Top 3 Android Apps To Set Your Name As Ringtone On Your Phone

    Are you that type of a person who loves hearing and listening to his or her name when the phone rang?  Then here are some top 3 applications that can help you to archive that. There are many types and versions of apps that can do this but here are some top 3 I have ever used and their awesome.

Technology have totally bring down everything for a layman's understanding, with any of these apps you can easily set you name either nickname or your real name as your incoming ringtone by following the prompt instructions on the screen. E.g.;

Without wasting much time, let's start with the features of each of these apps and links to download them.

 My Name Ringtone With Music: This app is packed with ability to create "your Name Ringtone + music" in a simple way. You can write your name or any words you want to set as your incoming calls ringtone. My name ringtone with music also permits you to review and listen to how the tune would be like before final saving.

Language: Unlimited Languages
Voice: Man and Woman.
Android OS: 4.2 or higher version.
File Size: 5.4MB
Version: 1.0
Clear Voice

Download it Here

▶ My Name Ringtone Maker: Here is yet another mind-blowing app that can easily set your name as your phone's default ringtone, you can create as many as needed with different words. This app also supports many languages alongside male and female voice sounds so that you can choose any that is pleasant to your listening when calling your name or the words you set as your incoming ringtone. Yeah, My Name Ringtone Maker has an option to test before saving and language changing option which allows you to select your preferred language.

Vice changing
Echo free
Man + female voice
Running on low and higher OS versions
App size: 5.36mb

»» Download it here .

Mp3 Name Ringtone Maker:  Out of all, this is the most simplest and has the ability of saving your name in mp3 format and it can be share with your friends and love ones on social medias such as whatsApp, facebook and others by locating the folder with your saved name.mp3 format.

Download Here.

Would you download or use any of these apps? 



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