Freedom VPN Configure File For 9mobile Free Browsing

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        I have the latest your-freedom VPN Configuration File for 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat right here, below are some few steps to follow so that you will be able to use the 9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat, This configuration file has been tested,used and confirmed by Dele Ayo and he decided to share it with us but we would need to go through some VPN settings in order to make it work.

Your-freedom vpn configuration settings 2017

But before I go further on your-freedom VPN settings, let me quickly ask if you really know what freedom App is all about. Do you know what this tool can do and how it works? If your answer is no then read about Your-freedom Vpn and continue to the next procedure but if you already know about it, then continue reading... Here you will learn how to use your freedom for free internet.

It has been observed that free browsing cheats these days seems to be easier  on VPN Apps, not long ago I posted about AnonyTun VPN 9mobile 0.00kb cheat and Airtel N0.0 Free Browsing Cheat, both are currently working fine I'm writing this post, and would like to say it's an alternative which you may try out and I bet you, you will love to use them on your Android device. Your freedom apk free download is available in Google Play Store.

This freedom VPN configuration file will enable you to browse, download and chats on WhatsApp, Facebook(Facebook App), Twitter, Skype and many others for free, and it works on any internet-enabled devices, being it a laptops, windows, iPod iOS, Pc's, tablets and any other smartphones without any Unlimited data plans.

In a brief;
Your-freedom VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tunneling client that gives you a complete online anonymization, anti-censorship and freedom on the internet, it protects your IP address from being logged and keeps your online activities  anonymous, bypass blocked websites, App,  disguises your real identity and get you rid off internet censorship with the help of its unlimited free servers, read 5 Benefits of VPN On Android.

Your-Freedom VPN - freedom App apk
9mobile SIM card with an N0.00 balance
3G - 4G LTE or a stable 2G coverage
▶Your Freedom Account Unlimited (if you don't have to go to a create one)
Freedom VPN Settings (download Etisalat unlimited your freedom pack 1 🌉 zip) - download Zip file
Android 4.4 or higher
▶Your freedom server address

You need to create a user account to use 9mobile latest cheats your freedom configuration settings for Android, yes you really need to set up an account with them to this free browsing cheat settings unlimited.

How To Create your Freedom Unlimited Account And Surf The Internet Free
Go, click on user registration ==> fill all the necessary information required then click on “sign up”.

Now go back to your freedom App, Apk ==>> configure ==>> Account Information
User Name: put your registered name on their site
Password: your secret pass during the registration and to ensure that you did a normal configuration on your freedom server IP addresses to make your freedom faster and stable.

Note: The free account comes with the minimum speed of 65kbit/s internet speed but it could be increased to 1MB/s depending on how strong your network is,  you also have the option of upgrading your free account from the menu I.e if you wish to upgrade from free to a premium account.

Next, once you have all the above requirements, click here for your freedom VPN free download, install it and head to the next step below.

How To Use Your Freedom servers For Free Internet
Open Your Freedom App, tap on the configure menu, this will take you to a new window, there will find the following:
• General
• Account Information
• Connection
• Backup/Restore
• Vouchers
• Messages
• Blockit/Settings
• Shop
• Help
• Exit and Back button, but what we are really going to use here is the backup/restore and account information tabs because that's where the tricks lie.

Your Freedom Proxy Settings For Android 
Tab on backup/restore, this will still take you to your-freedom VPN set up wizard that enables you to export DNS and IP filters, save config file but we are not exporting DNS or any IP so we would use one of the options under load config and merge filters which is load config, now click on the load config ==> locate the folder with the extracted 9mobile unlimited free browsing Cheat configuration file, see the screenshot below;

After that, click on the 9mobile Unlimited.cfg though there are about four 9mobile unlimited servers available you can choose any one that meets your needs as for me I'm using the above-mentioned freedom VPN configure file for 9mobile.

Now that you have selected your preferred -freedom VPN configuration settings, tap on the load to save the settings

When the configuration file is successfully installed a pop-up message will show up like;
Config read from file/storage/emulated/0/folder/9mobile Unlimited your-freedom configuration/9mobile unlimited.cfg

Tap on the back button to go to the main menu and finally click on Start Connection, wait for at least 15 to 30 seconds for your freedom VPN to establish a connection, once it's successfully connected minimize the freedom App and start surfing the web, download and watch YouTube movies free! If you follow this procedure and your freedom not connecting please kindly leave a comment here.

That's all about freedom VPN configuration for 9mobile free browsing cheat, enjoy while it's still fresh!



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  1. Pls I can't find the 9mobile unlimited file in myYF

    1. You will first of all have to download the zip file from the link provided here then extract it, open the yp tap on the configure ==> Backup/Restore and locate the folder you extract the configure file and select it.
      Would that be all for now?

  2. Thanx for the reply have downloaded it now but the file can't open pls how do I extract it pls

  3. download esfile explorer for you to be able to open zip files

    1. I just download the es file so how do I extract it

  4. It is a great tutorial. But I looking for <a href=">unlimited freedom</a> tutorial. If you give me a video tutorial I will benefited from it?