How To Activate The Airtel 100% Data Bonus Offer For 6 Months

The smartphone network airtel is giving out a 100% data bonuses to her subscribers.
As the name implies, airtel is the the strongest and fastest among the telecommunication networks in Nigeria followed by Etisalat, although the Glo Claimed to be the grandmaster of Data but right about now, airtel is following the footsteps of Gl0, MTN, and Etisalat by giving out a 100% bonus when you follow the steps below which we had already enjoyed on the aforementioned networks as they gives 100% bonus on each data subscription or purchased. But trust me, the Airtel family plan is the surest!

Airtel 100% data bonus offer

NOTE: This offer "double data bonus offer" is available only to those who are eligible. though, I believe 85% of subscribers' will enjoy this as it may be. But there will also be a way to know either you are eligible or ineligible so check it out.

Here is how to know if your SIM is eligible for Airtel family plan or not;

Firstly, dial *144# you will be given two options to choose either you want to enjoy double data bonus for 6 months or get 1.5gb for N1000 e.g.

Enjoy Double Data Offer For 6 Months
Get 1.5GB For N1000, Dial *496#

If you get  Get 1.5GB For N1000, Dial *496# as a reply that means you're not eligible! 

if you are not eligible for this offer sorry dude that's hardluck but keep trying it on other Sim(s) you might get it on one or the others.

For those that are eligible for the Airtel Double Data Offer, simply dial *144# and select any data plan of your choice and a 100% data bonus will be added to your data account...

Make sure you have enough airtime on your line for the plan you want to purchase else you would end up getting unsuccessful error messages.



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