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RARLAB's WinRAR is without a doubt one of the best Android apps to zip and unzip archives pretty damn quickly. Basically, WinRAR is a real multi-functional tool for Android which serves as an extractor, file manager, and a powerful file explorer with the ability to highly compress any file. Asides the above-mentioned functions, WinRAR also lets you easily copy, move, delete, create RAR, ZIP file, compress, decompress, and unpack.RAR,Zip,XZ,TAR,GZ,ARJ,LZH,BZ2, .7Z,ISO archives. So if you are searching for how to open the zip file in the Android mobile phone, RAR is one of the best zip, rear, and unzip apps for Android to help you do the job so easily.

As usual, we always provide direct download links to some of best Android apps/tools on this blog and we will keep doing that for you to easily get what you wanted damn quick. Here in this post, I will show you how to get the premium version of WinRAR free for Android without paying a dime.

The developers of this app also made a free version of RAR with all the features in the premium version available, but if you're my type who doesn't like any app with annoying ads then you will probably need to get the WinRAR free download [premium version] which has no ads. Don't worry about spending your money to get the WinRAR full version apk, someone has already paid for it, yours just follow the link here and enjoy.

Note that RAR displays advertising to cover development costs.

Below I have provided the download link to the premium version of the WinRAR free download for android and you can download it for free without spending a penny, just click on the provided link below to download.

Go here for WinRAR free download [full version] or download the official version on Play store.

WinRAR Basic Information - Must Read

Introduction to RARLAB's Interface

Main RAR window contains the list of files and folders in currently opened folder or archive. Top list item displays either free and total sizes for SD card or packed and unpacked sizes for archives. Above this list, there are buttons invoking main RAR commands, RAR title, options menu button providing access to additional commands. Status bar below the file list displays a current folder or archive name or information about selected files.

Press any folder or archive name in the file list to browse a folder or archive contents. The same action for usual file opens the file in the associated program. Press the top list item to go to parent folder or close an archive in case the archive root folder is opened.

Tap on a checkbox at the right side of any list item to select the item. Tap the top list item checkbox to select or deselect all list items. Long press any checkbox to access advanced selection options.

Use buttons on the list and commands in the options menu to process selected items. Use "Add" button to add selected files and folders to new or existing archive, "Extract" to extract selected archives, "Delete" to delete files and folders. If you selected an archive name, "Extract" will unpack the entire archive. You can also open archive contents and select individual files to unpack. It is possible to select several archives and unpack all of them in the single operation.

If no files are selected, "Add" command automatically selects all files and fo
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Context menu

Long press any file list item to display this menu. If nothing was selected before, the pressed item is selected automatically. If you long press the top file list item and nothing was selected, all items are selected automatically.

Context menu contains extraction, archiving, new folder, delete, rename commands and clipboard operations. Extraction is available inside of archive or if only a single archive is selected. Archiving and new folder items are available in file mode, but not inside of the archive. "Open as archive" item is displayed for files with non-archive extension and archive data, such as .apk. By default, such files are opened in the associated application, but this command opens them as a usual archive.

Using "Copy to clipboard", "Cut" and "Paste" commands it is possible to copy selected files and folders from one folder to another, add them to archive and extract them from the archive. At least one of the source and destination locations for copy and paste must be a file folder, they cannot be inside of archives both. "Cut" command supported for usual files and folders, but not inside of archives.

If you copy a single file or folder to the clipboard and then paste it into its own folder repeatedly, it is copied to a new name, with incremental counter after the name part. For example, filename.ext will be copied as filename1.ext, filename2.ext and so on.

RAR (Winrar pro apk) uses its own clipboard not shared with other Android applications for file operations.

Navigation panel

Swipe from the left edge of the screen or touch an icon in the top left corner to open the navigation panel. It includes folder management commands and collapsible submenus "Commands", "Favorites", "History".

Use icons at the top of the screen to access "Refresh folder contents", "Up one level" and "Up multiple levels" folder management commands. Unlike usual "Back" button, "Up one level" always opens the parent folder regardless of previously visited folders history. "Up multiple levels" permits to select any of parent folders quickly.

"Commands" submenu contains "Add to favorites" command, which appends the current folder to a favorites list and "Organizes favorites", which manages stored favorite folders.

"Favorites" submenu contains two predefined favorite folders "SD card" and "Downloads" and an arbitrary number of user-defined favorite folders. If the device is equipped with external SD card and Android 4.4 or later, predefined links to external SD card root and, for Android 4.4 only, the writable home folder is also present.

Select any favorite item to quickly open a file folder associated with it. "SD card" opens so-called sdcard folder storing files accessible to all applications. "Downloads" opens a folder with downloaded files. Predefined items can be edited or deleted like user-defined items, but they have created again automatically if all items in the list are deleted.

"History" submenu contains names of recently opened archives, so you can open them again quickly. Archive history can be disabled in RAR settings. If archive history is accessed from browse for file or folder window, RAR opens a folder containing the selected archive instead of opening the archive itself.

Options menu

This menu is displayed when pressing the overflow icon in RAR top right corner or with device Menu button, if available.

Test archived files
Verify archived data and report errors if found.

Repair archive
Attempt to repair selected or opened archive.

Benchmark device performance.

Send selected files to other applications. It can be used both for archived and usual files. If activated inside of archive and no files are selected, the entire archive is sent. If some archived files are selected, they are unpacked to a temporary folder and then sent.

Display information about selected files and folders if invoked outside of archive. Display archive information if invoked inside of the archive.

Remove advertisements (free version)
You can pay to remove advertisements in RAR. After the purchase is done, this menu item becomes unavailable. You will no longer see this because it's already a paid app.

WinRAR premium version

Open Settings dialog to configure RAR interface and other parameters.

Archive formats

RAR archiver for Android supports following archive formats: RAR, ZIP, 7-Zip (.7z), ARJ, BZip2 (.bz2), GZip (.gz), ISO9660 (.iso), Lzip (.lz), LZH, TAR, UDF (.iso), XZ, Unix compress (.Z) and several types of ZIPX. Archiving and extraction are possible for RAR and ZIP formats, extraction only for the rest of formats.

7-Zip archives are unpacked with LZMA SDK, so the only subset of .7z archives supported by LZMA SDK can be unpacked by RAR archiver.

Composite .tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.lz, tar.xz, tar.Z archives are processed in a single step, so the user sees files in TAR after opening or unpacking such archive.

Interacting with other applications

It is possible to utilize RAR functions inside of many other file management applications. Typical approaches suitable for such applications are listed below.

Tap on archive name or apply "Open with" command and then select RAR in application list to open an archive in RAR.

Many file managers include a command named "Share" or "Send" allowing to send filenames to other applications. If you select files, activate this function and choose RAR as destination application, you will be able to set compression parameters in archiving dialog and compress selected files. If folder containing selected files is writable, RAR will propose it to create an archive, otherwise, another writable folder is selected.

If you selected only a single archive and used "Share" or "Send" command, RAR will extract it instead of archiving it again.

After processing "Share" or "Send", RAR is closed automatically. If a current folder in your application is not refreshed, it may be necessary to refresh it manually to see a newly created archive or extracted files.

If you wish to send files from RAR to another application, select files in RAR file list and use "Send" command in the Options menu.

After the above processes, I believe by now you have understood what is WinRAR and how to use it to extract any zip, RAR, 7zip  files on the Android phone. I hope you have a wonderful time reading this? Don't forget to share with your loved ones.



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