Latest Glo 0.00 Free browsing Blazing Hot On Jxploit VPN Handler

In some couple of weeks ago, a lot of people from different regions have enjoyed Glo 0.00k Free Browsing tweak/cheat via latest version of AnonyTun vpn, but sadly some among others were not able to use it and some of those that were able to use Glo 0.00k free browsing because the app is stuck with lot of ads which makes it more slower than a snail move.

Despite the slowness and so many pops up ads in Anonytun VPN; many people still love using it as long as it enables them to access the internet without paying a dime. Well, let me just cut the story short and go to what brought us here.

If you were not among those who enjoyed the recent Glo unlimited free browsing cheat on Anonytun VPN then I will urge you to remain calm, the alternative method is here for you which I will introduce to you to enjoy the Glo free browsing cheat as others have been enjoying it since last week via AnonyTun App.  
In this alternative methods, you are going to use a new tunneling App called Jxploit VPN. Jxploit Vpn is no longer a new vpn but it's not that popular as other VPN Software and it packs lot of features.

Jxploit vpn Handler is faster and the downloading speed is wow! This app is developed, modded and packed by Dzebb 
Jxploit VPN Handler enables you to surf the internet free, it's also capable of doing the good job of unblocking some restricted websites just in the twinkle of an eyes. In a brief, I'm going to show you how to browse with 0.00k tweak/cheat on your Glo sim card via Jxploit VPN Handler.

Kindly follow my lead as I'm going to drop step by step. First of all you will need to download the latest version of  Jxploit VPN Handler Here and install it. 

√ Lunch the app from your app menu, while lunching the app you will get a prompt pop-up notification giving you an option to tunnel the whole device just tab on tunnel the whole device.

√  How to manually set up the Jxploit VPN  to work with the latest Glo 0.00 free browsing cheat, tab on the "Host Proxy" button as shown in the screenshot

√  Tab the edit button in tbe Url Host Proxy and fill it with as Your Url Host Proxy

√  SOCKS Port Put 1080 HTTP Port Put 8080 DNS-Server Put  8844 DNS-Port Put 9053  Then click Inject That's all  about the Jxploit VPN configuration over Latest Glo free browsing cheat.

Finally just open the handler menu and fill the HTTP proxy server with then save your settings and enjoy.

That's all about Latest Glo 0.0k Free Browsing tweak/cheat, For any question please drop your comment using the comment box,  Thanks 



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