Technical Tests: Screen, Scrutinize, and Select

Technical test

The selection process for any company witnesses different stages such as the requirement, the analysis of the profile of the candidate, the definition of personal and labour competencies required, the application of psychological and technical tests, interviews and referencing etc. These steps ensure that the selected candidate for any specific position will perform according to their functions, contributing to the development of corporate objectives and allow them to find a space for their professional and individual development. Some selection processes include the performance of selection tests and technical tests. These tests are used to help determine the professional capacity of the candidates, know their personality and evaluate their skills.

These tests are exercises that evaluate the knowledge and the degree of skill necessary to develop a specific work. They seek information about the training, experience and specific knowledge that give value to the candidate. The different companies tailor them according to the requirements of the position. It is usually prepared by the personnel department of the company that offers the work.

When accepting or rejecting a person, assessing each of the factors adequately is very important and the selection process requires a sufficient time to allow those that are responsible to judge the results of each of the elements that will cover successfully and for success the vacancy defined. One of these elements is the technical test because it serves to know, in an appropriate way, if the knowledge is adequate to the requirements of the position where the person in charge of the selection process decides which the best test to be performed is.

These include case study models, written exams, and group discussions with specialists. However, all are aimed precisely at recognizing the person with the greatest conceptual capacity. The complexity of the technical examination will depend on the organizational level in which the employee will perform. It is important to note that the technical test must have a methodological model that is easy to score and not depend on the specialist's time, which, in many cases due to the workload, cannot quickly meet the requirement to qualify and evaluate the results of these exams.

The online platform has tools to generate online tests that allow the employer to test the knowledge of a candidate throughout their learning process. They are able to monitor the level of assimilation of the topics studied to know which areas to reinforce and which ones you already have mastered.

Technical tests can be used as an exam simulator for the candidates as well. They can simulate a test scenario in the most realistic way by getting used to answering a multiple choice test, or true or false type questions within a time limit and considering the weighting assigned to each question.

On the other hand, if one does not prefer to spend time creating online tests, the online platforms facilitate the discovery of thousands of test exams created by others or shared publicly. This way, one can save time while one challenges to guess all the test answers with questions raised from other point of view. All these functionalities help you review and evaluate the technical knowledge about a subject.

The online platforms allow you to create amazing tests from your mobile device as well so as to easily share them with the candidate. The interface allows you to make your own tests to work or review any topic in multiple languages. With this tool you can generate online graduated tests automatically with types of n number of questions. Employers can re-mix, assign and review the tests periodically. They can configure your exam software and invite your candidates to the portal, and connect your evaluation software with your internal software.

The technical test is simple and easy to use both for candidates and administrators. The tools are completely responsive so that you can attract your audience on any platform with an incredible 24*7 technical support system. The custom feature allows building and creating the exams with our easy-to-use cloud-based test creators that combine text, video and images.

The questions are tagged with labels to analyse the bank of questions. One can create these labels and assign them appropriately to each question to use this to perform an advanced analysis. One can customize these tests according to their needs and requirements. Such as setting rules of the exam to approve or disapprove, choose the number of attempts for each user, check the answers and review them. They can record all the reports, helps to download the results and statistics to evaluate the tests and training material and integrate with the other software.

As products grow more and more focused on a customer's behaviour, and the patterns and factors which influence their choices, the IT industry gradually moves towards nuclear teams, of focused people, committed to a specific objective. Specialised teams are the industry standard, at any workplace, and they have contributed to proper load balancing, and quality improvement in products and services, offered by an organisation. But in order to build such nuclear teams, it is very important to select the right people. People who have the necessary skill set, and an agile understanding of the job, can help make a great team, but people who don't can impact the team negatively. So, to help an organisation, select the right candidates, a diverse platform which is capable of creating and implementing online tests, that help in the proper estimation of technical competencies, and also provide a channel for publishing results, and sending feedback, can play a major role. In fact, a platform like this is redefining the entire cycle of technical recruiting.

The flexibility that this platform gives a company with regard to skill assessment, result analysis, and framing of reports makes it effective to use, and easy to handle. A platform like this is a perfect step forward for any company which is looking to step up, and take their technical assessment process to a whole new level.



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