Latest Bharti Airtel UC Browser Handler Tricks for Unlimited Free Internet Surfing and Downloads

Hi! guys,
Here is the new UC Browser tricks to surf the internet freely with unlimited downloads for Bharti Airtel, this Bharti Airtel free internet trick enables you to surf, downloads, watch YouTube videos and
access free TV series download without any data balance on your airtel SIM using the below new Bharti airtel UC Browser Handler settings for Unlimited Free Internet surfing.

This tricks works for all Indians' on Bharti Airtel, either post-paid or prepaid subscribers. The UC Mini Handler free internet is supper fast just as that of Netify VPN which everyone is enjoying right now.

Bharti airtel free internet cheat

With this India unlimited internet free data from Airtel, Every Indian can use up to 500mb and 1GB of data daily on Airtel free 2G 3G 4G internet using this fastest uc browser handler. Just in case you might be wondering about what Uc Mini handler is, well this is to those who are new to UC browser handler.

UC browser handler (mini) is a modified version of the original UC Browser (the fastest browser) embedded with some codes to enable us to apply some settings/tricks directly on the app to surf the internet free when any free browsing trick is available just as we have “New Airtel India UcMini 10.4.2 Handler setting for Unlimited Free Internet Surfing”.
Handler Credit goes to: dzebb handler ui.

This Airtel Uc mini handler trick is tested and confirmed by one of our friend in India, as at the time of publishing this vpn tricks.

Furthermore, he also stated that this trick works in every state in India as no one has ever complain of the trick not working for him or her, so why don't you try your luck?  You may be among the lucky ones to enjoy this Bharti airtel free Internet browsing on Uc mini too, just check out how it works below; read the instructions properly on how to make this Airtel 3g proxy tricks work unlimited in your region or state.

Features of The Airtel Uc Mini Handler settings For online YouTube videos  Streaming In India

Downloading of large files either videos, movies, apps/software, music mp3, PDF and and any documents at all.
High speed performance, it speeds up to 1mb/s despite the fact that it's a free surfing, 😎 😂
You don't need to have data or airtime on your sim card to use it
Watch Videos on YouTube
You don't have to pay for data charges to enjoy it

Settings For Airtel India Unlimited Free Internet Tricks On UC Browser Handler [dzebb handler ui]

√ Download UCmini 10.4.2 Handler
√ Install and lunch it, navigate to settings ==> handler menu and set it as this,
Proxy Server Type: Real Host
Proxy Server: or
Port: 80

Now, you are done with the VPN setup, scroll down and tap on save to save your settings. If are not able to use the Airtel free data of 500MB - 1GB then you should use Netify when you have airtel free data bonus on your SIM to power all apps.

Alternatively, you can download uc mini by indian tech apk and apply the above settings and stop the search for “how to setup UC Mini handler for Airtel free internet tricks”.

How To Download Large Files With UcMini 10.4.2 Handler Apk

To download huge files with this airtel in unlimited free browsing (Airtel 3g proxy trick) with high-speed, you have to include the use of some free proxy server sites [vpn trick] for UC mini handler tricks to be 100% working. This settings may be used as simple servers setting for Android in Nigeria.

List of Some Free Proxy Server Sites 2018/2019
Visit any of the above proxy site and type in the website you want to download movies or any type of file from see screenshot after this line.

Airtel India

Finally hit on the Go!  Button and start downloading, when downloading the file will pop-up on the browser with the name “ browse.php”, don't worry all you have to do is to just rename the file to the real name and continue to download the file. e.g browser.php to movie.mp4, music to mp3 app to APK, file text PDF exe and so forth.

That's all on new Bharti Airtel UC browser handler free internet trick. If you have questions please do let me via the comment box below.

Enjoy while it last... @naijasturf free browsing cheats.



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