Latest MTN Ghana Data Bundles Prices & Codes

MTN Ghana has pocket-friendly and fastest internet browsing data bundles that would definitely minimize how much you spend on data purchase. With the updated MTN Ghana data bundles, all subscribers can now enjoy huge savings by choosing the right mtn internet bundle that meets his/her type of online activities from the list of shortcodes for MTN Ghana data bundles highlighted below.

MTN Ghana has good internet coverage with lots of cheap internet plans for both high internet users such as heavy downloaders and medium internet users, all like those who most of the time use social media and news sites. it would be a great idea to choose best mtn 4g data plan ghana that suits your type of online activities.

MTN Ghana data bundles prices

Just as on other networks, MTN Ghana data bundles consist of pay monthly internet bundles, Pay As You Go internet packages, SMS bundles, IDD Bundle, mtn midnight bundle, and super saver pack subscription.

In this post you will get the latest mtn internet bundle codes and activate any of the MTN bundle by opening your phone dialer and simply dial *138*1# on a mobile phone to choose your preferred bundle plan, still need to know more on how to activate the new mtn bundle codes? Don't worry, keep reading for the list of best MTN Ghana internet data bundle shortCodes below. 

Now, let's start with the list of MTN Ghana data bundles price and their subscription codes. These MTN cheap data bundles work on all devices and here you would get all its short codes and prices in cedis. This list would definitely keep your mind off the present MTN bundle cheat.

MTN Ghana Internet Bundle ShortCodes and Prices 

MTN Ghana Monthly Internet Plan
  1. 300MB goes for 10GHc valid for 30 days  -  *138*1*2#
  2. 1GB data for 20GHc valid for 30 days (all days/night - 30 days) - *138*1*3#
  3. 2.5GB for 40GH₵ (30 days) - *138*1*3#
  4. 4GB for 60GH₵ 
  5. 6GB for 80GH₵ 
  6. 10GB for 120GH₵
  7. 18GB 200GH₵
  8. 20GB for 240GH₵
  9. 25GB for 300GH₵
  10. 30GB for 360GH₵
  11. 32GB for 400GH₵
  12. 35GB for 420GH₵
  13. 40GB for 480Gh₵
  14. 50GB for 600GH₵
  15. 100GB for 800GH₵

MTN Ghana Weekend Mobile internet Bundles/packages:
  • 1GH¢ 27MB (7 days) - *138*1*2# 
  • 2GH¢ 60MB7 (24/7, 7days) -*138*1*2#
  • 3GH¢ 180MB 7 days - *138*1*2#
  • 5GH¢ 300MB - *138*1*2#
  • 10GH¢ 1,000MB valid for 7 days - *138*1*2#

MTN Ghana Daily Internet Packages:
  • 052GH¢0.520MB - 1*138*1*1#
  • 1GH¢ 50MB - 1*138*1*1#
  • 2GH¢ 120MB - 1*138*1*1#

MTN GHANA IDD Bundle Packages
This package allows you to call USA, India, China, Canada, UK Fixed land-line - to access these options simple dial *138*3# and pick the first option which, then you would see Gh¢2, Gh5¢, and Ghç10 IDD bundles.

For France, Germany, Spain dial *138*3# now you have to select the second option for Gh¢2, Gh¢5, and Gh¢10 bundles which is one of the cheapest mtn plan in Ghana.

How To  Check IDD Bundle Balance
 Here is shortcode for MTN Ghana to check your (International Direct Dialing simply dial *138*3*9# from your phone.

MTN Ghana Pay As You Go Internet Bundle
Note: Upon exceeding or exhausting your data bundle before the validity period, as a  Pay As You Go, subscriber, you can buy another bundle or browse at the pay per use tariff of GHc 0.10499 per MB. If you are looking for how to activate mtn unlimited data plan or mtn code to buy data other than the ones I mentioned above, use the search box.

For more mtn internet bundle codes such as super saver pack(MTN call bundle code) mtn lifestyle bundle, MTN video packs, SMS bundles alongside mtn call promotions, MTN midnight bundle and others, kindly visit MTN Ghana Official Website for further inquiring. To all our Ghanian visitors from Ghana college and universities, Accra Ghana, you are highly welcome. Have a great day!

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