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Anime Review - Hello folks! Today I am going to show you something totally amazing, if you are ready for it then just scroll down to get something that worth spending your precious time reading, what could that be? My review of The World God Only Knows, a very detailed one.

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If you looking for Anime Reviews then here is an easy to comprehend article that will keep you off the search for “what is the best websites for anime reviews”, but before we bags into giving you the best of anime reviews and ratings, let's check out some basic “to know” things about this Romantic Comedy movie.

Title in Japanese: Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Genre: Romantic comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Supernatural
The story is written by Tamiki Wakaki (Manga) and Mamizu Arisawa (Light novel)
For readers: Manga and Light novel
Adaptation: 3 Anime seasons (S1: Oct 2010, S2: Apr 2011 & S3: July 2013)
Total Episodes (All Seasons and OVAs): 12 + 12 + 12 + 4 = 36 episodes & 4 OVAs
Manga: 26 Volumes, 262 chapters + 2 special chapters.

The internet is flooded with lots of anime review, while searching for anime review site you might have come across some websites that offer you just a quoter of what you needed. But just for you readers, below is the complete anime review 2018 to get you out of the boredom.


I recently finished reading Manga series of “The world god only knows” and un-deliberately came out of my mouth “wow”. Why did I say this word? I will explain this at the end of this an article. So let’s began to analysis this series.


A high school boy ‘Keima Katsuragi’ considered himself "God of Conquest”. According to him, he can triumph over any girl's heart (Only in dating sim games though). However, in reality, Keima is nothing but a dumb and nerd boy with an unhealthy obsession of Bishōjo games. His nickname is “Otamega”, which is a combination of two Japanese words “Otaku” (nerd/geek) and “Megane” (glasses). One day Keima was lying on the ground of his school and playing the game as usual.

He received an email invitation on his console to help unknown to capture the some girls’ heart. Unknowingly Keima accepted the invitation as a challenge and ended up being a partner of cute and klutzy devil girl from hell named Elsie. Kaima had no choice but to test his girl capturing power on the girls of the real world. Elsie was a devil with a job to capture an evil soul which is hidden among the girls with a void in the heart. Kaima’s task was to capture hearts of these girls and fill the gap by kissing them once. The evil spirit will come out and will be captured by Elsie. The later story shifted its path and few other spirit capture members showed up. Goddess has also hidden in the void of some hearts and with that, the quest of the real-life game became complicated for Keima and he was not impressed but he detached from his game world.

The best of Anime review

This anime took nerdy-ness to another level; Tamiki Wakaki did a delightful job by adding supernatural elements and giving it a cute image, for example: Devils are supposed to be scary and hell should be a gothic place, but in the fantasy world of this anime, everything that is supernatural, be it soul or the devil will make you get up off your seat and say “Moee…..” and “Kawaaiiiii…..”. It makes one wish to visit this hell.

There was always an element of surprise hidden with every episode. With the appearance of the goddess in place of hidden evil spirits and corruption in hell or decedent of another member of soul capture squad was also a surprise element. It first seemed like the filler extension of the story, but it was not, the plot was steady and relatable. At the end of the series, no opening ends were unexplained.

There was an element of mystery and difficulty in pursuing the girls with different personality trait and put into weird scenarios, like Keima-Kun being getting stuck with the girls of polar opposite personalities. In dressing, I loved how the typical school uniform of Japanese school was changed into something elegant yet, Japanese school uniform looking. From dressing, it felt like a rich royal school. However, this is only my opinion.

Personally, I liked the show; because it has self-enhancing comedy for instance Kami (God) but brother (Nee-sama) too. This “Kami nee-sama” combination is a funny combination yet an innocent cute way to address a God who also has to be a brother too. Although the anime is with the genre of the harem, there are no hidden awkward ecchi elements or stupid fan services like in most of the non-ecchi harem anime.

The story is filled with many humorous situations, like Keima trying to fight delinquents in real life like a game and getting beaten up because they are not game characters. Although Kami could capture the heart of any girl in the 2D world, he ironically fails to do that in the in the real world. He also ended up falling in love, although he hated real-life girls. Still the story is a happy ending. 

The anime gives the true illustration of ‘Otakism’ or the a geeky nerd (like myself) who lock-up themselves in the room, with nonstop charter spectrum or any other internet bundle and huge pile of gaming consoles and exclusive collectives of figurines and discs shelved in the room, who choose the route of ‘Escapism’ (literary term in English for Otakism) from the real world. But suddenly something took place and unfortunately the peace of “Nerdism” come to an end and locked up in the loop of never-ending series of unlucky events.

The music opening with English lyrics, sung by Lia was a good addition to it. My wow was because of the good happy ending and the artwork and the finally Keima finding a real-life love of his life.

 I hope you have a great time reading the complete and well-detailed information on Anime Reviews, If yes then I believe you will no longer ask a question like “What is the best website for anime reviews”.

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