Download Octa-Core Processor Booster To Increase Your Device Performance And Improve Battery Life

Octa-Core booster, this app allow you to control the speed of your Android device to the maximum level. It also improves the battery life and rise the stability of any octa-core supported devices.

Octa-core booster can automatically detects any app running in the background and hibernate them.

Note: your phone must be rooted in order to access the full hibernating function.
You can set this app to automatically hibernate or manually hibernate all of your app at the same time using a different boosting modes. You can either set it to kill and restart some selected apps,  alternatively, you need to activate a speed booster modes to enable full controls.

Octa-core processor booster do adjustment of the RAM VM Heap size to a maximum and maximizes the availability of memory to the current running apps,  this function ensure that the app have less privilege to crash by out of low storage error. It adjusts the CPU governor by adjusting frequency of the processor to an optimal state.
This app automatically adjust the appropriate CPU governor, optimizes OS & processor.

This App contain Two powerful modes with sub-categories.

BASIC MODE: This basic modes has 3 basic functions which include speed mode booster, battery mode booster and stability function.  Below are full details of each mode mentioned earlier.

  1. SPEED MODE: speed mode do hibernate 50% of CPU demanding apps but to extend the power of hibernation from 50% to 100% you need to activate the extreme speed boost mode which will cost you about  ₦940.40 that is if you wish to unlock the premium version of the app.

Importance of Speed booster mode
  • It hibernate many app that demands 50% of CPU.
  • It adjusts RAM VM heap size which ensures basic performance boost.
  • It adjusts CPU governor which also enables basic performance boost
Note: To adjust CPU governor for extreme performance boost,  activate extreme speed mode.

2. Battery mode: this has the same function as that of speed mode but mainly focused on the battery draining apps,  this mode hibernates 100% of battery draining apps.

Importance of Battery mode
  • It sets VM heap size which ensures extreme battery saving.
  • It sets CPU governor to slightly level in order to save battery.
  • It saves battery and improve battery life 
3. Stability mode: in this mode all apps are running in background which is considered to be a default settings.

Thanks for reading through, that is few I can explain for now download the Octa-core Download link  and see the full functions yourself, enjoy! 



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