Trick To Easily Disable Twitter Video Autoplay On Your Phone

Video auto-play has become a normal thing that every twitter handler usually experience while chatting either via twitter's Web or a Mobile App. Although  twitter have included an option for  disabling it or leave it if you want videos to be played automatically on your news feed or on your timeline.

Well, this feature might be so much interesting to some people while it may be annoying to others. Here is a trick to easily disable twitter's video auto play on your phone, just see in full details below.
Note: this processes works for both Twitter's Web and its Mobile App.

How To Easily Disable Twitter Video AutoPlay 
Twitter video auto play disabled

To stop video auto play on your twitter timeline all you have to do is log in to your twitter account and navigate to 'settings and privacy' option scroll down to 'accessibility' button and tap on it then you will see video autoplay and you would be given 3 options which you can only choose one.

Twitter videos

For example:  when you tap on the video autoplay button a drop-down menu will open packs with 3 options which include »

  1. “mobile data and Wi-Fi”, 
  2. “Wi-Fi only”
  3. “And Never”
If you select mobile data & Wi-Fi this means any video on your timeline when ever you log on to your twitter account using 2G, 3G, 4G LTE or Wi-Fi. 


Also if you select only Wi-Fi, the video Will be automatically played when Wi-Fi service is available. Without being told, I hope you already know what It means if you selecte never; the video Will never be playing automatic whether you are on Mobileand Wi-Fi network.

If you follow the above tricks properly, then the twitter video auto play should be disabled for data saving. But this doesn't mean you can no longer play videos on twitter, just that the video have to be click on them to start playing since the video autoplaying is disabled.

This tricks can be apply to IPad,  iPhone and other smartphone devices that uses twitter web or App.

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