H2i How It Works: Imagine You are Broke, What could possibly be a solution?

Imagine You are Broke! What could possibly be a solution? Well, I want to start by saying, "why do we walk to a point of being broke?" Could it be because you didn’t inherit from your father what your next door friends got from their fathers? Oh! ‘That should be the mistake of fathers transferred to sons’.

How it works
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In a scenario such as this, the solution is not farfetched;
build a system that can last from generation to generations, embrace the opportunity that your father couldn’t get or embrace. In other word, don’t transfer such poverty to your next generation. A friend of mine recently jotted something about comfort zone, and he writes:

“…comfort is the greatest enemy of success. Comfort zone is the worst place you don’t want to be, if at all you want to succeed”.

Wow! So, it still has to do with if you want to succeed. Meaning success is a mindset. Oh! Does that mean previous generations don’t want to succeed? Which is the reason why “lack” is transferred to you? Let’s leave that question for another day. My good friend continued;

“Challenges and difficulties have ways of forcing you out of your comfort zone”.

And you are broke now, ‘that should be a challenge before you.’ Will you work your way out of it or cry your heart out.

“This is the more reason you should embrace them, because, challenges and difficulties are necessary ingredients of success.”

Because I’m broke should be the more reason why I should push for success
It is not what befalls you that matters, it’s how you react to what befalls you that matters. Welcome challenges! Stay positive don’t give up!
These words in Italic, come from my financial intelligent coach; Chimezie Osondu

Wow! Wow!! There is a solution.
With this in mind, permit me to give you a head way, ladies and gentlemen, HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL (H2i) an empowerment based membership program, a global opportunity born out of  passion for total human capacity development and for helping the less privileged. H2i (an NGO) gives you that personal development, a marketing strategy that can take you out of  broken state.

The cash you need, the empowerment necessary for you and your family and friends. Helping Hands Int’l will turn it around for you; empower you to reach out to less privileged, widows, orphans, and the needy through her business plan. Click here to check how the business plan works and click here to see the services rendered

Here is a brief summary of her Marketing plan and your benefits as a partner with Helping Hands Int'l.

This Is How It Works

Stage 1
Donate/register with $40 (#6,600 in Nig.) sponsor/get/start with 2 people to register, you will earn $26 (#4,290) or at this stage you can earn $58 (#9,570) if you sponsor/introduce 6 donors. And everyone referring two, in a blink of  an eye, you have millions of people in your team.
Team work can grow you faster

Stage 2
You earn $1000 (#165,000) with additional incentives like, HP Laptop or Apple Ipad and an internet ready SUG line

Stage 3
You earn $3000 (#495,000) Plus a Brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA CAR worth $10,000 (#1,650,000); you will be given $2000 (#330,000) to empower 2 less privileged persons in your area. Isn’t it worth investing million?

Stage 4
You will earn $6,000 (#990,000) plus a Brand new HYUNDAI IX35 JEEP worth over $27,000 (#4,455,000). A motherless home will be empowered on your recommendation. Interest FREE loan due – up to $12,000 (1,980,000), no collateral is required.

Stage 5
You will earn $12,000 (#1,980,000), additional incentives; International trip, Housing fund $40,000 (#6,600,000) two of your children educational fund $2000 (#330,000), yearly infinity bonus $9,697 (#1.6m)

This is what $40 can do for one who is focused. We reach these goals by working with each other to build a success story. Distance is never a barrier; financial and business intelligent couch are here to help you find a way forward in other area of endeavors. You can reach us on our team whatsapp group in the link below or drop your contact cell phone number/email and we will get back to you.

Follow this link to join our H2i solution group on WhatsApp: Click Here. For team update and Helping Hands International Registration or other enquiry

By Peter B.O
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