Tips To Choose an Online Business Card Printer

Ordering business cards online have become too confusing nowadays. Getting a business online is like shopping online for any other product. The basic goal remains the same- find the item you want at a reasonable price.

Finding the Apt Business Card

The first step of online business card shopping is to find the business card printer who is carrying the type of business card that you are looking for. Usually, the business card printers will offer the customers a full-colour business card that comes in a (3” by 2.5”) standard size.

Business card

You have to decide if you will be going for the custom artwork in your business card or will go for the templates or designs that are offered in many business card printers. Many business card printers give you the option to order business cards. Getting a unique background is not an easy task, the chances are less that you will finally get one.

If you are looking for different cards, like a die-cut business card, you can always go for your favourite search engine to check the available stuff. Many business card printers will usually offer more than one type of business cards.

Paying for a Reasonable Business Card

These are some points to be taken care of while getting a business card.
  • The thickness (14pt card is more sturdy than a 10pt)
  • Go for one with a protective coating (a card might turn out to be “glossy” without the protective coating)
  • If there are extra charges for uploading your images
  • How many cards can be ordered at once
  • Shipping cost
  • The reputation of the business card printing service 

Finding a Reputable Business Card Printer

Like any other product, you can go for the top business card printers who have reached the top and stayed there, but not necessarily. Apparently, there is one high-ranking business card printer that has received an “unsatisfactory” rating. The rating was given by the Better Business Bureau.

So, it is advisable to look for approval from a designation such as the Better Business Bureau or a Bizrate certification. The company would surely mention it somewhere had they won such a certification.

Another simple way is to get samples of their business cards. You can examine the cards and also get to know of the customer service as well.


If you had not known this earlier, know that most of the business card printer available to you on the web are the dealers for two or even three wholesale business card printing companies. So, you might be just comparing identical business card whole the time you spent online.

There is nothing wrong about that anyway, most of them add value by informing people about business cards. But, knowing the fact that most of the business card printing services that you come across online offer identical cards will surely save your comparison time.
Now that you are informed about the differences, you can make a good decision in choosing the right business card.

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