Top Major Problems Of Android 7 Nougat And Their Remedies

According to research, lot of Android OS got the latest Nougat 7 update and I believe most of them had been upgraded from their various Android version to the latest but unfortunately, some of those who got this updates keeps complaining of one or the others problem ever since they installed the update.

Meanwhile, most of the complaints said: Android 7 Nougat packs the following problems and many sorts of errors which i will be taking about one after the other alongside their solution, so if you fall under those who updated their OS versions don't worry as I'm about dropping some tricks to get you rid of those problems and errors.

Major Problems Of Android 7.0 Nougat 

  • WI-FI CONNECTION ERROR: Have you been experiencing Wi-Fi errors ever since you upgraded your Android phone to the latest version? Those problems may either be your phone's Wi-Fi not powering on or not able to connect to the Wi-Fi services. Then you should try one of these options below it might get you rid of that particular problem
  • Switch off your phone and start it up again
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi services on your phone and enable it after 10 minutes
  • If any of the above mentioned options couldn't solve the problem, then navigate to  Settings on your phone ==> tap on the Backup and reset option ==> and again on Network settings  and click on reset.

2. BATTERY DRAINING FAST: A lot of people who got nougat 7.0 update on their phone have been complaining about the quick battery draining issues on since they installed the update, but if you are reading this and you are among those who upgraded their Phone then sit back and relax and follow the below steps and see how to minimize battery consumption of your phone.

Go to Google Play Store, update all applications on your device in order to be compatible with the latest update version
Navigate through your phone ==> setting ==> storage and USB and clean all applications catches or do a factory reset of your phone.

3. GPS PROBLEMS: GPS on Nougat also comes with some bugs which which make the GPS service unable to power on/off. The simple way to fix this error is by going to the GPS setings and clear all the catches and Data. 

4. Audio Since: this is yet another problem or errors that most of those who updated their OS versions do face after the nougat update, this normally happens when you are playing any audio, you would see audio playing with no sound although this usually happens time to time so when you got this type of errors simple turn off your phone and on it or if possible do a hard reset.

5. USB Not Recognize By Pc: at times you might want to connect your phone to a PC but unfortunately the PC will said: USB not recognize or damage what you should do is to set the USB connectivity option to always ask before connection so that each time you plug a USB cable a pop-up should showed up for you to select either for charging or for connecting to other devices.



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