How To Edit Blogger Templates Using TextEdit and QuickEdit Pro On Android Phone

Presently, many folks are into blogging using Google's Blogger platform but most of them do their code editing on a mobile phone, this really makes it so difficult for them to customize or edit their Blogger Templates directly on Android device unless if they use a computer. Why ? This is because editing blogger XML/HTML codes[blogger themes] on Firefox and Chrome browser on phone demand a lot of RAM and that's why your browser always force closed each time you try to edit templates directly on Firefox, Chrome and or any other browser in Android phone.

Today I'm going to share you the easiest guide on “How To Edit Blogger Template Using QuickEdit Text Editor Pro on Android phone”. This is the same method I used to edit my blog template offline before uploading it to my blog.

How do you feel when you need to remove or add a particular code/widget to your blog XML but don't have a PC and your Android phone can't get the job done for you? 

No more worries!, in this post I will cover all you need to know about editing blogger templates HTML/XML file offline using QuickEdit Text Editor Apk on Android phone.

Well, there are tons of text, HTML, XML, PHP and text file editors on Google Play Store but here I used QuickEdit Pro Free Download with TextEdit the (best text editor) for Android and also I share all steps on how to use them perfectly on your smartphone. These best text editors is supported on tablets, Android and iOS.

Among these two editors, the QuickEdit pro is my favorite text editor but one amazing feature of the TextEdit is that it supports word count.

But now, the question is How do you get a word count in TextEdit?
The easiest way to see a word count in TextEdit involves the Find (command+F) tool, i.e if you are using a computer. Once you have launched it, press the search icon in the left of the input field. At the bottom of this menu, select Insert Pattern (Android). Then click the menu item, any word characters.
If you want to go for TextEdit Download instead of using the QuickEdit text editor then click on the link above.

But if you're interested in using my favorite then Download QuickEdit Text Editor Pro Apk and enjoy code editing using this best code editor for Android.

Features Of QuickEdit Pro Apk Free App

It's Ads free
Ability to use notepad with a lot of features.
Ability to highlight syntax with over 40 languages including “C++, C#, Java, XML, Javascript, Markdown, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Small, Swift and lot more”
It opens any text format, text, text, PHP, XML, HTML,  etc.
Ability to undo and redo changes unlimitedly
Quick selection and editing options
Ability to open multiple tabs
Quick search and replace of codes
Access files from FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive
Open files from recently opened or added files collections.

The purpose of this free programming editor is to ease you of working on programming languages (C++, C#, Java, XML, Javascript, PHP, Html, ccp, Txt, etc) without the need of free text editor for windows.

How To Edit Blogger Templates Using QuickEdit Pro Apk And TextEdit

To beg, I recommend the use of Chrome browser for a smooth experience. Open the Chrome browser in your phone and log on to login with your Gmail account, select any google blog from the list, this will automatically take you to blogger dashboard which will be as in the screenshot below;

How to edit blogger template

Click on theme formerly known as Template now tap on backup/restore option this would take you to a backup section which you will have the option to download the template to your SDcard for editing.

Template documentation

Tap on Download full template to save your blog XML file.

Template documentation news52

Now the next step is to install QuickEdit text editor pro on your Android phone, open the app and click on the folder 📁 icon at the top right corner >> select open and choose either you want to edit file from SD card or phone memory, locate the folder where you save your XML file, click on the template then wait for quickEdit to load the HTML codes and start edit, modify, delete and replace any XML, HTML codes like a pro.

XML editor
Quickedit pro features

How To Save XML/HTML Codes After Editing Using Quick Edit

It's the same thing as how to select file for editing, click the folder icon,  you will see two ways of saving your file which is Save As and Save, if you choose to save as this means you are saving the file as a new file but if you choose to save the file will be automatically saved and all the changes you made will take effect in XML file.

This is how I Edit my Blog Templates offline using the Android phone when I don't have a PC. Let me know if you need any help with template editing Via the comment box.



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