Latest Psiphon Settings For Orange Cameroon Free Browsing On PC

Greetings to all our Cameroonian visitors, here is the latest Free Browsing on Orange Cameroon with psiphon For PC Settings, you can use this tricks to surf, download and even watch YouTube videos online and more. This free internet tricks is based on psiphon for PC.

This trick is working perfectly on PC, follow the below steps to configure Psiphon for PC and enjoy free browsing on Orange Cameroon. With this trick you don't need to pay a dime before surfing the internet, this new psiphon for PC sethings enables you to do anything online free and that's why it's called free browsing tricks.

Psiphon for PC is a tunnelling application that keeps your online activities anonymously and encrypted. It also enable you to browse the internet for free while in Cameroon and other African countries by going through some settings on the psiphon PC version to enjoy the free internet in cameroon 2017.

Cameroon free browsing tricks

So now, for this trick to work, the setting is very easy ABC, but we would employ the use Psiphon for pc, Psiphon software works as thou Internet gratuit android and retaining  the normal internet browsing speed in Cameroon, tested and confirmed in Cameroon by one of our great fan on Facebook. Below are some requirements to get you started.

Tools Needed
-Download Psiphon for pc here or google search it
-Windows PC 
-Orange SIM Card 
-Free Proxy Server

How To Browse For Free On Orange Cameroon With Psiphon for PC  setting Working Proxy servers

==>>Download psiphon 3 for pc from the above link 🔗 and install it

==>>Lunch the psiphon software on your computer and go to and put the following settings in the setting tab

==>>Navigate to local proxy setting under the HTTP/HTTPS, put 8080
Go back to the main menu ==>> upstream proxy then put the following IPs and ports
Port: 8080

Alternative ports and IPs just in case the first psiphon setting isn't working for you.
Port: 8080
Port: 8080

I hope you understand all the processes, if not drop your comment or email us for the latest psiphon handler settings for mobile users in Cameroon.

Download now
Psiphon For PC Download



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    1. Well, it was 100% working as at the time of publishing it. But why don't you give it a try?

  2. I have tried times and again, but no success. But thanks for your effort, anything new for Cameroon? I am tired of buy data bro

    1. Thanks for coming Mr. Bills, keep checking I will update you with any working free internet settings for Cameroon.