Portable Solar Power Generator, Quick Installation And Maintenance Guide

Are you looking for where to get the best portable solar power generator? You can learn how and where to get it right on this post. If you happen to be among those that ask a question like “Where can I get the best portable solar power generator?" then you are on the right page.

Because I will be showing you in few minutes the easiest way to find the best solar power generator with the damn quick steps to install it.

In this article I show you thow to install solar panels yourself for the following models: SG320R, and SG320RA Solar System, to identifies some of the hazards associated with the handling and installation of these solar powered generators.

Sorry if you find the title of the article misleading. Actually, here are talking about solar power generator and not portable Solar Power generator.

If you want to be able to manually install any type of solar power generator either for your home used or apartment, learn how to do that from this well detailed post.

Required Tools For Portable Solar Powered Generator Installation
  • 1 Drilling machine 
  • 2 Combination wrenches 18 mm
  • 2 combination wrenches 17 mm
  • 2 metal drill 5mm and 13mm
  • 2 rock drill 5mm and 13mm
  • 1 wood drill 8mm
  • 1 tape measure 
  • 1 angle meter 
  • A hammer 
  • 1 cutter
  • 1 Phillips head screwdriver 
  • 1 slotted screwdriver
  • 2 L-keys Resis-TX 40H (supplied with TCW) 
  • 2 L-Keys Resis-TX 45H - supplied with TCW. 
Portable Solar Power installation

If those tools are not available, a complete tool set can be purchased from Dometic, please contact your local dealer for more details.

Types Of Solar Power Systems

Depending on your solar generator type, the installation procedure is different. Please refer to the appropriate section in this post for how to install solar panels step by step base on your solar panels type respectively.
  1. Installation of the roof mounted adjustable generator SG320RA
  2. Installation of the roof mounted fixed generator SG320R
  3. Installation of the wall mounted adjustable generator SG320WA. 

Solar Power Generator Installation
  • Fix the roof fastening screw, drill 8 holes as shown in the figures below.
  • Fix the roof fastening screws to the roof beams. The fixing screws must be inserted at least 80mm into the roof beam.

How To Prepare An Adjustable Supports Solar System
  • Determine the requested angle of installation of the panels.
α = inclination of the panels (adjustable from 0° to 45°)
β = roof inclination (fix).
  • The angle of inclination of the panels should be determined at 12:00h noon 🌙  when the sun reaches the highest point.
  • Slide the metal foot of the adjustable support forward or backward until you reach the requested angle of inclination α.
  • Fix the support in the sliding rail with the 2 screws (A).
  • Tighten the 6 screws (B)  on the hinge of the support.
  • Repeat this for all 4 supports. Watch out that all 4 supports are exactly set to the same angle.

How To Fix The Junction Box 
  • The support with the junction box must be fixed to one of the supports before mounting on the roof.
  • Slide the 2 fixing nuts into the bottom rail of the support.
Fix the junction box set to these nuts, see screenshot:
Fix the junction box

How To Fix The Supports Roof Mounting Screws
  • Loosen the nut (A)  and slide the fixing plate (B)  sidewards
  • Insert the support (C)  into the holder (D). Watch out that the support is correctly inserted into the holder. 
  • Tighten the nut (A). The fixing plate (B)  will fix support to the holder.
Repeat the above steps for all supports. The support that holds the junction box should be placed in one of the central places.

Solar Power junction box holder

How To Insert The Fasteners For Cross-Beams
  • Slide the fastener (A) intro the upper rail of the support.
  • Insert the square nut (B)  into the plastic nutholder (C)  and slide the whole into the rail below the fastener.
  • Insert the screw (D) but do not tighten the screw.
Nut fasteners

How To Fix The Cross-Beams
  • Make sure that the screw (A)  is not tightened.
  • Slide the cross-beam (B) in 2 fasteners on 2 supports.
  • Tighten the fixing screw (A)  after sliding the cross-beam to the correct place.
Repeat these steps for all 4 cross beams. The distance between 2 beams must be 900mm as indicated below.

900mm beams

How To Insert The Fasteners For The Solar Panels
  • Insert the square nut into the plastic nutholder, and slide the whole the rail. You will need 4 holders on every rails.
  • Insert the screw into the fastener, do not tighten the screw. 
  • The metal plate must be fixed under the fasteners center fixation screws. 
Solar Power installation

How To Mount The Solar System Panels 

To correctly mount the solar panels, put the solar panels on the cross-beams (B),  and fix them with the left (C), centre (D) and right fastener (E). See more screenshots below on how to install solar panels on your roof correctly.

Solar panels

Assembling The Adjustable Support For Wall Mounting

Solar power adjustable support for wall

The installation of the wall-mounted solar generator is done in the same way as the roof-mounting. Follow the steps described earlier for wall installation procedure.

Now, continue with the electrical connection of the generator as described below.

Solar Powered Generator Connection Principles

The electronic connection consist of 3 steps:
  1. Connection to the ground 
  2. Connection to the solar panels to junction box
  3. Connection to the junction box to the refrigerator.
How To Connect The Solar Generator To The Ground

The ground set consist of the following parts:
  • Aluminium wire ø 8 mm
  • Beam-fixation for Aluminium wire (7 pcs for SG320RA; 3 pcs for SG320R)
  • Wall fixation for Aluminium wire (10 pcs)
  • Ground rod (2 parts & 4 screws) 
  • Charge eliminator (integrated in junction box) 
  • Assemble the 2 parts of the grounding rod using the 4 provided screws and washers 
  • Drive the rod into the ground as near to the building and as deep as possible.
  • Keep the distance from the generator to the grounding rod as short as possible. The aluminum wire can be shortened if necessary.
  • Connect the aluminium wire to the generator using the beam-fixation parts as described above.
Note: The connection to the generator must be on the following specified positions:

1. Cross beam of two solar panels
2-5. All four support elements (only for SG320RA) 
6. Cross beam of the other two solar panels.

See screenshot below for more details;

Solar Power panels

After fixation on point 6, pass the aluminium wire to the grounding rod where it is fixed with the fixation element in the same way. 

Fix the aluminium wire to the building wall using the provided wall-fixation-elements.

How To Connect The Panels To The Junction Box

There is no defined connection socket for each panel, the plugs can be contacted to any of the sockets.

A protection against reversing the polarity is given through the construction of the connection sockets and plugs. Do not dismantle these plugs and sockets. 

All the connections inside the box are done at the factory. Do not open the junction box.
  1. Connect the (+) and (-) cables of the 4 panels to the respective connection socket on the junction box.
  2. After connection fix the cables properly using the provided cable ties. 
Solar Power junction connection

How To Connect The TCW2000/TCW3000 To The Solar power Generator

The connection of the refrigerator to the solar powered generator is made with the provided cables.

  • Fix the cable(s) to the wall of the building with fixation clips. 
IMPORTANT: The electrical connection cables must not be positioned near the aluminium wire of the grounding. If possible, it should be fixed to another face of the building.

Solar system - TCW3000 Connection:


Solar system - TCW2000 connection:

Tcw2000 installation

Solar Power Generator's Safety And Reliability 

These products are intended to operate under normal sunlight conditions, do not attempt to increase module output by concentrating light on it surface.

Disclaimer: Dometic solar power generators are designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant international standards.

However, as the conditions or methods of installation, operation, use and maintenance are beyond Dometic's control, Dometic does not assume responsibility and expressly disclaims liability for loss, damage or expense arising out of, or any way connected with, such installation, operation, use or maintenance.

If you have any questions about solar energy, do let us know via the comment box below.



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