Best Way To Fix Battery Draining Issues On Android OS

Today I will show you a step by step guide On How to get rid off quick battery draining and slow charging issues on your Android smartphone. Nowadays most Android phone users are experiencing quick battery draining issues on their smartphones most especially those who are not yet familiar with the new Android Operating System such as Marshmallow v6.0, Nougat v7.0 and 7.1 Betta that are loaded with lot of pre-installed apps and left with animated wallpapers, lunchers as a default settings from the maker, all these animated effects can slow or prolong the battery's charging process of you phone at the same time drain your battery unnecessary on the background. Below is the Best Way To Reduce Battery Draining issues on Android devices.

Minimize The Screen Brightness

If you ask me I must tell you that the screen brightness is the number one battery drainer, if you are that type of person who  loves using maximum level of brightness on your phone urge you to always minimizes it to at least 10-5% of brightness level or use “power saving mode” to prohibits the background apps that is consuming power without permission.

Turn Off Location

Location also play a big role among those things that drains your battery when it's on, It will keep on Searching for available Location and keeps on searching and it can drain your battery easily. Also when ever the location is turn ON in your phone Most of the apps that uses location start running automatically, e.g. Google map, GPS, Play Store and whole lot more and in background. Switch it off to save your battery.

Activate The Extreme Power Saving Mode 
Turn ON the extreme power saving mode when your battery is below 30% and your phone will enter a minimalist desktop then you can not use any other functions in the phone. Only Contacts, Messaging, phone and clock on the home screen can be use on the extreme mode. When your phone is in extreme mode phone can remain in standby mode  for about 680 hours and 5 minutes, extreme mode makes all the widgets on the home screen lose. 

Always Clear Running Apps In The Task bar 

Remember to clear any running app in the TaskBar if you are not using it or wipe the taskbar completely to clear all background running apps as this also contribute on quick battery draining on your Android OS too. 

Enable Green And Dark Wallpapers
Applying The dark or green theme is also good for power saving, this can prolong the battery to last for like 26hrs 16munites, check out the dark theme screenshot below 

Uninstall All The Unused Applications
It's advisable that you should uninstall any app that you are not currently using because they are there running in background and consuming you RAM space, most especially the pre-installed apps like,  palmchat,, including some demo Games. Kindly remove them and save your battery.

Alternative  Power Saving Methods
Turn Off GPS
Close Any App Of Push Notifications 
Turn Off The Synchronization
Adjust The Screen brightness 🔆 
Close All Gestures
Turn Off Bluetooth
Use A Static Wallpaper
Turn Off Animation
Use Only Necessary Desktop Widget
Regularly Clean Mobile Catches
Disable Background processes.

How To Make Your Battery Charge Faster
Make sure you always recharges your battery at a temperature between 0 - 35°C. For battery performance, fully charged your battery at least twice a month and always charge your phone when the battery is between 30 to 20% . 



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