[Infographic] How To Choose The Right Bracelet For Each Style Of Woman?

Tips to choose the bracelet options that match your style

If you're the type that likes to change the look with cool accessories, then you can bet on the bracelets ! People, there are many models and different styles, both for men and for women. But you always have that doubt when choosing, right? And to help you, I separated these tips and for more information look at

Bracelet Infographic 2019

bracelets infographic

The bracelets are made of various types of materials and are very versatile. He has a funky model to wear day or day or ballad, or more formal to go to a wedding, for example. But the important thing is that you like the piece and feel comfortable.

Gold or silver bracelets

They are the most traditional and you can use it both day-to-day and at parties. They have very fine bracelets and other bracelets with stones, pearls and even fringes. They are beautiful, delicate and can match with other accessories such as watch, ring and earrings. And for those who like to dare, the tip is to use the two colors together. It looks beautiful!

For men, the gold, silver or mixed bracelets are thicker than the women's and can also match with watches of the same style. But with fashion, you can mix quite a lot with the most diverse bracelets, saw!

Mix of bracelets and bracelets

Mixing styles and colors of bracelets is super fashionable, you know? The tip is to wear various types of bracelets and bracelets. They can be special or combine different models. And it is worth both men and women. Cool huh?

And if you want to follow this style, buy different models and colors. Pro day, the tip are the vibrant tones and at night, abuse the pearls, sparkles, stones and rhinestones. You can use both arms. Now for more formal events, choose more elegant bracelets, okay!

Now men can wear with or without a watch, and if the watch bracelet is colored, you can wear a bracelet of the same color to match. The ideal is to choose the most discreet bracelets of neutral colors to wear with social clothing. And for the relaxed looks it is possible to combine several styles of bracelets, such as colored, neutral, polka-dotted and leather.

Leather bracelets and bracelets

Folks, this leather strap usually makes more success among men, but they're also released for women, see? They can be made of smooth, braided, textured leather or metal pendants.

Personalized, exotic and exclusive bracelets

The most modern bracelets can be: neon, silicone, Indian bone, magnetic, crystal, crochet, acrylic and even seeds! They are ideal if you like something more daring and colorful, see?
The tip is to mix vibrant colors and flashy tones with bracelets of different materials. But choose the bracelets that most match your style, personality and skin color.

And, people, the bracelets can also be combined with other accessories to make you very successful. Look that!

Necklace, earrings and bracelets

This set of necklace, earrings and bracelet is much desired by women, right? Because it gives a harmonious and pleasant look. And the tip is to choose only one to be the highlight of the look, for example: if you want a great necklace, just combine with small earrings. Now, if the idea is to use big rings, the bracelets should be discreet, okay?

How To Store Your Wristbands

Well, now that you know more about bracelets, how about some tips to keep them?

- Avoid wearing wristbands on the beach. Contact with salt water and sand can ruin them, see?

- Also avoid using when moving the earth or with chemicals;

- Be careful not to scratch the wristbands when doing day-to-day tasks such as typing on the computer, cleaning the house, playing sports or while driving.



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