Google Plan To Block Rooted Android Devices From Using Google Play Services

Greetings to all Android Phone users both the rooted and un-rooted folks. This is to inform you about the new development from Google that will reflect the "Google Play Services" any moment from now.

I know many people who have rooted their Android phones for one purpose or the  others may find this development as a disappointment or a threat but however, I think google are implementing this for some security reasons.

So if you are among those who had their phone rooted I will kindly advise you to unroot it before the implementation of this new development because having your phone rooted is against the Google's  Play Store policy.

As a smartphone user; having your phone rooted is now a threat as google vowed to disconnect or block all the rooted android phones from using "Google Play Services" because the new googles' play console has some security measures which states that  every Android phone user must pass through this measures and will only be allowed if he/she passes the requirements or the processes in the integrity test and none of the rooted phones can pass the integrity test.

If you wish to use Google Play Services on your phone henceforth; all you have to do it to unroot your Android phone else google may block you from accessing Play Store.
I'm just saying because blocking you can not stop you from Google Play Services can not stop you from downloading from other sources like apkure, apkmirror, apkmod and lot of them but if you wish to abide by the Googles' privacy then you can unroot your phone if you so wish.

But rooting Android phone has a lots of benefits which we may no longer enjoy after we unroot it because rooting grants us lot of permission to access the inaccessible roots, IMEI Tweaking, manual rom installation, Using free VPV and lot more. 

If you are using any of the 5 phones which will be listed below then you should keep it in mind that your success in the Google's integrity test is under probability either your phone is rooted or un-rooted. 
  1. Any phone with unidentified identity.
  2. Any phone that has a custom rom.
  3. Any device that has unlocked bootloader.
  4. Emulators - BlueStacks.
  5. Any device that had its IMEI changed either by tweaking or by other means.
I'm pretty sure that google had no bad intention towards their user or consumers they are doing all this just to keep the privacy of their  users and to improve their services.
Have a great day!!!😁



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