Effective Strategies to Kick-start Your Instagram Branding

Instagram is supposed to be the leading social networking site where people are sharing and discovering new products, places, and experiences. Around 80 percent of Instagram users are known to connect with at least, one brand on Instagram. Moreover, statistics reveal that users engage and interact with brands 10 times more on Instagram as compared to the Facebook, 54 times more on Instagram as compared to Pinterest, and finally, around 84 times more on Instagram as compared to Twitter.

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As per more interesting and latest statistics provided by, around 71 percent of the total existing brands have Instagram accounts; because once people follow some brand about 75 percent would possibly take action. There are currently 1 billion MAUs and 500 million DAUs on this robust social media platform. We know that Instagram is such a powerful and popular brand that brands on Instagram consistently gain engagement around 4% or more of their total number of followers. Brand engagement rate on Instagram is 10 times higher as compared to Facebook.

Around 70 percent of the Instagram users would be looking up a brand on this platform. About 60 percent of the users discover brand new products via Instagram. All these statistics reveal that Instagram is a robust platform for building your brand awareness and brand identity.

Here are some more mind-boggling statistics about Instagram as presented on  “An estimated 71% of businesses use Instagram. Perhaps one of the most interesting Instagram statistics has to do with how fast the network is growing. With regards to business growth, the aforementioned Instagram stat is almost double the number of businesses (48.8%) that used Instagram in 2016! As of March 2017, over 120 million Instagram users visited a website, got directions, called a business, emailed or direct messaged a business.” Here are some effective branding tactics that could take Instagram marketing and promotion to the next level.


We start a project by interacting with our clients for developing their precise brand strategy that is just ideal for Instagram. The strategy is supposed to be the foundation which everyone would be using for maintaining their unique brand identity. Having a robust strategy would indicate to the world what precisely the brand stands for. You must examine the competitive market and find out ways to differentiate your specific brand from the rest of the brands aspiring for success. You must carry out thorough consumer research to get a clear idea about what is inspiring them, motivating, and even exciting them. Whenever you are able to understand clearly the brand positioning, brand messaging, target audience, objectives, and goals, you could get the real picture.

Voice & Tone

Once the strategy of the brand is clearly defined, we are able to set the tone for that account. The tone is fundamentally your brand's personality as expressed through effective captions and content. Building a clear and consistent voice would be bringing loyalty from your dedicated follower base. Depending on the research conducted on the target audience, you could be determining if the precise tone and specific voice. Make sure that the voice and tone for the account would be friendly, provocative, informative, inspirational, innovative, informative, eclectic, etc. In this context, you could boost your brand by seeking the brilliant services of Gramblast for real Instagram likes, views, and followers.

Look & Feel

Once the tone of the brand is established, you must move onto the look and feel of it all. This involves the approach to how you develop a visual identity for your brand through every design, every photograph posted, every ad campaign and every official communication. You should explore various styles, see the approaches popular brands as well as your competitors have adopted, and find something that really resonates with you. With a little hit and trial, you should be able to arrive at a set of curation rules that will define the way your visual content is created and posted for the foreseeable future. This consistent aesthetic will resonate with your viewers and create a subconscious link to your brand in their minds.

Content That Helps In Bringing Your Brand Story

Here are some kinds of content as discussed on, that help us understand clearly what sort of content would help in boosting brand awareness and creating a thriving brand on Instagram. Content which demonstrates your personality is great for branding. “The line between professional and personal on Instagram is beginning to blur as people are becoming more curious to know the face behind their favorite brands. This is great news for business owners.” Content which demonstrates your precise brand values is equally good for branding. “Every brand has a story, including a beginning, middle, and end. You have a journey, and people love to hear about it. Sharing this type of content with your audience is a great way to stay top-of-mind, build brand trust, and grow a devoted community of followers.”


Consistency is really of great importance in your branding journey. You could build a successful and recognizable Instagram account by generating curation rules and also, by being regular and consistent in your endeavors. Consistency is truly the key to branding success.

Activities & Collaborations

Instagram is supposed to be a vibrant and active community so it is critical to effectively connect and interact with brands and influencers that are in line with your precise brand identity or values. If you want your brand to get maximum exposure and record phenomenal growth, you must come up with innovative ways of building partnerships, influencer campaigns, activations, and even collaborations with some other accounts.

Steer Clear of Hard Selling for Appealing to Instagram’s Social Culture

Purchasers report robust influence from the social networking sites while considering a purchase. Even though the biggest influencer would be the social media shares of their bosom friends, a remarkable 38 percent admit that they are actually influenced by the social media of a brand and 35 percent are actually influenced by the social media retailers.


As your Instagram account does not seem to be a market for direct sales, you must necessarily focus on instilling appeal and value to your Instagram feed if you wish for followers to stay with you and continue to stick around. The best way to inject your Instagram feed with novelty and the intense appeal is by using lifestyle pictures. You could stay well ahead in the branding game by incorporating strategic and really superb lifestyle pictures.



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