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Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat is currently blazing via your-reedom Vpn mobile App on Android devices. I know you have seen and used different types of Etisalat NG free browsing cheats but this one I promise you are going to like it. Although you may be wondering what the freedom app is all about and how to use it,  just chill, as i'm going to explain to you how to's and what freedom app is all about.

About Your-Freedom Vpn Apk
Your-freedom VPN (Freedom App) is a world-knowned tunnelling application that lets you get fully connected to the internet even when someone restricted you from connecting or accessing a particular website or webpage either partially or completely, this app allows you to access the full services of the site including the restricted areas and other websites in general that are unaccessible to you. Your-Freedom Vpn App will open your door to the world. Your Freedom also encrypts your internet connection and protects your privacy when open hot-spot.

- Registered Etisalat Sim
- Stable Network
- Your Freedom Vpn Apk
- Your Phone and a reserved storage space because unlimited downloads is involved.

How To Use Your Freedom For Free Internet

STEP 1; Click on the Download link and install Your Feedom App from here.
STEP 2;  Download the Servers configuration file for Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat.
NOTE: this confirmation files is in zip so you are going to use any zip reader to unzip it, Es File explorer is (recommended).

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STEP 3; Lunch the freedom VPN and click on the 'CONFIGURE'

STEP 4; out of the many options choose "Backup/Restore" option

STEP 5; Select 'load config' and proceed to next step

STEP 6; Locate the folder with the extracted "Etisalat Unlimited Servers" in step 2 above and choose from the server list, Etisalat unlimited ::::: .cfg is recommended but let's optional.

STEP 7; Now click on the load button and you see a confirmation message like;

Finally you have successfully  setup your freedom app for Etisalat NG unlimited free browsing cheats and it's time you go back 🔙  to your-freedom Vpn app home and click the "Start Connection" button and wait for about 10 seconds the freedom App is successfully connected.

Feel the unlimited speeds and smooth downloading...

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  1. Fantastic, I need to buy eti line, then

  2. So you don't even have Etisalat SIM up till now? 😂! Try to get 1 to use for this type of stuf...

  3. Yes, it is working as at the time of publishing it, but why don't you give a try

  4. Hello i am from 2018 lol, has this method been patched or is still working?

  5. It's has been blocked. But I'm working on how to make it work again. Stay tuned!