Critical Measures Of Bulk Texting That You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Critical Measures Of Bulk Texting That You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Your business text messaging in bulk may be a success or a failure but this aspect is not as big as you worry. Most of the companies learn about it through trial and error method and eventually emerge as the masters in text message campaigns. However, you do not have to follow the same route and waste, time, effort and money.

Bulk SMS marketing

You can simply focus on your planning and execution steps and try to keep it as simple as possible. This will ensure that you get a positive return on your investment and will also achieve a remarkable growth rapidly.

However, you do not have the luxury to ignore the critical components because if you do your contacts will ignore your messages and in turn you will soon give up as well. Therefore, the elementary thing is to know what works best for your marketing and what does not.

In text message marketing there are a few specific parts that you must focus on especially before you hit the send button. These parts will ensure that you get the most out of your text message campaigns and platform.

The components to look for

The most crucial text message campaign components for Short Message Service or SMS marketing is not very complicated. It is just the opposite but that does not mean you will know the right levers intuitively. If you do not know these then you will not be able to pull the results that you are looking for.

Follow the steps below to send a text message in bulk that will help you to get the right text to the right people and at the right time. On the other hand, much unlike the other marketing channels that have very little or no engagement visibility, by SMS texting you will know the exact value that you are getting from your investment of time and money.

The first step or component is your goal. Ideally, your goal of mass texting for small business is to promote your business, a product launch, any upcoming event or any other activity that will help you to come out of the slump and the slow sales period. Make sure that you document your goals for mass texting up front. Ideally, you should have an S.M.A.R.T. goal that should involve:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant and
  • Timely in that order.
However, even if you do not have any specific goals to follow and achieve, there should be some goals set for yourself at least for first few campaigns. To set your goals you should focus on the following aspects:
  • Calendar: Consider the calendar of your organization for the next few months. This will help you to know in advance about the seasonal changes on the horizon, industry events coming up, the holidays and how beat your business can leverage it and the need to level out the possible weekly troughs by boosting your business on specific days of the week.
  • Sales: You must also consider the sales numbers over the last couple of years and find out whether or not there are any specific products or services that is yet to catch traction or whether or not there have been times when the leads were high but the sales were low.
  • Assets: Another thing to consider is your assets which is your existing contact list on other channels. This will let you know the number of your current contacts that you think will opt-in to receive future marketing text messages from your company.
You may however need to cross-promote your text list on different social channels and even have to send an invitation to the email contacts for that matter. For this you will mandatorily need to know the number of new people that you think will subscribe to your texts. To ensure that you have the highest possible numbers you can use incentives as well through the in-store signage and web widgets. This will significantly raise your chances to convert both real and virtual traffic into prospective subscribers.

The next thing to focus on after you know your business goal is your contacts. Your contacts will set your mass text messages apart from the crowd but it is important to make sure that they do not send the same message to all contacts. Ideally, text blasts must feel unique and tailored much more like a one-to-one text.

One of the best ways to follow to make sure that only relevant messages are sent to contacts is to make different segments of your contact. You can categorize your contacts considering different factors such as their:
  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Purchase history
  • Interest
  • Opt-in source and
  • Marketing responsiveness.
Make sure that you keep the criteria simple and clear as this will not only help you to send relevant texts only but will also help you to keep the unsubscribe rates very low and the level of engagement as high as possible.
The message itself is the most important thing to consider. You must know the kind of text to send to get results. You can choose any of the following:
  • Birthday and anniversary messages
  • Job opening alerts to job seekers
  • Text-to-landline customer service
  • Payment and billing reminders
  • Appointment reminders and scheduling
  • One-off orders
  • Customer preference polls
  • Contests
  • Order confirmations and delivery updates
  • Event reminders, updates, and promotions
  • Workforce coordination and
  • Referral promotions.
Yu can also send recurring inspirational or motivational messages developed as per the industry-specific playbooks such as:
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Nonprofits
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Churches
  • Bars and night clubs
Apart from knowing the types of text messages to send it is also required to know the some of the best practices to follow to drafting these messages.

Make sure that you include the company name in each text message and text it from a shared short code. Apart from that, use link shorteners as that will not only save characters but will also measure results.

Lastly, make sure you include a Call to Action and schedule your messages properly so that it goes out at the intended dates and times.


Significant Features that Every Android Phone Need to Have

Significant Features that Every Android Phone Need to Have

Android features

Well, as you all know that Android is the best world-class platform which is mostly used by people all across the world. There is no doubt that the Android platform is the best and classic among all which provide all specific and necessary features to its users. The Android version varies from model to model of the mobiles people buy. If the people and individuals buy a costly mobile, then it contains the high and latest version of Android, and on the other side, if they buy that mobile which is not so costly, then it contains a normal and low version of Android.
Not only the limited things, with having an Android mobile the people can have everything in their pocket.

Having an Android phone, you are having all the essential features in it like Google Maps, Gmail apps, and also the Google Search. For the kind, the platform about which you are talking about, i.e., Android is running in almost 85% of the world's mobiles, but as you all that, there is not a single operating system which is away from the problems. So, similar to the same problem you also find some things or problems related to that Android platform. For more information, get in touch with a mobile web development agency.

Main 4 features which every single mobile need

So, here are some main and significant features which the Android platform needs to make its operating system better than before. Individuals also know about these things in order to make get some good results in the same direction. There are some main features which are given below –

Good syncing from mobile to all other devices – It is for those people who make use of a single account in different, or you can say several Android mobiles, the syncing is not performed smoothly. The best example of this, when a person dismisses or remove the notification from the phone, then the same notification can’t remove or dismiss from the tablet or any other device. So, the same thing doesn’t happen in Android Mobile. If you clear all the notifications and after then reboot your device, then you notice that those all notifications are received as pop up in your device.

Provide in-built interface – Well, it means that all things which mean features that are provided by the Android platform must be in-built or you can say intuitive. To make your surfing softly, Google adds up a new feature that is app tray, and with the help of it, people can easily maintain the home screens according to their choice. Earlier people have to long press the home screen to visit the widgets and to change the wallpapers. Apart from the same, the biggest problem of the Android platform is its layout and gesture support. All these features are not properly in-built and also look imbalanced. In Android, mobile one needs to press the button to go back, instead of swiping left to do the same. So, the same thing only makes good with the help of Google.

Do fix the problem of fragmentation – Here the meaning of fragmentation is that when there is an older version of the Android platform in the mobile. With having an older version of Android platform in mobile, one can't be able to enjoy or make use of all the latest features that Android installed. The fragmentation issues or you can say problems make difficulties in changeability in the experience of Android and also make some phones late to receive security patches on time. Well, with researching the same process, there are mainly three reasons that come on the front, and those are as follows – 
  • The first reason is that the phone makers create the latest version of Android that lies on the top is the main strength.
  • After then the second reason is that the cost or you can say high-end mobiles are getting updates quickly. Not in the case of mid-range mobiles, in those phones, users have to wait for long to get an update.
  • And that last and third reason is that the phones or mobiles which are of entry-level were unable to support the new software tricks.

Increase Android’s spread away from phones – Well, the Android software or platform reach every device or gadget these days like in TVs, smartwatches and tablets, etc. If you have the best and good quality Android device, then it became easier for you to share the data with any other device easily and quickly.

So, these are some special and essential features which Android mobiles require these days. With the help of these features or by applying the same features Android can become the perfect software or platform among all.

Other considerations

In order to improve the accessibility of the Android platform or software, people can also take the help of online reviews which are available regarding these Android devices. Reviews are the best source from which people can take the proper and required information freely and easily. They only have to sit at their home and then run a web browser in their device.

After then they have to make a good research on the Android software or platform to know more things about it. After getting the proper and essential information they only have to apply that information or criteria to make the changes. So, getting the help of reviews is the better and simple option to deal with.


In a nutshell, if the people want to make full and proper use of Android software and platform, then they have to understand and follow all the things and tips which are mentioned above in the post. These are the only things, or you can say ways to improve the accessibility of Android software over others. If these all things will make the fix in the Android software, then the same software becomes perfect among all and also more user-friendly. So, dealing with all the entire things which are mentioned above help out you in many ways.


10 Website Backup That you should Adopt in 2019

10 Website Backup That you should Adopt in 2019

An ever increasing number of website admins these days don't esteem the significance of a total site reinforcement (records and databases). They have left this to shot and good fortunes which represent an incredible hazard to their online nearness.

Would you be able to identify with this? At that point read this critical article which may spare you an excessively high price later.

Website backup

Site reinforcement is the most disregarded assignment of the website admins basically in light of the fact that it represents no prompt danger to them until the point when something more regrettable happens to their facilitating server. Ordinarily, this undertaking is put aside, postponed and even viewed as annoyance to the bustling site proprietor.

They simply don't understand what is in question here.

So before your site will be cleared out of the web by unforeseen mishaps like server breakdowns, harddisk disappointments, hacking and DDOS assaults among other awful things, let me share with you the 10 Backup you ought not to live without on the web.

If you are looking for lastest entertainment news, business news, health news, technology news and more you can check daily mail news headlines where you stay update with all latest news.


Know that your web hosting organization (even the greatest and the most pretentious out there) may experience issues and that your perseverance to reinforcement up will satisfy later on. Internet processing has never been unpredictable to the point that the more regrettable of times will happen when you wouldn't dare to hope anymore. With the correct outlook, you are guaranteeing the coherence of your online undertaking in any inevitabilities. To put it plainly, be prepared.


Your reinforcement procedure ought not to rival your bustling timetables. Make your own reinforcement plan at the most advantageous time for you in the week. In case you're similar to me, I do this amid lunch and supper times. Here and there, I need to leave my PC medium-term dealing with the reinforcements. In the event that you can make it not to struggle with your bustling calendars, you will almost certainly stay aware of the requests of this activity. To put it plainly, don't entangle.

Stay with it

Just do it. Tolerance is vital to your reinforcement undertakings. When you have a timetable, stay with it. You should do this persistently every time it ought to occur. This is an extreme test particularly to occupied individuals working on the web. Be that as it may, the sooner you teach yourself and make backing up your documents a propensity, the more you will profit by an effortless online condition. To put it plainly, get a decent propensity.


After a while, test your reinforcement records. A decent reinforcement can be tried by essentially reestablishing it on another framework. Assessing your reinforcement results every once in a while is a great approach to realize that you are keeping what you should keep - a great and working reinforcement. To put it plainly, make sure.

NO Complacency 

After some time, your reinforcement calendar may disappear and you will in general overlook or deliberately miss it. Try not to surrender to this enticement. The Man has never been so occupied in his life like it is today in this period of the innovative patterns, new improvements, and revelations. To put it plainly, don't be languid to reinforcement.


Know which records to keep and not to keep. You have to do this to keep your reinforcement procedure as short and as proficient as could reasonably be expected. It likewise spares you significant assets like hard circle space and reinforcement mediums. Reinforcement just what you require. Keep out the junk and dump it. To put it plainly, don't sweat with the junk.


Have confidence in your reinforcement results. Trust that what you are doing is to your benefit later on. Like nutrients that keep your body solid, reinforcements fends off your psyche from stress and stresses. A decent working reinforcement will make you grin even on the most exceedingly terrible of times since you are safeguarded by your understanding. To put it plainly, have faith in great outcomes.


Look for options in contrast to customary reinforcement process that can make your life less difficult. There are a few innovations and virtual products you can utilize now to create the quickest and most secure reinforcement documents you should reestablish in the event of crisis without you lifting a finger. Computerization is lord in this lethargic man's reality. To put it plainly, be proficient.


Free yourself from stresses and tension of the unexpected. A capital punishment that can be avoided won't murder you. So consider what you can accomplish increasingly (like sleeping more around evening time) than to think about what damage may come. With your own reinforcement frameworks built up, you can resign during the evening tranquility knowing the following day, on the off chance that you don't see your sites as you should, you realize you can publish it back inside the day regardless of whether your web host can't recuperate it for you. So, unwind and appreciate life to the maximum.


Nothing beats the sentiment of being anchored. This is the motivation behind why the protection organizations have prospered throughout the years. However, more significantly, your pledge to reinforcement your documents won't just spare you from stress, mortification, dissatisfaction, outrage, and blame, yet additionally lift your soul and certainty since you know by the day's end, your confidence is well justified, despite all the trouble.


Technical Tests: Screen, Scrutinize, and Select

Technical Tests: Screen, Scrutinize, and Select

Technical test

The selection process for any company witnesses different stages such as the requirement, the analysis of the profile of the candidate, the definition of personal and labour competencies required, the application of psychological and technical tests, interviews and referencing etc. These steps ensure that the selected candidate for any specific position will perform according to their functions, contributing to the development of corporate objectives and allow them to find a space for their professional and individual development. Some selection processes include the performance of selection tests and technical tests. These tests are used to help determine the professional capacity of the candidates, know their personality and evaluate their skills.

These tests are exercises that evaluate the knowledge and the degree of skill necessary to develop a specific work. They seek information about the training, experience and specific knowledge that give value to the candidate. The different companies tailor them according to the requirements of the position. It is usually prepared by the personnel department of the company that offers the work.

When accepting or rejecting a person, assessing each of the factors adequately is very important and the selection process requires a sufficient time to allow those that are responsible to judge the results of each of the elements that will cover successfully and for success the vacancy defined. One of these elements is the technical test because it serves to know, in an appropriate way, if the knowledge is adequate to the requirements of the position where the person in charge of the selection process decides which the best test to be performed is.

These include case study models, written exams, and group discussions with specialists. However, all are aimed precisely at recognizing the person with the greatest conceptual capacity. The complexity of the technical examination will depend on the organizational level in which the employee will perform. It is important to note that the technical test must have a methodological model that is easy to score and not depend on the specialist's time, which, in many cases due to the workload, cannot quickly meet the requirement to qualify and evaluate the results of these exams.

The online platform has tools to generate online tests that allow the employer to test the knowledge of a candidate throughout their learning process. They are able to monitor the level of assimilation of the topics studied to know which areas to reinforce and which ones you already have mastered.

Technical tests can be used as an exam simulator for the candidates as well. They can simulate a test scenario in the most realistic way by getting used to answering a multiple choice test, or true or false type questions within a time limit and considering the weighting assigned to each question.

On the other hand, if one does not prefer to spend time creating online tests, the online platforms facilitate the discovery of thousands of test exams created by others or shared publicly. This way, one can save time while one challenges to guess all the test answers with questions raised from other point of view. All these functionalities help you review and evaluate the technical knowledge about a subject.

The online platforms allow you to create amazing tests from your mobile device as well so as to easily share them with the candidate. The interface allows you to make your own tests to work or review any topic in multiple languages. With this tool you can generate online graduated tests automatically with types of n number of questions. Employers can re-mix, assign and review the tests periodically. They can configure your exam software and invite your candidates to the portal, and connect your evaluation software with your internal software.

The technical test is simple and easy to use both for candidates and administrators. The tools are completely responsive so that you can attract your audience on any platform with an incredible 24*7 technical support system. The custom feature allows building and creating the exams with our easy-to-use cloud-based test creators that combine text, video and images.

The questions are tagged with labels to analyse the bank of questions. One can create these labels and assign them appropriately to each question to use this to perform an advanced analysis. One can customize these tests according to their needs and requirements. Such as setting rules of the exam to approve or disapprove, choose the number of attempts for each user, check the answers and review them. They can record all the reports, helps to download the results and statistics to evaluate the tests and training material and integrate with the other software.

As products grow more and more focused on a customer's behaviour, and the patterns and factors which influence their choices, the IT industry gradually moves towards nuclear teams, of focused people, committed to a specific objective. Specialised teams are the industry standard, at any workplace, and they have contributed to proper load balancing, and quality improvement in products and services, offered by an organisation. But in order to build such nuclear teams, it is very important to select the right people. People who have the necessary skill set, and an agile understanding of the job, can help make a great team, but people who don't can impact the team negatively. So, to help an organisation, select the right candidates, a diverse platform which is capable of creating and implementing online tests, that help in the proper estimation of technical competencies, and also provide a channel for publishing results, and sending feedback, can play a major role. In fact, a platform like this is redefining the entire cycle of technical recruiting.

The flexibility that this platform gives a company with regard to skill assessment, result analysis, and framing of reports makes it effective to use, and easy to handle. A platform like this is a perfect step forward for any company which is looking to step up, and take their technical assessment process to a whole new level.


How to Get JAMB 2019 Registration e-PIN Via Quickteller

How to Get JAMB 2019 Registration e-PIN Via Quickteller

JAMB 2019 E-Pin Registration

Are you preparing to write JAMB 2019 examination? If your answer is “YES” then,

Here is the easiest way to go about JAMB registration 2019 and get your  JAMB e-PIN fast and easily.

If you find yourself right on this post then it means you have  created JAMB Profile and need to purchase a UTME/DE PIN (jamb ePin) without breaking a sweat. Have you created a jamb profile?

If you haven't, to create a new profile is very simple, kindly follow the jamb official instructions on to obtain your unique confirmation code (profile code).

After you might have successfully gotten your unique profile code, what next?

The next step is to get your jamb ePin which can easily be done using Interswitch quickteller payment gateway. Actually, they are two payment methods for jamb registration (Remita/Quickteller), but here we recommend as it's the easiest way to get jamb ePin.

Now all you need to do is follow the easy steps below and your jamb 2019 registration will be done in no time.

How To Get JAMB 2019 Epin For Registration - Quickteller

  1. Send your “First Name - Middle Name - Last Name” to short code “55019”.
  2. You’ll receive an SMS acknowledging receipt of your request.
  3. You’ll receive your unique process code via SMS.
  4. Use the process code (User ID) to get your ePIN on
That’s all! With Interswitch quick teller, Buying JAMB ePIN is now one less thing to worry about.

I hope you find piece of information useful as it contains everything you need to know about JAMB e-PIN for 2019 registration and how to purchase a UTME/DE PIN easily.

Credit: Jamb registration 2019 by Comfortskillz Blog.


How Online Trading Investment for Technology Business Yields Success

How Online Trading Investment for Technology Business Yields Success

When it comes to investing money in stock via Trading Software, the sooner the better. Imagine investing $1,000 in the stock market and after 20 years, seeing it grow to over $5,000! This amount can double over a span of another 10 years. 
Stocks have always shown more growth potential than other types of investment. If plan to save for a long-term goal and invest in your tech based business, the stock market could be your best bet.Younger people usually don’t save for far-off goals like retirement; that simply isn’t their priority. However, your twenties is exactly the right age to start saving. The longer your funds are invested, the more time they will have to grow. 
One of the best ways to give your money a chance to grow over the long run is by investing in stocks such as exchange traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds. You can afford to be more aggressive in your investment mix when you’re younger. That’s mostly because you don’t have a family yet and you are in a better position to take on risk.
If you’re among the stock-shy audience, regardless of your age, give this blog post a read. Here are some reasons why you should start investing in the stock market without delay:

Stocks have the highest potential for growth

First things first, despite ups and downs in the market, stocks consistently earn more than bonds and other types of investments. The market obviously doesn’t grow constantly the whole time, but you’re still better off with this investment. 
With detailed research and well-timed trades over the months and years, it’s possible to make a lot of progress using a modest amount of starting capital. If you want to save for retirement or other long-term goals like a house, stocks are the right kind of investment.

You can get started cheap

The stock market isn’t an expensive form of investment. Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest, you can still get started. You can simply begin setting aside the loose change that you would normally spend on coffee and invest that amount in stocks.
If you’re a novice investor, you can invest your money in an index fund or try dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs). The dividends you earn are automatically reinvested. Over the years, the stock you hold will grow – and so will your earnings.

There’s more than one way to invest

There are lots of ways you can invest money in the stock market. For instance, you can start with mutual funds or individual stocks. Before you get started, however, be sure to map out your goals and perform a risk assessment. 
You have to be careful about where you invest your money. If your risk appetite doesn’t match your risk tolerance, this could cause you to worry or even consider pulling your funds out from the market at an inopportune time. Before you invest, your risk tolerance must align with your long-term goals.

Market risk isn’t as big as the risk of not investing

Are you scared of losing your investment? Experts say that losing your money in the stock market isn’t the biggest threat. Using your savings to buy stocks may seem risky, but the real risk is not investing your funds at all, especially when you consider long-term inflation. If you don’t make your savings grow, you might not be able to afford things you want in the future. 
You must do something to mitigate the risk of inflation. Investing in the stock market is just the right solution. But as an investor, you don’t necessarily have to reach for higher returns. With a diversified mix of safe investments, you can grow your portfolio without being adversely affected by market downturns.

There’s no such thing as “the right time”

It’s difficult to make major gains solely by trying to time the market. No one knows what’s going to happen, or when. People are reluctant to invest in the stock market because valuations are too high, but markets have traded at higher levels for years. If you sit on your hands, you’ll miss out on great returns. You shouldn’t wait for “the right time”. 
Instead, invest in the stock market with dollar-cost averaging. That means invest a percentage of your paycheck in the stock market at regular intervals. In this way, you either purchase more shares at a lower price or fewer shares at a higher price. In the long run, the return on this strategy tends to be better than waiting for “ideal” trading conditions.

The stock market doesn’t have an agenda

People need to understand that the stock market isn’t out to get you. It doesn’t have an agenda against you. Even the rich investors don’t have secret tips hidden up their sleeves. As a matter of fact, there is very little standing between you and successful investors. All you need is a solid understanding of the market and the businesses you are planning to invest your money in… and a trading plan, of course.


Investing in stocks always makes sense given the opportunity cost associated with not investing and the benefits of compound interest over the years. It is pretty clear that you don’t have to put all your money in the stock market. You can invest in bonds, CFD online trading, or even forex. As you plan to invest for your technology business, you should never chase returns. It’s not like playing poker in a casino where you either go home with a huge pile of money or lose.