Download War2Glory (DE) German Version For Android

The German version of War 2 Glory (DE) strategy game is ready for download on Android. The most anticipated War 2 Glory (DE) is the best MMO strategy game based on World War II [WWII] with the special battle system, if you sociable, you would lead the war in War2Glory battlefield.

In the War2Glory game, the player assumes the role of a commander who must direct his city within a war-torn world. In order to assert oneself on the battlefield, the player must advance the city development and the expansion of his troops.

Features Of War 2 Glory
  • GRATIS “MMO” strategy game
  • Second World War (WW2) fight simulation
  • Many famous war heroes in World War II listen to your command
  • Diverse skills for the hero
  • Numerous advanced weapons factories are at your disposal refined war strategies
  • Science research, trade, warfare, and diplomacy can be performed simultaneously in an epic game and much more to experience in the gameplay!

War 2 Glory DE German

War 2 Glory Gameplay And Strategies
  • A player in this game can be a member of an Alliance and work with your Alliance members. Shmiede diplomatic alliances to defeat enemies!
  • City Construction and Administration: Town Hall, Waffenwerk, etc.
  • Build, set tax rate, gold production
  • Troop Training: With over 40 different World War II crafted vehicles, you can engage in the Air and Water battles.
  • Recruiting and Ranking Officers: Through warfare, the officer can gain experience and become more powerful
  • Advanced techniques are to research to increase the strength of the city and troops.
  • Plunder or capture wilds and NPC cities on the world map to gain resources and expand strength
  • Establish coastal city and gain huge resources from the sea
  • Skillfully use war strategy to win the fight
  • You must not miss the ultimate fight Alliance Against Alliance

How To Install War 2 Glory On Android
It's quite simple, just as you normally install other apps on your Android supported device, click on the above link to download/install the strategy game.

When the game is being installed, tap on “build your own War 2 Glory Empire with tanks and rockets” and start  Achieving Fame and Glory in War 2 Glory while the world awaits your arrival from the mission.

The game is also available online by visiting war2glory forum online, or search for WAR2Glory English on Facebook and read about the game and forum rules to enjoy world war 2 browser games.




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