MTN NIGHT BROWSING: Get A Massive 500MB For N25 and 1.5GB For N50

MTN NIGHT BROWSING: Get A Massive 500MB For N25 and 1.5GB For N50

This outstanding guide is mainly focused on the mtn night browsing plus the quick activation methods. So get ready for the mtn night browsing code as I'm going to share with you below.

Yes, of course, I know there are other good data plans on the mtn network but why is the mtn night browsing?

OK, just imagine yourself being a busy person throughout the whole day and wouldn't have time to go online in daytime, certainly the mtn night browsing is all you need to keep you up till 5:00 Am when you got some assignments to solve or whenever you feel like not sleeping despite all the stress from work.
The mtn pulse night browsing has been my all-time best data plan whenever I feel like to download or stream movies online. Although MTN had decrease the volume of their hourly night data plans from 500MB @ N25 to 125MB @ N25, 1.5GB @ N50 to 250MB @ N50. However, you can still use it to download unlimitedly because multiple purchases are allowed.

Mtn night browsing on pulse data plan

If you are among those who search for “What time is MTN Night Plan” Note that MTN allows their night plans subscribers to start surfing from 12am-5am as it is the highest time for night browsing.

How To Subscribe For The MTN Night Plans - MTN Pulse Night Browsing

The MTN night browsing on pulse data plan has ever been a savvy way to enjoy all the lightning download speed at night.

To Activate MTN Night Plans

Note that the MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle is only available to subscribers on the mtn pulse package. Which means you have to migrate to the MTN pulse in order to get the exclusive offers attached. Before we forge ahead with our main topic, let me quickly show you how you can migrate to MTN pulse fast.

How To Migrate To MTN Pulse

To migrate to the MTN pulse, simply dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#. Alternatively, you can text 406 to 131 to “migrate” to the MTN Pulse.

MTN pulse

Upon the successful migration, all you need do is to follow the below procedure to activate MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle.

MTN pulse night browsing code

MTN 25 Naira Night Browsing Plan (MTN Pulse )

To opt-in for the mtn 25 naira midnight subscription on pulse, follow the instructions  below (mtn night plan activation code):
  • Simply text N125 to 131 
  • You will be automatically subscribed for 125MB @ N25 after sending N125 to 131 and the subscription fee of N25 will be deducted.
  • The main nightlife browsing valid from 12am-5am and that's why MTN defines it as happy hour data bundle.

MTN 50 Naira Night Plan - MTN Night Browsing on Pulse Data Plan

  • To activate mtn 50 naira night browsing plan, kindly send N250 to 131 to subscribe for the 250MB @ N50.
  • It’s Valid from 12am-5am (5 hours).

According to MTN official, 
You can activate the 125MB Pulse Nightlife bundle four (4) times (i.e. 125MB + 125MB+ 125MB + 125MB = 500MB) or the customer can activate the 250MB Pulse Nightlife bundle two (2) times (i.e. 250MB + 250MB = 500MB). 

How to Check MTN Night Browsing Data

After you might have already subscribed, it may happen that you  wish to check out the remaining data allocated to you but don't know how to check your MTN night browsing data, finally here is how to check data balance on mtn night plan:

To check your Pulse Nightlife bundle balance, simply dial *559*96#.

Final Thought About The MTN Night Browsing On Pulse Data Plans

The MTN night browsing is just the best data plan you can get when it comes to night surfing with lightning speed. I hope this post has helped you to enjoy the Pulse Nightlife Bundles at cheaper rates.


Download PES 2018 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2018) Android Game

Download PES 2018 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2018) Android Game

PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer is the latest version of Konami series of football video games. It can also be referred to as one of the best soccer simulator for Android. This amazing soccer game has its successors namely, PES 2012, PES 2013, PES 2014, PES 2015, PES 2016, PES 2017, and currently we have the most anticipated version which is “PES 2018 Android” the latest for Android which some gamers have been enjoying while others are still waiting for the pes 2019 release date.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 also has its unofficial version titled: “PES 2018 Mobile Patch World Cup Russia 2018 Edition Mod Offline”, that's a very long title though. But here we will be giving you a direct download link to PES 2018 Apk the official full version.

In this latest version of best soccer game, we have got some new added features to make matches smooth and more exciting than ever before, such as; playing online matches in realtime against your friends whenever and wherever you want, playing local leagues, and create an original tournament.

Though the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 has same gameplay with other versions of pro evolution soccer games for Android (PES 2017) but the PES 2018 android download got more improvement in both graphic design, game modes, styles and team management system.

If you want to play casually against nearby friends, now you can engage yourself in various competitions, manage teams from different leagues and participate in local matches and international teams like FC Barcelona just as seen on other game consoles like Latest Sony and Microsoft Game Machines but here you don't need a game console to play this soccer game on your Android.

With PES 2018 Android Download you can Scout and recruit thousands of soccer legends and superstars from the best teams in different countries and prepare to feel what it takes to play with or against stars like BECKHAM, MARADONA, ZICO, L.MESSI, L.SUÁREZ, INIESTA, PIQUÉ and O. DEMBÉLÉ.

This game would also give you a great opportunity to create your ultimate dream with additional improvement for new gameplay features, such as the Chip Shot and Controlled Shot, game's sound and visuals which makes the pes 2018i worth playing all night long.

Pro Evolution Soccer (pes) 2018

Features Of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (PES 2018 Android Game).

  • Player's portrait change to photograph.
  • Register friends and play online matches against them.
  • Play the tutorials using the Classic controls.
  • Switch the manager's Tactics between offensive and defensive during matches
  • Adjustments to match balance.
  • Updates to the in-match display (HUD
  • Build your own winning team
  • Play in real-time mode or with official partnerships.
The other features that got me addicted to this video game series is the master league. 

The master league feature in PES 2018 is a game mode where you can choose a team you want to manage either existing teams or a fresh start with original master league player to add more fun in the game play.

PES 2018 System Requirements

For smooth PES 2018 gameplay on Android, your phone must meet the following requirements;
  1. RAM: Minimum of 1GB or higher 
  2. Android Version: 4.4 to the latest 
  3. External Memory: 2GB space or above.
Click here for PES 2018 Apk Free Download and enjoy all the New Legend Players from top teams such as Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Man Utd, and more!.

How To Install the PES 2018 full version on Android.

To install the pes 2018 2.3.1 for Android, simply go to Google Play Store and directly type in the search box “pes 2018” when it comes up tap on it and click on the “install” button then wait for the installation process to be completed. Click on the highlighted text above to get the latest working PES 2018 Android Download Free link for Android devices.

Pes 2018 download
Play store Search

Pro evolution soccer 2018 (pea 2018)
Search Result
When you are done with the pes 2018 installation processes, you can change the language to your preferred language and start customizing graphic, modify settings. PES 2018 Review is also available on YouTube, if you wish to watch before the installation processes.


Top 7 Best Android Launchers To Enhance Your Smartphone Look

Top 7 Best Android Launchers To Enhance Your Smartphone Look

Here are some of the top 5 Best Android Launchers filled with attractive wallpaper images of landmarks, nature scenes or even cars to enhance your Android look with artful desktop, backgrounds, and menu. Now it's believed that 80% of Android users are running the latest version, and if you are still running the older version, fortunately, Android 7.1.1 free upgrade is available to everyone and, many of you might have upgraded already. So what next? Get here the best Android launcher for your type of Android Os.

Best Android launcher

Therefore, today we observedly picked some best Android Launchers that will enhance your overall OS look. Just check out our top picks of top Android launchers that works for all OSs.

Some Android phones come along with fresh and attracting look but enhancing it make your phone’s look much better than default looks. So it's left for you to choose your favorite launcher from our list of best Android launchers 2018 below with direct download links for each.

Top 5 Best Android Launchers To Customize Your Phone's Look

All the launchers in our list below are rated as the top Android launchers on Google Play and are tends to meet most of your needs for Android launcher and make your phone look beautiful.

1. APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is one of the top Android launchers that brings you a brand new home screen with stylish themes and wallpapers. It keeps your phone in the best condition with efficient boost, hides apps, battery saver, trending news, and videos.

APUS launcher late version

Visit app store to download APUS Launcher latest version.

2. XOS Launcher.

The XOS launcher is another awesome Android launcher on our list. It allows you to experience the Infinix official XOS Launcher with free themes without flashing. This launcher is one of the best Android launchers I've ever used. One of the greatest features of the app is its quick navigation that instantly launch any app from search or alphabetized app drawer. You can also customize this launcher the way you want it to look, apply your favorite themes, wallpapers, organize your apps in folders automatically.

XOS launcher for Android

Visit app store to download XOS Launcher (Theme & Wallpaper).

3. Microsoft Launcher.

The Microsoft launcher gives you the most adorable pictures, wallpapers to personalize the look and feel of your device by customizing your wallpaper, theme and accent colors, icon packs, gestures and more. Top features: you can search the web or your files, apps, docs, messages and web results using Microsoft Launcher's universal search bar. All these features are what makes me addicted to this great Android launcher.

Simply Visit here to download Microsoft Launcher for easy access to your calendar, documents, and recent activities in your personalized feed.

4. Apex Launcher.

If you are still looking for a fantastic android launcher with fast customization for stylish home screen experience on your Android device, Apex Launcher is one of the best recommendations for you. It's one of the top Android launchers that has the potential to give your phone a complete makeover. I highly recommend it.

Apex Launcher

In short, Apex Launcher is one of the best Android launchers that brings you a Google-like experience with more advanced customization options like infinite & elastic scrolling, fancy transition effects, app drawer grid size, and hiding apps.

Go to google app store for Apex Launcher download.

5. Google Now Launcher.

Google Now Launcher another cool launcher that can give your Android phone a great look beyond your expectations. This is a google very own product, it's capable of bringing the best of Google services to your home screen. One thing I love most about the Google now home is that you can effortlessly search with your voice, or tell your phone what to do by saying “Ok Google” send a text message, get directions, play a song, and much more.

This launcher is the overall best Android launcher on play store with 100+ million downloads. Google Now launcher is available to be download from this link.

6. Nova Launcher

OMG! I almost forgot one of the incomparable launcher (Nova launcher). if you not using Nova launcher then you are missing out a lot of features on your home screen. Nova launcher is also another highly customizable Android launcher I've ever come across.

Nova launcher

This theme allows you to easily change icons, layouts, animations and more. But to enjoy the Nova launcher to the fullest, Nova prime is your one-time password.

Here is a 100% working link for Nova launcher download (nova launcher app).

7. Evie Launcher

It is one of the beautiful Android launchers you can try on your smartphone. This launcher is capable of enhancing your Android Os look. It will change your OS look the way you ever wanted, and the best part it's highly customizable to enhance your Android home screen the way you wish.

Evie launcher settings

Go here for fast Evie launcher download.

And this took us to the end of the topic “best Android launchers”. I you have picked one as one of your best Android launchers. Thanks for coming here.


Top 20 Best Free TV Series Download Sites To Watch/Download Latest Movies and Free TV Shows

Top 20 Best Free TV Series Download Sites To Watch/Download Latest Movies and Free TV Shows

Do you need a list of some legal websites to download movies for free online? If yes then, in this article, we will give you some of the best free tv series download sites for mobile phones, among these sites, you can easily download latest movies or watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free without registration.

We all love watching our favorite movies most likely when they are absolutely free. But finding those best free tv series download sites for mobile phones isn't that easy, but right in this post we makes it easier for you to effortlessly find those that top the list of free legal sites to download movies for free online.

So, below we have compiled a list of some 20 best free TV Shows and Series download Sites where you can download movies for free online and how to easily download full HD movies from each of websites based on video quality with just a few clicks.

If you open your browser and type in the google search with terms “Best Free Movies Download Sites To Download Full HD Movies”,  you’ll be given with an extended list of black-market websites promising you to download full movies for free in a matter of seconds.

But, on top of being a black-market, some of these free tv series download websites are a gateway to a torrent of malware. But don't worry.

Here in my list, I have up to 20 Free TV Shows and Series Download Sites where you can download movies for free online, be it Korean drama, tv series, or Full Bollywood without survey. Try check them out, you might find the one that interests you the most.

With the arrival of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, Coke and Popcorn etc., watching and downloading movies online in our home has become additional comforting than ever. But, what if you don’t want to spend a dime for that?

We got you covered, now that we have dropped a list of top free, safe, legal, and best free TV series download sites for mobile phones and PC. Without taking much of your time, let's get started by giving you the list of best websites to download movies for free online.

best free tv series download sites
Free Movies Download Sites

Top 20 Sites To Download Free TV series and Shows in Mp4, Avi, 3gp, for Mobile - Free and Legal Sites to Download Movies For Free online 2018

• MoviesFoundOnline
First on our list is movies found online, it's one of the best places to download full movies for free.
This best sound quality free movie download and streaming site provides high-quality series of movies, tv series download, short films, Viral videos, stand-up comedy, drama, thriller and other legal free movies in different media formats.

• Hulu Live TV Shows ▶ (Registration Required)
Hulu curates all your favorite TV episodes In One Place, it gives you the freedom to watch TV series for free in HD for a limited time without the need of downloading movies, then continues with pro plans starting from $5.99/month, on the Hulu premium account; HBO, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX available as add-ons.

Apart from the above features, you would have a choice to create a free account but remember the free acct comes with limited contents.

• Classic Cinema Online Dot com 
If you are that type of person who doesn't like watching movies, Classic Cinema Online would lure you to start watching movies with their list of though films and tv shows such as Horror movies, comedy, action films, drama and live TV shows such as Star Wars, Down of Titan and more. Although, classic cinema doesn't support downloading movies like other tv series download sites.

• Public Domain Torrents 
Looking for best free movie downloads sites to download full movies?
This virus free torrents site is the right choice for those who are searching for best free tv series download sites. As the name implies, public domain torrents is another best free tv streaming sites where you can download TV series, latest Hollywood, and Bollywood in a different format that suits your device. It's also a place to get 3gp mobile tv shows free download.

• Fz Movies 
Fzmovies, Storify, Yts movies, and Sky Movies World are also some great source of best mobile TV shows, youtube videos, cartoons, real action movies in avi, mp4, 3gp, mp4 TV series mobile and others. You can download 3GP TV shows directly, or record the 3GP TV shows. FzMovies HD 720p bollywood section got lots of free series, that means you can download movies for free without membership or registration.

If you ask me of which is my favorite free movies downloading sites, I will tell you that yts movies is my favorite because I download any movie of my choice from there free and fast either by using torrent application or yts movie downloader and my experience on the site is fun!

Apart from movies, Fz Movies has other features like; Downloading help when you are having difficulty to download from the website. You can also request movies if your favorite movies are not on their website.

• GoodDrama 
If you are fond of downloading movies online, this is yet another great website download film from different genres.
For those of you who loves Korean Movies, Tv shows & Dramas (China, Japan, and others), simply log on to and stop the search for what is the best site for downloading Korean dramas for free? 
GoodDrama is one of the website to download korean dramas for free, and where you can download korean drama with english subtitle.

• YoDrama 
Are you a fan of Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean and HK movies? This is one of the best movie download site for tv series, in this site you will find some interesting movie like jumong a Korean drama downloadable in various formats.

• 300mbFilms 
300mbfilms is one of the best site to download tv series episodes for free in various formats, you will also enjoy all  the latest high-quality movies in a well compressed size and in resumable 300mb links for free.

• Free Movies Online 
This is one of the best TV streaming sites that hosts all the type of movie series you have been looking for. Open Culture aka Free movies Online provides almost all TV shows with over 50 different links including links. Open Culture is a home for free online courses and free movies. They also host a lot of e-books, Textbooks, and Audiobook for free lessons. If you are one of those persons asking “where can i download tv series for free” then is another best site to download tv series episodes easily.

YouTube is the best tv streaming sites that you can stream, download lot of movies straight to your smartphone. is easily accessible and it's free, you can easily download television series movies from youtube using snaptube Or video mate and other online redirection such as Savefromnet.

• Wap Tv Series 
WapTV Series enables you to enjoy
free tv series download in mp4, avi, 480p, 720p, HD, wap tv series movies, wap Tv Series Hollywood movies, only direct links, and complete seasons movies, without registration straight from Wap TV Series website either on Android or PC. Upon visiting this site you will no longer search for where to download TV shows, series, drama or film episodes, because Wap Tv Series has all the best free tv series download that would satisfied your needs! Visit today to download movies for free online.

• Nollywood Movies 
This is another great website for free Nollywood movies, they specialized in hosting nolly movies such as; Yoruba movie, Hausa movies and other top Nigerian movies (Nollywood). 
Want to enjoy the best of o2tvseries list on your phone? Check this out!
They are plenty of best TV series on o2TVseries for you to easily access. O2tvseries is one of the awesome place which you can directly download latest movies and TV shows on your Android. For anyone who is interested in getting all the list of TV series download in 3GP, MP4, is one of the most reliable source to get them. On this site, you would have unlimited access to movies like o2tvseries the flash, black panther, and other popular TV series and episodes in alphabetic order (A-Z base on category). Visit today and enjoy free movies downloads.

• Micromkv 
If you are looking the best site to download Indian TV show, is the best site to download Indian tv series for free! It's one of the best Indian site that provides you with lots of Indian tv shows full episodes download hd and all the list of ongoing Indian TV shows/serials, indian tv shows download mp4.

Now you can watch/download Online Indian Movies, and TV Reality Shows to your SanDisk hard-drive (storage) without any interruption. Micromkv ensures you full HD Movie And TV Shows Download for free. Enjoy movies downloads in various categories including Hollywood Movies, Bollywood movies, Bengali movies, Marathi movies, Tamil movies. This site is the best indian tv shows
download for mobile.

• Free Movies Archive 
Internet Archive; here you can get all free download tv series episodes with over hundreds different tv series download direct link for free. If you are looking for 3gp mobile movies download sites, Free movies archive is one of the best places recommended for for you!

• Korean drama 
If you are looking for best Korean drama series to download or watch online, visit for high-quality seasonal Kdrama movies and to get free download tv series episodes. As the name implies, Kdrama website top the list of best Korean drama websites where you can download all Korean seasonal movies, dramas and TV shows for free. Now you should stop the for where to download kdrama movies because the above korean drama download site has a lot to offer you.

NOTE: Most of the high-quality movies come in a larger size, you may use BitTorrent to fasten your network speed on any movie download site.

• WorldFree4u 
The home of all American and British TV Series for free, it also gives quick access to other top best English TV series to watch and direct download mp4 link with just a few clicks.

• Toxicwap tv series 
Toxicwap is also one of smartest search engine for music, videos, and mobile games. Toxicwap contains lots of movie's categories you would enjoy. Here would find some movies categories such as American Dad, Kamisama Kiss, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, South Park and you can even explore more from the Toxicwap TV series to download and enjoy them offline for free!. Without further ado, kindly visit and get all the best free movies downloads.

Most of the above listed tv series downloads sites doesn't require you to register or having an account before downloading movies to your android phone or PC. I hope and believe that my list of best sites to watch tv series online free would stop you from asking questions like “where can i download tv series for free”, “Where can I watch TV series online for free”.

There's no love without sharing, kindly share it with friends on Social Media and have a good time. If you have questions, feel free to drop.


Abokifx Naira To Dollar, Pound, Euro Black Market Rates Today {September 2018}

Abokifx Naira To Dollar, Pound, Euro Black Market Rates Today {September 2018}

Are you searching for daily accurate
exchange rates of Naira to Dollar, Pound, and Euro? In this post you will get live exchange rates for Nigeria Naira to United States Dollar, Pound, and Euro from a reliable source. We will be using abokiFX daily Naira exchange rate to refresh this page on a daily basis to give you live and current exchange rates of naira to dollar, pound, and euro in a very accessible form.

Haven said that, knowing the exchange rates of major currencies is a crucial step in the business assessment process. However, if properly conducted, it may be the best investment you have ever made.

It is also the backbone of the international and global investment.

Because, it shows exactly what revenues are expected for imports and exports. In short, foreign exchange market is a working blueprint of the entire operation of the business both locally and internationally.

So for these reasons, we decided to make this post for people like you who wants to know about naira to dollar, pound, and euro exchange rates in Lagos parallel market in 2018.

There are many currency converters, websites to convert USD to NGN, get live exchange rates for Dollar to Naira but they are all mixed up and you may get confused by the way they arranged them, but in this post we only picked some of the major currencies which is about 3 and are well arrange in such a way you quickly understand.

This Nigerian Naira and United States Dollar conversions is up to date with latest exchange rates from, #1 Lagos parallel market.

Are you hearing the name “AbokiFX” for the first time?

Abokifx is your one-stop online platform that provides all information you need to know about dollar to naira black market exchange rate on a daily basis.

Abokifx Black Market Rate

In this website (, you can also convert foreign currencies to naira instantly using the Abokifx calculator to help ease your currency conversion from other Lagos parallel markets like FXmallam, cbn exchange rate, gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate, etc.

AbokiFX Today's Naira To Dollar Pound Euro Exchange Rates In Lagos Parallel Market September 2018

Buy (USD EUR GBP) Sell (NGN)
USD $1 = 357 NGN 360
GBP £1 = 470 NGN 475
 EUR €1 = 411 NGN 417

Alternatively, you can visit the website, for the official update and information about dollar to naira black market exchange rate today in Lagos parallel market, bank rates, etc. 

As you may know, the conversion rates of euro, pounds, and dollars to Nigerian naira is always changing, but here we would be updating this page on a daily basis to catch up with abokiFX dollar to naira black market exchange rate today in Nigeria so you can be sure of getting up to date exchange rate in the foreign exchange market. Note that after the Abokifx, FxMallam is another alternative to get the latest exchange rates of naira to dollar, pound and euro at your fingertips.

So, bookmark this page for your naira to dollar exchange rate to avoid questions like:

How Much Is Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market?

How much is dollar to naira cbn and black market today?

What is the Nigeria's Parallel Market Exchange rate today?

How Much is Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market?

Have a great day ahead.

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How To Borrow Data From Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile Nigeria (Super Easy Methods)

How To Borrow Data From Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile Nigeria (Super Easy Methods)

In this post I'm going to share you the latest codes to borrow data from glo, airtel, mtn, and 9mobile with their activation codes, service charges, validity, and how to pay back. 

I believe the introduction of codes to borrow data (mb) on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile Nigeria could be a perfect solution to have access to internet bundles at the time of emergency.

MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile provides data borrowing services that allows eligible customers to borrow data on credit just as they would borrow airtime when they run out of data while browsing and automatically pay back on their next recharge using borrow credit shortcodes.

These features is available only to prepaid subscribers who recharge at least a minimum of 100 - 500 naira monthly, depending on your network provider, the T&C may be vary.

This feature was first introduced on MTN network and it was named “MTN XtraBytes” but here I'm telling you that all of the major network providers in Nigeria today have a means for you to easily  borrow data and pay back later without the need of buying airtime to subscribe for data bundle.

So if you are looking for simple codes to borrow data on Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile below is a detailed guide for you to understand it fast and easily.

How To Borrow Data on Glo Borrow Me Data Service

Glo borrow me data allows you to instantly get data from glo on credit by sending a short code and on your next recharge, the amount of airtime equivalent to the data borrowed will be deducted from your main account.

If you are searching for how to borrow mb from glo, here is the predefined Shortcode to activate this service on your Glo SIM card, the magic code is *321# >> press 3 (Borrow Data) >> reply with 1 for 50 naira data, 2 for 100 naira data subscription, 3 for 200 naira plan and activate your preferred option.

List of available codes to get specified amount of data on Glo borrow me data, to activate any amount you are eligible for simply dial;
  1. *321*50# = 22MB for N50 1Day.
  2. *321*100# = 80MB for N100 1Day. 
  3. *321*200# = 218 for N200 5Days. 
  4. To check your borrow me data balance, reply with 99.

How To Borrow Data On Airtel

On the Airtel network, this service is called Airtel Extra Credit. It allows customers to borrow data when they run out of internet bundles without worries. This service is accessible by dialing a USSD or sending an SMS to the short code which is 500.

To be able to borrow data from Airtel you need to be a consistent subscriber on Airtel for at least 3 months and must load a minimum of N250 monthly in order to be eligible.

How To Borrow Airtel Data Or MB using Airtel Extra Credit via *500#

To borrow mb on airtel in other way than SMS, simply dial *500*amount#. For example, dial *500*200# to borrow. The amount you’ll receive is less 15% service charge. That means if you request for 200MB Airtel Extra Credit, your phone will be credited with 180Mb while 20mb worth 20N goes to Airtel as service charge.

Airtel borrow data

How To Borrow Data From MTN

MTN XtraByte is a service that is only available to MTN prepaid subscribers who does regular recharges for at least over 100 naira monthly.

To sub for this service on MTN, Simply Dial *606# then request for ExtraByte. E.g. 20mb for 57.50 naira 1Day.

Note: To use this service on MTN, you must be eligible and if you want to be sure about your eligibility status; simply dial *606# to check if you are qualify to subscribe to any of MTN ExtraBytes ranging from 20mb up to 750MB depending on the amount you are qualified to get.

Please note that the minimum you can borrow is 20Mb for N50 and the service will attract a 15% charge from your next recharge.

MTN extrabytes

How To Borrow Data From 9Mobile

9Mobile customers who recharge at least N500 monthly can now borrow data on etisalat by simply Dial *665*amount#.

For example if you want to borrow N400 Data from 9mobile you will have to dial *665*400#.

Also note that the service will attract a 15% charge from your next recharge. That is, if you borrow N1000 airtime, your phone will be credited with N900 on your next N1000 recharge.

Just like normal data subscription you can Browse, chat, download, and videos streaming. That's all about how to borrow data from any network and stop the search for a way to borrow data from MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel.

Happy data (MB) borrowing ! But make sure you recharge your account in order to payback!  •😂