. Striped Print Blouse
Of all trend prints, vertical stripes are best if you want to visually stretch the silhouette. Striped print blouses or shirts combined with skinny jeans at the high waist are the right choice.

2. A jacket with a belt

This simple trick always saves any image, because it emphasizes the waist and hips. Yes, we are talking about the perfect combination: jacket + belt. This trend has already been seen in the images of fashion bloggers, so do not doubt this option for a second.

3. White shirt

This item is considered the basic wardrobe item. It is simply indispensable for creating street style images and office images. If you think that this is a boring thing, then you are very mistaken. Just look at the image in the photo. If you have long had a long white blouse in your closet, then it's time to give her a second wind. Combine it with flared jeans and a wide belt to emphasize the waist. And in no case do not fill the blouse in jeans! Throw a light autumn coat on top, and the stylish look is ready.
4. Monochrome image in black

We have said more than once: if you want to appear slimmer, dress in black. Yes, this color always favorably emphasizes the figure. The monochrome image of black is a very simple and effective way to appear taller and slimmer. Get inspired in the photo. Doesn't such a monochrome look in rocker style look perfect?
5. Coat with a belt
Raincoats and trench coats are an indispensable thing for the offseason. If you just wanted to buy a new coat, then look for a long model with a belt. Combine your cloak with basic wardrobe items and high heel boots. Well, the original bag always makes the image unusual. You will definitely be the center of attention. Use these simple tricks to always create harmonious looks. You don’t want to disfigure your figure with the wrong combination? To prevent this from happening exactly, pay attention to 5 errors that will definitely add several kilograms to you.

6. Jacket

This thing conquered the world of fashion is not accidental. A jacket is comfort, style and versatility. They can be combined with almost all things. But be careful! The combination of a long jacket with a midi skirt or with very wide trousers will add several kilograms to you. How to solve this problem? Tight pants or skirt. This is an ideal combination with a trendy jacket.

7. Midi Skirt

Yes, midi skirts are a must for every girl, but you need to know how to combine it correctly. If you want to wear a full midi skirt, forget about any oversized top. Get Kkday Discount Code to save on any of your desired outfits. Choose tight-fitting blouses, sweaters, tops ... Well, or just tuck the oversize top into the skirt and underline the waist with a belt so that you do not seem like a shapeless bag.

8. The correct proportions

You cannot upload an image with oversized things. Cloaks, XXL jackets, coats and ponchos require a fitted bottom. If you want to look stylish and harmonious, keep a balance between oversized things and tight-fitting clothing.

9. Loose fit

If you choose a simple wide dress and combine it with a coat of the same style, then your figure will look voluminous and shapeless. How to fix it? Just emphasize the dress with a thin belt. This is a proven, reliable option.

10. Sneakers

Probably all girls love sneakers, because they are comfortable, versatile and stylish. If you want to seem visually slimmer and taller, then sneakers are a bad option. And especially - in combination with wide pants of a free cut. Therefore, try to wear shoes with a low, comfortable heel.

The most important thing is to always choose those trendy things that fit perfectly on your figure. Do not buy a thing just because it is very popular. But remember that combining a long jacket with a full midi skirt is a bad idea. If you want to emphasize the waist, use a belt. If you want to look slimmer and taller, wear boots or high heel boots.



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