Latest MTN Cheat Via MyMTN App {Updated}

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Today I want to share with you the latest mtn cheat which you can use to access free internet on any Android phone with high-speed internet connection. And for those who asked if it is possible to get free access to the internet, after my thorough research on the web, I came across this latest mtn cheat that was made possible by MyMTN App. With this I can say yes it's possible for you to get Unlimited MTN Free Browsing Cheat for August/September 2018 and beyond.

NOTE: This latest MTN cheat is strictly rely on the official MyMTN App, I'm already enjoying it so you too can enjoy it as well.
The good part?

You will enjoy the mtn free browsing cheat with unlimited data downloads without tweaking your phone IMEI number.

The speed?

The internet speed of MyMTN App Adoption free MB is incomparable.

Do I need MTN VPN or special configuration for the latest MTN cheat 2018 to work?

No! Just sit back... relax and follow the below procedures to activate Unlimited MTN Free Browsing Cheat for August/September 2018 fast and easily.

If you are looking for MTN cheat that works in 2018 then you on the right page that enlighten you more on how to enjoy MTN free browsing cheat with unlimited data for downloads.

To get started, there is no much tricky in activating the latest Mtn cheat as it's a very simple steps which can be done via MyMTN App on your Android device. It's just a simple method which you can do by sending an SMS to a particular mtn's data service number and you would be given the Mtn free data to access internet for free, this data was meant to be given once but by applying more wisdom we make it unlimited by keep sending and repeating the same "keyword" in an SMS.

Mtn cheat

Recall back, this is one of the old mtn cheat that was officially introduced by MTN NG to her subscribers, as mentioned earlier; this MTN free data was meant to be gotten once when you installed the MyMTN apk but by applying some tricks we noticed that this data could be accumulated and hence we make it Unlimited. See below for how to activate the mtn cheat with unlimited data downloads 100% working.

How To Activate Latest MTN Cheat Via MyMTN App 2018

Do you want to enjoy the MTN Free Data Bundle cheat on your line?  If yes then send “MyMTN” in an SMS without quote to 131 after that you would receive a response from MTN stating:
Hi, Your Activation to 100MB for MyMTN App Adoption is Successful. You have been charged with 0.0 and expiry date is 04/08/2018 00:24:35.
Now this is where the tricks starts, you have received 100Mb already; to make it unlimited simply send “STOP MyMTN” to 131 to opt-out of the package and do not be afraid as nothing will happen to you given free data, just keep doing this continuously and watch your data grows up to 8GB or even more...

MyMTN App free browsing

Disclaimer: I personally used the steps above to activate 2 of my MTN SIM cards, so don't think I'm giving you fake update.

If you are unable to activate the MTN cheat by following the above steps, alternatively you may try this one:

1.Visit Google Play and search for “MyMTN”
2. Download and install to your phone
3. Open the app ==> enter your phone number ==> click the proceed button and  wait for your myMTN OTP code to arrive.
4. When you got the OTP, input and click on verify to activate your number. Once you verified your number you will be awarded with MTN free 100MB which can be used to do whatever you may want to online.

MyMTN apk

Why This MTN  Cheat Is a Must Use To Everyone:

 The downloading speed is incomparable
 It powers all apps
 No VPN required
It works both on pcs and mobile phones
The accumulating process is simple
IMEI tweaking is not needed to get enjoy this mtn free browsing

Note: This Unlimited MTN Free Browsing Cheat valid for 3 days once activated.

There you have it, the above MTN cheat is 100% working as at the time of sharing it. So if you are unable to enjoy this latest MTN cheat 2018 drop your comment let's help you out.
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