How To Use Conference Call Services On Android

Do you know that you can call up to 5 persons at the same time on your smartphone using the conference call services? With conference call services you can hold group calls with up to 5 people at once by calling the first person then keep adding up more people using the “Add Call” icon on the current call screen.

How to make a conference call on Android would be very simple if you follow the below steps.

These steps don't require any conference call settings in android before your conference call in Android.

Conference call services on Android

How To Set Up Conference Call Services On Android Phones

Step 1: Go to your phone's contacts and select the contact you would like to speak to; dial the number and wait for the person to pick the call (the first person).

Step 2: Once the person pick the call, to add more people to your telephone call simply press on the Add call button in the call menu ==> Contacts ==> here you have the list of all contacts on your Android smartphone for conference call services you can select the number you wish to dial, immediately you dial the second number the first call would be placed on hold.

Step 3: Press on The Merge calls button to merge the calls into one single conversation, to add up to a maximum of 4-5 people to the conversation simply follow the same procedure in step 2 which you would have to tap on add call to add up people.

merge call icon

That's all on how to make conference call in Android using any conference call services provider,
you can as well use any reliable Android conference call app.
if you have any query, opinion or contribution feel free to add your comment using the below form. Stay tuned for my next update on how to make group calls in WhatsApp. Enjoy your day! 



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