Google Play Store Deals: Download Top 19 Premium Apps Free And 45 on 50% Discount

Google is currently running a big sales deal in Google Play Store on some selected premium apps on discounted prices. You can now download up to 19 out of the selected  premium apps for free and about 45 other apps including games on 50% discount prices.

Meanwhile, this sales deal is on ongoing in the Google Play Store for a limited period of time. In order not to be left out of the deal so you have download them asap, check below on how to get those top 19 premium apps for download free and enjoy before the deals closes.

Note: Most games are absolutely free but are closely to the limited period on deal. Once you've installed any of these top premium apps for free or on a discount price within the deal period, no future payment or upgrades is required.

This is an official deal from Google Play Store as they decided to offer some premium for free in every week. In the next paragraph are some apps and games from different categories which you might find so interesting and useful on your Android phone.

DOWNLOAD Premium GAMES AND APPS For Free In Google App Store 

 Pocket Yoga (free app) ==> $2.99 - 4 days left

▶ Root Checker Pro $1.99 (app) 1 day left

▶ Cubes $0.99 (game) 1 day left

▶ Order: The Memory Challenge $0.99 (game) Ads Free 2 days left

TA: Little Red Riding Hood $1.49 (game) 3 days

▶ Toca Hair Salon Me (game) $2.99 3 days left

▶ Piston (game) $0.99 4 days left

▶ Shovel commandos 2 clicker(game) $0.99 4 days left

13 DAYS OF LIFE (game) $1.49 4 days left


 My Handybook Pro (app) $149 ==> $0.99 2 days left

 Home Budget Planner HD Paid (app) $2.99 ==> $1.99 3 days left

 Network Analyzer Pro (app) $3.99 ==> $1.99  ? Days left

 Noise FM – Unlocker (app) $9.99 ==> $4.99 Unspecified time

 Voice Dream Reader (app) $9.99 ==> 4.99 3 days left

 Yes or No Tarot – Premium (app) $1.9 ==> 0.99 4 days left

 VIP Betting Tips (app) $27.99 ==> $15.99 time not specified

 Crashlands (game) 4.99 ==> $1.99 1 day left

 Goat Simulator MMO Simulator (game) $4.99  3 days left

 Her Story (app) $4.99 ==> 00.9 3 days left

 This War of Mine(game) $14.99 ==> $1.99

 Sonya The Great Adventure Full (game) $4.99 ==> $2.99

 The Last Dream (Full) - game $4.99 ==> $2.99 3 days left now.

Hurry up and grab this Google Play Store deal gets closed. 



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