Six Sigma Concept In Companies

“Just two years after the Six Sigma system was launched, Motorola was awarded the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. 10 years after the launch of the Six Sigma program, i.e. in the period from 1987 to 1997. The company has achieved outstanding results, including:

· Fivefold increase in sales with a 20% annual increase in profits
· The average annual growth rate of stock prices at 21.3%
· The total savings from the implementation of the Six Sigma program in the amount of $ 14 billion.

Motorola's corporate accomplishments were the result of several hundred separate improvement activities in the design, production and after-sales services in all of the company's business units”.

“Six Sigma is the principle of our work at DuPont. 1,200 employees of the company are certified Black Belts and 250 Masters of the Black Belt. They marked the beginning of our efforts, but the application of Six Sigma mechanisms, methodologies and thinking is now widespread. A new direction in Six Sigma for us is to increase the number of projects that bring more revenue. More than 1,300 such projects were implemented in 2002, and in 2003 the number of such projects was doubled”.

“We have been applying the Six Sigma methodology to the company General Electric for the ninth year, and this has already become an invariable initiative - Six Sigma is the method of our work. Over the past year, we have implemented more than 50,000 projects in three main areas: work with our clients aimed at resolving their issues; improvement of internal processes in order to improve interaction with customers and increase revenue; expanding the supply of high-tech products and services to the market”.

“In 2001-2002, all projects implemented under the Six Sigma program had a positive impact on reducing costs and shortening the time cycle, and on improving the service of domestic and foreign clients. For the third year in a row, Bombardier has exceeded the results achieved with Six Sigma.
“According to the guidance we received, the average rate of return on a project could be approximately $ 250,000. Initial projects brought us twice as much profit. I believe that a certain specificity is inherent in each type of business, since every business has differences, but we were quite satisfied. In the first year, we have completed 70 projects”.

And many other foreign companies apply this concept.



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