Smart Ways of Getting around Instagram’s Algorithm for Boosting Brand Engagement

 Instagram’s Algorithm

All businesses would have surely noticed that following the change made by the Instagram algorithm that stopped displaying posts in a chronological manner, it has become far more difficult to achieve the same level of follower engagement in terms of comments, likes, and shares. If you have also been affected by the lower visibility of your Instagram posts, you need to get around the logic of the new algorithm without making hefty investments. Some practical workarounds that can boost your engagement level:

Use a Professional to Shoot Photos and Videos

Instagram users expect very high-quality photos and as much as it has become easy to shoot with smartphones cameras, you still get a far superior result with professional equipment. Further, a professional photographer will have better tools to edit the photos and videos so that your job of telling a compelling story on Instagram is made easier. However, don’t make the mistake of using only professional photos, a mix of amateur photography, especially those contributed by your users serves to make your posts more authentic.

Post Instagram Stories Frequently 

If you have faced disruption in follower engagement after the new algorithm has taken effect, you should try and get around it by posting in Instagram Stories that offers a new set of engagement opportunities like an opinion poll. Since the new algorithm is sensitive to engagement actions on Stories, the more your post, share, respond, etc. the more likely it is that the feed will contain your posts. With more than 300 million users interacting with Stories daily, it can be a goldmine for brand engagement, according to

Conduct Competitions

Holding contests on a regular basis is among the most effective ways of bumping up engagement levels of your Instagram followers. Since users like freebies, the extent of participation is usually quite good especially if you keep the contest simple and offer a prize that is perceived as being valuable. Contests also serve to energize the community and boost your goodwill.

Use Captions That Engage

When you add a caption, it not only adds a context to the photo but you can also use it to provide a call to action or even ask questions that can serve to help to start a dialog with your followers. Be sure to ask the questions that spark off a lively debate and then continue the conversation with comments and observations that will keep your followers engaging with you.
Post When Your Followers Are Active
It is very important to find out when your followers are most active because otherwise, all your content will go to waste. If you have a business account, you have the tools to know the levels of engagement on various days and at various times. However, you do need to experiment before a conclusive pattern emerges for you to take advantage. You can thereafter automate the post publishing according to a set schedule.


The Instagram algorithm is constantly undergoing changes, so you will need to have both patience and flexibility to find out what really works the best for you in your industry. Use any of the innumerable analytics tools to investigate what works and keep on tweaking your own strategy accordingly.



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