Latest Glo Data Bundles | Data plans, Subscription Codes and Prices

Glo Data Plans: It is no longer new that Glo NG has the cheapest internet data plans/bundles among the telecom service providers in Nigeria and that's why they are called; “The Grand Master of Data”, believe me, with these glo data plan you will no longer burther yourself about any free internet or anonytun app glo unlimited free browsing as the new glo data bundles would give you all you needed.

Just check it out. Honestly, the only thing I can testify about Glo data plans is their poor coverage in some locations which makes it unbearable for other subscribers as they can't browse, send text messages or make a phone call but despite that, those who are within the normal Glo coverage area are enjoying the glo unlimited data plans and also here are the latest glo data plans, Subscription Codes and Prices.

Glo has variety of unlimited data Bundles of which you may get the best data volumes at your own preference. Their data plans range from flexi plans, daily, weekly and monthly.

Glo Ng offer much more data value for lower prices, and I believe this would definitely made you to forget about glo free browsing cheat which is commonly used by Nigerians these days.

Latest Glo data plan for...

Glo Daily Data Bundles|Data Plans, 35MB for N100 - Validity 1 Day

• 35MB glo data for only 100Naira which is valid for 1 day
• 100MB data plan for only 200Naira validity- 5 days

Glo Weekly Data Bundles (Data Plans)

• 800MB data for 500Naira validity - 10 days

Glo Monthly Data Plans (Data Bundles)

• 1.6GB for 1000Naira validity - 30 days
• 3.75GB data for 2000Naira validity - [30 days]

• 5GB glo data volume for 2500Naira validity - 1 month

• 6GB only for 3000Naira valid for (1month)

• 8GB data plan for 4000Nara validity - 30 days

• 12GB for only 5000Naira which is valid for 30 days

• 16GB data volume for 8000Naira validity - (30 days)

• 30GB for 15000Naira validity - 1 month

• 45GB data plan for 18000Naira validity-  30 days

Yes! you can now subscribe for any glo data plan and enjoy double amount of data bundle purchased upon renewing your current glo data subscription, To enjoy 100% bonus on each data plans you purchased, do ensure to auto renew your current data plan before it expires to get the best value at your own preference.

How To Activate Glo Unlimited  Data Bundles, Data Plan

Simply dial *777# and follow the prompts on your phone's screen to subscribe or visit Glo self-care portal @ to buy or manage your data subscriptions. Are you still looking for  cheat codes for glo data bundle? I believe your answer would be no because these Glo data bundles should definitely satisfy your needs.

Note: These variety of data plans is applicable to all mobile devices using the Glo Bolt internet services.

What are your thoughts on the glo data bundles? 



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