Top 5 Best iPhone Offline Games in 2019

Own an iPhone X, carry an LV bag, have an internet connection on your mobile at all times! While this may sound very fascinating, but not everyone can afford to do all three. If you cannot afford to subscribe to expensive data packages, you can still enjoy cheaper options like offline games.

Best Free Offline Games For iPhone

However, it is not always about saving the data. Many times the Internet speed is not enough to play online without any interruptions. You can keep a check on the performance of your connection at any time with services like Cox Internet speed test. However, what if the test reveals that the speed at any given instant is not sufficient for you to play a game online? For instances like these, you need to have a backup plan a.k.a offline games! This is definitely my back up!

Best iPhone Offline Games

Here are some of the best ones for iPhone users.


Want to have a blast from the past? This game pretty much serves the purpose. Kraino is the perfect title if you grew up in the ’90s and want some nostalgia. Inspired by classics like Castlevania, the eerie music and the detailed pixel art make this game a hot favorite amongst individuals. The setting of the game has six different castles with each one having a unique environment. There are monsters involved as well. You have been warned! So, basically, you have to control a skeleton protagonist and hack-n-slash your way through ghosts and slime blobs. You might think that six castles are not that much of a work to do but wait till you play the game. Each stage is lengthy with multiple checkpoints. Things only get complicated as you progress forward in the game. But it is a challenging and a fun game to play. And the best part is that it is free. Moreover, you can play it offline.

Flipflop Solitaire

Many of us, if not all, are guilty of playing a lot of this classic card name we call Solitaire. If you are a fan of this game, then you for sure will relish playing a newer and more exciting version of this game- the Flipflop Solitaire. What makes this game all the more fun is the fact that it is the exact opposite of the original version. This might confuse you but yes the creator of the game Zach Gage has taken the things in the opposite direction with this version. While the old game asked of you to untie knots of the unordered cars to display them into clean and sequenced stacks, the new game demands you to tie knots. So, you take the knots of cards and try tying them into one another. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it. Give it a shot. It won’t cost you anything!

Temple Run 2

A sequel to one of the most smashing games, Temple Run 2 comes with new adventures and features. Among the many new landmarks that you will have to make your way through include forests, zip lines, mines and of course temples. The aim is to run as far as possible from the cursed idol that resides in a hidden temple. In your quest to escape from the wrath of the idol, you run through some of the most dazzling environments. Kudos to the designers of the game who have put in thought in the vivid graphics of the game. Apart from the visuals, the sound effects in the game are captivating as well. You will also enjoy the upgraded characters and the introduction of more power-ups.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is a popular racing game. It comes with realistic graphics and is a treat for all the racing fanatics. It comes with an option to play offline or connect to the Internet to play in order to access exclusive deals. This game is so popular among people that it has been translated into most major languages. What makes it even more fun to play this game is the fact that developers keep introducing updates that aim at fixing bugs to provide the players with a smooth experience. So, if speed thrills you and racing is your thing, this game is just the right one for you.

Super Mario Run

How can one not mention Super Mario when talking about games? It is Nintendo’s first release for iOS. However, Super Mario Run is a bit different from Super Mario in terms of how it operates. While you can play the later even on TV, the former can be played by just tapping. All you have to do is the time your taps.
So, you have plenty of options to choose from. The blog did not talk about many other offline games that are just as interesting. However, the ones listed above are the most popular ones. The fact is that you cannot get an instant solution to your Internet connectivity issues at times. And that is frustrating. I'm hooked on games so I know! Even my service provider is sick of me - the Cox Customer service number is on my speed dial! The point is, always have an alternative option to cater to your entertainment needs. And what better could you ask for than games that you can play offline!

Happy gaming!



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