How To Setup A WordPress Blog|Site Step By Step

Here you will get all you need to know about WordPress blog setup from step by step, when you want to build/create a website, take note that wordPress is not a blogging platform that accept all sorts of update. WordPress has an amazing content management system that can be used to create any type of website of any complexity. Most update you usually read/see online is 20% usage of wordPress functionality and capabilities while most possibly you would be using just 5% if you just plan to post news from time to time.

This guide is specially made for beginners and those thinking of setting up their first wordPress blog|site. Remain calm, you can do it yourself but before you setup your blog below are some processes you may go through in order to install plugins, customize your site design and get a good WordPress blog.

WordPress blog setup

How To Create A Blog In Wordpress Step By Step

Registering Hosting And Domain Name 

You can either have your WordPress website set on your server and thus show up for your domain name or host for free at WordPress and choose a website like “”. I recommend setting up a separate domain name and hosting as this looks less spamy and more professional.

Download WordPress Zip File

To have the website running on the WordPress CMS first of all you need to download the wordPress software to your computer. It's highly recommended to use the latest version of WordPress which may be found here once save to your hard drive, unzip the files.

How To Add Your Information On WordPress 

To add your information, Open the folder with the extracted Wordpress files and search for wp-config-sample.php, rename it to wp-config.php then open the renamed file with any text editor and fill in your database details. Login to your hosting panel and look for MySql section. Cteate a new database and save the information on file. If you are not sure on how to create the database, you may contact your hosting company for help or continue learn wordpress step by step

Fill in database details in the wp-config.php file, save it and close it.

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How To Upload Files To Your Server 

Login to your hosting panel and look for something like FTP accounts, create a new user and put down the information e.g.
FTP name,  user and password. Now go to, download the ftp client & follow the instructions prompts. Once this step is completed, add a new account and connect it to your server with your FTP details..

How To Install wordPress 

Once the uploading is complete, you have to install the WordPress. Open the browser and log on to that's all, WordPress should now be installed. After installation you will be given a login details including some randomly generated password to the admin panel.

How To Choose Best Design Theme On WordPress 

After the WordPress installation you should be able to see your website at the WordPress is installed with the default theme you most likely wish to change and here is how to do it.

How To Login To Admin Panel In WordPress

To login to the website admin panel simply go to and enter the login info given to you after the installation.

Setting Your The Theme And Updating General Settings

To activate the theme you have uploaded in point, click on appearance,  themes from the left panel menu. Here you would see the list of themes available for your website both premium and free themes. Click on the theme you would love to use and confirm your choice.

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To set your website title and some of the main settings, go to settings ==> general and that's all! Now watch your wordpress website up and running online.

Go to admin panel and start creating new posts and pages.



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