Smile Data Plans For 4G LTE|VoLTE Enabled Smartphones, iPod iOS, iPhone, Gameconsole and BB10

Smile 4G LTE Internet Data plans: Smile NG is currently the Nō1 4G LTE broadband internet service provider and the fastest network in Nigeria right presently, but they are yet to cover the whole states in Nigeria as they are currently covering about 8 States out the 36 states in Nigeria which are; Asaba, Ibadan, Benin City, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Onitsha while other states/cities are patiently waiting for theirs in the nearest time as promised by Smile 4G LTE Network.

Smile network in Nigeria

For you to enjoy all the features of smile 4G LTE broadband data plans you need to have a 4G LTE enabled-device and a 4G LTE sim card, alternatively, you may use smile's Router or Mifi (SMIFI-S) that comes with unlimitedLite data plans for 30days for easy internet access on smile 4G LTE services, the MIFI or router enables you to share your smile 4G LTE internet connection with any other internet enabled devices, it could be Android smartphone, iPhone, iPod, iPad pro or PC's.

Unfortunately, smile network does not have daily or weekly Smile Data Plans.

And so, here is something more Fascinating for smile 4G LTE network,
Smile unlimited lite;
Smile data plans;
Smile data bundles.

If you landed here while searching for smile data plan then you are in the right place, just keep scrolling down and have fun as I'm going to list all the smile 4G LTE data plans and subscriptions links respectively.

Smile 4G LTE Requirements; for you to be on smile 4G LTE network, you will need the following to enjoy all their free internet and free calls,
Smile SIM
Compartible 4G LTE Smartphones
Unlimited Premium Data plan
VoLTE-enabled mobile phone

Smile Data Plans: SmileLite, Anytime, More Value And UnlimitedPremium

All these data plans can be used on any smartphone like gameconsole, PC, modem, windows, iPOD, iPAD iOS, Android and many other gadgets that has internet access.

Monthly Smile Data Plans
UnlimitedPremium monthly plan For 19,800Naira- click here -30 days
1GB For 1,000Naira- go here - 30days
10GB For 9,000Naira- follow here -30days
15 GB For 10Naira Subscribe here- 30days
7GB Anytime Data For 5,000Naira activate it here 30days validity
20GB For 17,000Naira - buy from smile Nigeria 1year(12months)
50GB For 36,000 Purchase link 12months validity
3GB Anytime Data For 3,000Naira (Recharge now) 30days
2GB SmileLite Data For 2,000Naira Recharge 30days
100GB For 70,000 Naira 12months
200GB For 135,000 Nigerian Naira (12months) 1years

Click on the link provided in between the  prices and validities and see how to subscribe for smile Data Plans.

All the aforementioned Unlimited monthly Smile Data Plans are now available in Asaba, Abjua, Benin, Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onitsha and Kaduna for all smile's network subscribers.



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