Download PdaNet Apk The Best Internet Tethering App For Android

PdaNet Apk is one of the most used Android Application for internet tethering between smartphone and PC. You can now get PdaNet for your iPhone, windows mobile phones, and windows PC respectively.

The new PdaNet is now known as Pdanet+ because it has been repacked with some new added features such as PdaNet FoxFi, and WiFi Share option that works on all Android device, both rooted and non root Android phones and you will be provided with a link to Download PDANet Apk for Android internet tethering, just read  below paragraph.

Pdanet Download  For Android

The PdaNet+ App allows you to share your Android phone's internet connection with other internet enabled devices, either tablet or computer through Bluetooth, USB or WiFi Hotspots on any supported Android smartphone. Pdanet doesn't require any extra tether plan or mobile hotspots plan from your internet service provider(carrier).

To access the internet on your computer through your Android's data connection or via Bluetooth internet access, simply install Pdanet Apk on your Android to enable internet tethering between your computer and other devices without buying any tether plan or mobile hotspots plan from your carrier.

As described in the above paragraph, this latest version of Pdanet+ for Android packs both PdaNet and Foxfi features which makes it easy for you to use WiFi Hotspot in addition Bluetooth DUN and USB.

3 Modes Of PdaNet Apk And Their Features
  1. Bluetooth Mode: Bluetooth mode allows you to connect from Android, Tablets,  windows PC and any other Bluetooth DUN supported devices.
  2. WiFi Mode: This mode allows sharing Wi-Fi hot-spot connection from computer to Android or any Wi-Fi supported devices (internet tethering).
  3. USB Mode: USB Tethering mode works on almost all Android phones and it also allows connection from Windows PC and Mac. 
Moreover, PdaNet Download comes with a wiFi share feature that may turn your windows PC into a Wi-Fi hot-spot so that you can easily connect other devices to it and start sharing your Android phone's internet connection with you loved ones.

📝 : The link provided here is for the free version of PdaNet+(free edition), this version has time usage limits so, in order to get full time usage, simply purchase pdanet full version Using FoxFi Unlock Serial Key or download pdanet for android full version free.

Pdanet Download Link For Android

Now Enjoy Using your Android phone as Wireless Modem, USB Tether, Bluetooth DUN, Wireless Router. PDANet internet tethering rocks! If you need pdanet 4.19.7 full apk drop your comment below.



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