Top 5 Best Child Care Apps For Android

Are you looking for best child care apps? Congratulations! We have 5 best apps for child care for Android in which you can download for free. Nowadays, Parents can easily take care of their children through these free childcare mobile apps whether they are at home, in the office or on a trip.

These apps play an important role in establishing a strong relationship between children and parents, guiding children, and in making the life easier for parents.

Baby Connect App - Child Care Daily App

This app helps parents, babysitters, nannies, and caregivers to care for babies comfortably.

It shares the information about baby's daily activities. With the help of this app, you can track of feeding, installing baby car seat covers, and changing diapers.

Also, you can track sleep patterns of the baby, baby’s mood, activities throughout the day, and baby's health status.

It allows you to store baby’s photos. With this app you can easily track your baby’s activities. This is for Android, iPad, iPhone, and the web.

This app is helpful to keep track of baby's needs. And the only people who are authorized can share information within this app.

Daily Connect Child Care - Child Care Apps for Android

Daily Connect is one of the best child care apps for establishing better communication with your caregiver. It provides information daily sheet.

As soon as you save an event, it synchronizes your account with the account of the caregiver. You can record all activities such as feeding, nursing and changing diapers.

Even you can record the child's temperature, mood, and his location. There is a free web interface on www.dailyconnect.com, so definitely you will not need an Android or iPhone to view or insert information, just click here on the daily connect sign-in navigation and fill out the required inputs.

Other benefits of using this app.
  • If you have to leave the child at home or with neighbour or servant, then you do not need to worry. 
  • It provides detailed information about the child that gives you satisfaction.
  • You can get rapid information with one touch.
If parents are out of the house, then parents will not have to wait throughout the day to get information about their child.

They can get information about every moment of the child. With the help of this app, they will be stress free and comfortable about the care of the children.

  • Easy to use.
  • Track all activities.
  • It displays graphical charts of the previous activities of your child.
  • You can upload child photo, birthday, and health-related problems.
  • It provides maximum security.
  • All options require a password.It can hold unlimited data.

Daily Sheets for childcare-Android App

The is also one of the best Apps for Nannies & Babysitters. Children who live in childcare centers away from parents, can communicate easily with their parents with the help of this app.

This app helps in paperless communication. It provides daily reports and photos for childcare centers and daycare providers. And these reports and photos are also sent to parents.

free childcare app

When reports or photos are sent to parents, they get notifications. This app is a part of Kinderlime FREE plan. So if you want to replace paper, then you have to download the Sign In-Out app from Kinderlime.

If you login to the Kinderlime website, you will find attendance reporting and parent billing features. Through this app, you can record all activities from feeding to changing diapers.

With the help of this app, you can communicate with your child for free and view daily sheets. You can view photos and attendance reports also. So it’s the perfect solution for the parents.

Learning Genie Childcare App

Learning Genie Childcare App is very helpful for preschool teachers, caregivers, childcare centers, and nannies.

This is a portfolio app by which they share all activities of the child with parents.

Key features of the app: 
  • Whether it is a school teacher or a caregiver, they can share daily routine, the child’s photos, reminders, and notes with parents.
  • If parents download Learning Genie Parent App, they can play songs and videos and read e-books.
  • By using preset portfolio tags, preschool teachers or childcare centers can track the developmental activities of the children.
  • The portfolio tool is very helpful for teachers who are on track.
  • They can get a quick summary of what they are observing.
  • The main feature of this app is that if WiFi is weak or even in offline mode, you can use this app without any obstacles.
  • With the help of the Learning Genie web portal, teachers can manage classrooms easily.
  • This app is free for caregivers and nannies and offers 3 months trial for others.

Kinderkribbe – Daycare Software

This app plays an important role in bringing parents and child-care center closer to each other. By registering the activities of children quickly, it helps to instantly share them with parents.

This app is helpful to store all the essential information about the children. It shares children’s contact information.

They can share pictures with parents of every child's activities whatever they are doing. As a result, parents get satisfaction. It also takes care of the security of your data. Even it shares data securely like mobile banking apps.

The good news is that the app is completely free for daycare providers as a child care attendance tracking tool and for nurseries.

All the above child care daily apps are free, so you can use these apps without any obstacle. Whether you are at home or outside the house, by using these apps, there is no need to worry any more about caring for your child.



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