16 Random Password Generators For Online Maximum Security

What is the best way to ensure online maximum security? The answer to this question is indefinite but creating a strong passwords via random password generators would be the best answer.

Here you will learn how to avoid the common and dangerous passwords practices used by 85% of internet users with the help of some random password generators, it could be done through trusted password generator online or software on PC, Android.

Random Online Password generators

In recent survey conducted by ZoneAlarm, 85% consumers found to use risky password construction practices, such as their real (personal) information and easy to guess password (words).

I my self was once a victim of h*ckers, one of my gmail account was being  h*cked due to weak and common password, then i learnt so many things about password and that's why I come up with this topic.

Before I continue with the 16 Random Password Generators For Maximum Online Security let's look at some examples of some risky and common password you should avoid.

Here are examples of these in order from the top most commonly used password of all time.

Top 25 Most Used Passwords Of All Time

  • Admizone
  • Missyou 
  • Iloveyou 
  • 12345678
  • Ashley 
  • 123456
  • Password 
  • Princess 
  • 123456789
  • Gabriel
  • Jammy218
  • Qwerty 
  • Abc123
  • 12345
  • Nicole
  • Lovely 
  • Babaylove
  • Michael1981
  • 654321
  • Jessica07
  • Chelseafan
  • Mic83l4322
  • Elizabeth
  • Romeoandjuliet
How long are your passwords? How mixed and secure are they? Below shows the most common length of passwords created.

4% = 5 to 11 characters,
2% = 12 characters,
1% = 13 characters,
26% = 6 characters,
20% 8 charaters
19% = 7 characters,
12% = 9 characters
19% = 10 characters.

It's quite noticed that 4% of consumers who use some variant of the word “password”

25 Proportion of top 25 most commonly used passwords that has first name.

16% overall percentage of consumers who create passwords using a person's first name instead of using random password generators to create a strong passwords.

The most common length of password created by most internet users fall under 8 letters, i.e 6 letters. This short of the recommended length for best password protection, if you don't know how to create best password then Random password generators is recommended.

According to NASA guideline, it's recommended that all passwords should be at least eight characters and above.


It should also contain a mix of 4(four) different types of characters which must include uper case and lower case letters.

List Of Top Random Password Generators For Online Privacy 

  1. Free Password Generator - Is a memorable Password Generator tool that lets you choose between string letters, uper & lower case letters, digits and special symbols before entering the length you want and click on “generate” for you unique passwords.
  2. Strong Password Generator - As the name implies, strong password generator can generate a strong mix  password without any special characters that are up to 100 in length. Use strong password generator to create secure passwords that are impossible to guess.
  3. Norton Password Generator - Experience password freedom with Norton Identity Safe Password Generator (password generator Norton). The use of Norton identity  safe password generator allows you to mixed case letters, numbers and punctuation, and has the option to include no similar characters for extra security.
  4. PC Tools Password Generator - PC tools password lets you create your easy to remember passwords easier in just a few easy steps.
  5. Random Passwords Generator - Random password generator is the best free password manager which is trusted by 20+ million users and protect them from all potential threats.
  6. Online Password- Generator - Online password generator will guide you on how to create random strong passwords online, and has option to include uper case letters, special characters, repetation of letters, punctuations and digits.
  7. Last Pass - Last Pass is a best password generator which you can use to create secure random passwords.
  8. MSD Services Password Generator  - SSD Service is a great site to generate strong, secure passwords, you choose to use special characters or numeral mix together.
  9. XKPSWD - this site will help you create a pronouncable but yet a secure passwords, the site has special feature that allows to customize the way you want your passwords to be. 
  10. Little Lite - Password Generator - This is a great site that generates a single password per search, a pronouncable password generator.
  11. Online Security Tools - free 
  12. Domain Diagnosis - free
  13. The Bitmill 
  14. Password Generator  - free
  15. Random Password Generator
  16. Secure Password Generator 


Tips For Password Length And Security

  • When creating a password, use at least 14 characters or more but the commonly used is 6-8 characters.
  • The higher the mixed characters in your passwords, the better.
  • Test your password with a password checker and see how secure it is.
  • Write down your generated password so they can be remembered.

How To Create The Perfect Password 

  • Add Length With Numbers - add 2 numbers that are meaningful in between the sentence of your passwords.
  • Using the first letter of every word, turn your sentence into acronym.
  • Add length with punctuations and/or symbols, put punctuation marks at the beginning and the end of your password.
  • Start with a sentence or two, at least 10 characters total, think of something meaningful to you.
  • Use random password generators.

Types Of Passwords To Avoid

Cyber criminals uses sophisicated that can rapidly figure out your password so there some passwords you need to avoid e.g.
• Your personal details such as date of birth, your name, driver's licence, etc.
• Dictionary words in any language 
• Sequence or repeated characters.
• Word spelled backwards and Abbreviation.

Use any of these free random password generators for maximum online Security.



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