5 Best Apps to Boost Your Android Device’s Volume

Whoever is an avid music listener knows that music sounds best when heard at a high volume. However, the smartphones that we use do not come equipped with the best of speakers. No, they are not poor quality speakers but they do not allow the volume to go beyond a limit. 

You turn up the volume a bit and get ready to hear the slight white noise that accompanies the music. Pretty annoying, isn’t it! Some people tend to blame the service providers. An example would be a client blaming Spectrum Internet packages that they subscribed to for poor reception of calls. What they fail to realize is that it's not the WiFi but their smartphone which is the real culprit.

Here are 5 best apps (from a pool of a thousand apps out there) that can boost the volume of your Android device:

Volume Booster

The user interface of this app is very interesting. It mimics the standard volume knobs that you would see on a car CD player. You can turn the volume high or low to your liking by rotating these knobs. Not only does this app puts you in charge of the volume, but also allows you to control the bass, acting as an equalizer. The likable feature about this app is that it does not restrict to volume only as the name might suggest. But it is a music player on its own. You name an equalizer option, and this app has it. The volume of the media can be increased by a whopping amount of 30-40%. So, if you are looking for a 2-in-1 option- a music player with a volume enhancer, this app should be your go-to option.

Volume Booster Pro

Do not get confused, this app has nothing to do with Volume Booster. In fact, if you view apps on the Play Store, you will come across similarly named apps. So, this should not surprise you. Anyhow, moving on to the features of this app, so this app allows to up the volume of not just the media that you are listening to but also the ringtones and alarms.  The many toggles that are available on the app make this convenient. You can easily control the volume of anything that you wish to on your Android device. Moreover, this app also allows you to put your whole system on ‘silent’ mode making it convenient to carry mobile in settings that do not entertain the noises that mobile phones create. This app increases the volume of the speaker by 10-20%.

Volume Booster by Vintage Audio Tools

The best thing about this app is that its design makes it easy to navigate through it. There is a slider in this app (as opposed to a knob) that allows you to set the volume to your liking. One feature that this app lacks is that it does not allow the users to boost the volume of the system or adjust the volumes of alarm or ringtones. But that should not put you off. It does have three buttons that the developer has designed for your convenience. The buttons are:


In case, you are too lazy to slide the toggle, just click on the button you please to adjust the volume.

Speaker Booster

A simple user interface, free to download and a unique design are features that are descriptive of this app. What makes this app stand out from the other volume enhancing apps on the block is its ability to adjust the equalizer. This is made possible by its efficient algorithm that allows the user to adjust the equalizer accordingly. Thus, giving a boosted volume feel. Some of the features of the app include:

         Adjusting volume at the system level
         Adjusting the volume at the media level
         Adjusting the volume of notifications
         Works for both earplugs and speakers

Volume Up

This app also operates using a slider that allows the users to adjust the volume. There are separate sliders for volume and boost. Hence, the users can adjust both separately according to their liking. The interface of the app is very user-friendly and easy to use as well. It does not pose any problem. 

However, the users must be careful while turning the volume up using the slider, especially when they are wearing earplugs. A sudden increase can irritate the ears or can sound unpleasant. You can adjust the volume of your media using the ‘Volume Up’ bar that you will be able to view on your notifications pane.

Summing it up, all the above-mentioned apps are good in their own capacities. Download them to avoid any inconvenience. From listening to your favorite songs to hear the sound of notifications from a distance, these apps offer it all. However, if you face difficulty in hearing, let's say the Spectrum Customer support rep, there is not much that these apps can do!



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