Latest 9Mobile Data Plans For Android, PC, iPad, iPhone Subscription Codes & Prices

The newly released 9mobile data plans comes with the cheapest prices and the data volume has been increased, we all know that 9mobile formerly known as Etisalat Nigeria is number one when we talk of the fastest network in Nigeria but it seems they has the most costly data plans among the telecom providers in Nigeria followed by MTN NG.

 If you are looking for 9mobile cheapest data plan, here you will get all the Latest 9mobile Data Plans, subscription codes and prices for Android, PC, iPad and iPhone(iOS).

Now the good news about the 9Mobile internet data plans is that all data plans  volumes has been adjusted but still maintains its normal prices, very cheap and worth recommending because they have so many type of data plans that will surly suite your needs, among these data plans, we have the following data packages like Night data plans, weekend data plans, monthly data plans and daily 9Mobile plans.

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The latest 9mobile data plans can be use on any internet enable device be it a PC, iPhone, Android phones, game console, iPad, and modem.

Latest 9mobile Data Plans For Android, iOS, Validity Period And Subscription Codes 

How to subscribe to 9Mobile plan? Scroll down to see 9Mobile latest data plans with subscription codes:👇

Latest 9Mobile Daily Data Plans

1. 10MB for 50Naira- *229*3*8# or send MI3 to 229- 1day

2. 40MB for 100Naira- 1 day
Short code: *229*3*1# 
Sms: send MI1 to 229

Latest 9Mobile Weekly Data Plan

3. 150MB for 200Naira- 7days
Short code: *229*2*10#
Sms: send LCD to 229

Latest 9Mobile Monthly Data Plans
4. 500MB For 500Naira- *229*2*12# or send LCD2 to 229- 30days

5. 1GB for 1000Naira- (30days)
Short code: *229*2*7#
Sms: N/A

6. 1.5GB for 1.5GB- 30days
Short code: *229*2*2#
Sms: send AND11 to 229

7. 2.5GB for 2000 Naira- 30days
Short codes: *299*2*7#
SMS: send AND2

8. 4GB For 3000 Naira *229*2*35#

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9. N4000 give 5.5Gb  for 1 month
Shot code: *239*2*9#
Sms: n/n

N8000 gives you  11.5  for 1 month
Short code: *229*2*5#
Sms: send MB6 to 229

Latest 9Mobile Night & Weekend Data Plans
500Naira for 1GB
▶Time: Weekend plan work from Friday 11:59pm - Sunday 11:59pm
▶Code: *5995*2#

200 Naira for 1GB
Category: Night Plan
Time of use: from 12am- 5am-
Code: *229*3*11

1000 Naira for 2GB
▶Category: Evening & Weekend plans
Time: from 7pm- 7am
Code: *229*3*12#

2000 Naira for 5GB
Category: Weekend & Evening Plan
Code: *229*3*13# and you will be instantly given 100mb WhatsApp data valid for 30 days.

How To Opt-out Of 9Mobile Auto-renewal
Press *229*0# on your phone's button to cancel data autorenewal on 9Mobile.

When you successful subscribed to any of above data bundles another issue is how to on Android, Blackberr, iPhone and/or even modem with 9Mobile USSD Codes.

You can check the remaining data balance on your 9Mobile SIM either by SMS or use the (USSD codes).

How To Check 9Mobile Data Balance With USSD Code

This is the simplest form of checking 9Mobile data balance on Android, iPhone, PC, Blackberry and other phones.

This simple USSD code allows you to check/see the remaining (MB) internet data bundle balance on your registered 9Mobile SIM.

Dial *228#, yes that's the

9Mobile data balance USSD Code

to check your 9Mobile Data Subscription bundle balance.

How To Check 9Mobile Data Balance by SMS

Too many people were grumbling about the 9Mobile USSD Code not working for them when trying to check their 9Mobile MB Balance , if you are reading this post and USSD method didn't work for you then try to use the SMS method (alternative method).

Open the SMS app on your device and type «INFO» to 228 and immediately you will receive a response with the details of your 9Mobile data subscription bundle balance.

This how to check 9Mobile data balance on iPad, Android, PC, Blackberry and IPhone.

That's all about latest 9mobile Data Plans Subscription Codes and prices. So feel free to make your choice.



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    1. well, I know there lot of changes in their service compare to when it was Etisalat, but all the changes are for good. Let's just manage it like that. You welcome

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