Top Tactics for Increasing Website Traffic by Using Social Media


Regardless of how good the product or service is, online businesses can only be successful if they can attract the required number of visitors to the websites and then convince them to make purchases. In recent times, social media has become ubiquitous and smart marketers are leveraging its power to generate extra traffic to the website. The competition is intense but not being able to take advantage of the might of social media can often mean business failure. Some smart ways of driving more traffic to your website:

Select the Most Appropriate Social Media to Have a Presence On

Instead of spreading your communications budget very thin, it is better to choose only those social media platforms that have the demographics that are suitable for the online business. It is not necessary that simply because a particular platform has many followers, it is right for you so it is a good idea to undertake research that reveals the social media your target audience prefers to be on. After you have chosen the initial set of social media networks, you need to experiment and find out which of them give you the best levels of engagement and focus your attention on them.

Optimize Your Posts

All social media platforms have their individual characters and distinctive ways of displaying posts. While Facebook relies more on textual communication, Instagram is almost completely visual oriented. By getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the social media you are on, you can drive the maximum engagement from your followers and along with it, the maximum possible traffic to your website.If you are yet to have a large number of followers, you can acquire real Instagram likes with the help of specialist social media marketing agencies.

Catch Your Followers at the Right Time

All the social media platforms are flooded with posts; for example, Instagram sees a mammoth 95 million photos and videos being posted every day. This means that it is very likely that your followers will miss seeing your posts unless you take care to publish them at the times they are most active. While there is a lot of research that can indicate the best times for posting on the most popular networks, you will have to experiment and see if they are valid for your industry and target audience.

Use Social Media Analytics and Tools

There are plenty of analytics tools that can examine the performance of both the website as well as the social media platforms that you are using so that you can figure out the impact social media has had on your business bottom-line. From stuff as elementary as the number of likes and followers to the number of shares and clicks on the website link and more, you can get a complete picture of the online activity to use in formulating your strategy.


Social media being extremely dynamic, it is very important that you constantly monitor your account and optimize your posts for better engagement. Do not ignore the obvious like making your website URL visible and including compelling CTAs for driving more traffic to your website.



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