Millions of Nigerians Will Not Have Access To Their Account By January.

Millions of Nigerians Will Not Have Access To Their Account By January.

Provision of an evidence of tax payment will be a condition for operating a bank account as from January, this is according to the Financial Bill that has been passed by the National Assembly.
The Bill which was submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari to the lawmakers is designed to catch more people in the tax net and streamline the tax regime.
The bill will be signed alongside the budget before this month runs out, so that there will be a return to the January to December budget cycle.
A section of the bill will make it mandatory for anyone wanting to open an account to provide his Tax Identification Number(TIN), while those who already have accounts with banks will also be required to provide their TIN.
There are over 30 million Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) linked accounts.
The Tax Identification Number (TIN) is a unique identifier for an individual or a company for tax remittance according to the Joint Tax Board.
It is prepared by the tax office and issued for proper identification and verification.
Getting a TIN is free, the generation is real-time and doesn't normally exceed 48 hours after a request is submitted.
Another major interesting feature of the Financial Bill is the hike in the Value Added Tax(VAT) from the extant 5% to 7.5%.
Emails will be accepted by the tax authorities as a formal channel of correspondence with taxpayers henceforth.
The bill will also strategically "promote fiscal equity by mitigating instances of regressive taxation; reform domestic tax laws to align with global best practices; introduce tax incentives for investments in infrastructure and capital markets; support small businesses in line with the ongoing Ease of Doing Business Reforms; and raise revenues for the Government by various fiscal measures."
Under the proposed Personal Income Tax Act(PITA): the bill will state that pension contributions no longer require the approval of the Joint Tax Board(JTB) to be tax-deductible.
The bill when signed into law will remove the tax exemption on withdrawals from pension schemes except prescribed conditions are met.
A penalty of 10% of the tax not deducted, plus interest at the prevailing monetary policy rate of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will be on failure of tax agents appointed for tax deduction to deduct tax.
Conditions attached to tax exemption on gratuities will be removed by the bill, that is gratuities are unconditionally tax exempted. The administration of Personal Income Tax Act(PITA) as being performed before by the Joint Tax Board (JTB) will now be taken over by the FIRS.
Late filling of Value Added Tax(VAT) is another penalty that will come into effect when the bill becomes law.
There is an upwards review of the penalty for failure to register for VAT to N50,000 for the first month of default and N25,000 for each subsequent month of default. This also applies to failure to notify the FIRS of change in company address and failure to notify FIRS of permanent cessation of trade or business.
Just like the VAT amendment, the bill is also introducing Capital Gains Tax(CGT) exemption on Group reorganisations, subject to the following conditions being met:
Assets are sold to a Nigerian company and is for the better organisation of the trade or business; the entities involved are within a recognised group 365 days before the transaction, and the relevant assets are not disposed earlier than 365 days after the transaction.
The current practice is that companies send an approval request letter under CITA S29(9) to the FIRS, and include a CGT exemption request. Currently, the CGT Act imposes CGT on compensation for loss of employment above N10,000.
There will be an expansion of coverage of this provision by renaming it "compensation for loss" and increase the minimum threshold from the present N10,000 to N10m.


How to Open, Develop and Promote Online Business?

How to Open, Develop and Promote Online Business?

Business on the Internet is a job where you organize your own business, sell goods or services and get paid for it. Working on the Internet is not a click for clicking on links or playing in a virtual game. For organizing an online business, any ideas are suitable:

·        sell goods: clothing, food or equipment;
·        provide services: photograph, typeset or make advertisements;
·        to educate: conduct negotiation training or soap cooking webinars.

To organize a business, it is not necessary to rent an office, hire people and rent a large warehouse. All work can be configured on the Internet. Make a website or create a blog for free, write about the conditions and payment, run advertising and promotion. As soon as you attract the first customers and receive the first revenue, consider that you have already earned a business.

What is online business like?

Usually people who have business ideas do not ask such a question and immediately launch what they are interested in. But if you don’t have ideas yet and you don’t know which business to open, then you can work in network marketing, become a partner of the company or sell goods for interest.

How the industry of multilevel marketing on the Internet works

In network marketing, products are distributed on the recommendation, in person or on social networks and sites. You can offer goods to friends and neighbors, create and fill a group on a social network, create your own website, advertise products and receive an interest in goods turnover. Be prepared that networkers do not like, and work on a good business reputation will have a lot. All of that and more is explained by professionals on Wifientrepreneur which made it happen for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

According to the affiliate program, you can post links to goods on your website or in a group. The affiliate link contains special codes by which all sales from your site are fixed. When a person clicks on such a link, the store will recognize it and after the purchase will transfer you a reward. Even if a person doesn’t immediately buy the product, you will still receive an interest in the sale from your link.

In these types of businesses, the company pays tax on your income. But there are companies for working with which you need to have an IP in order to pay income tax yourself. Find out in advance.

How to open a business?

You can open any business. Develop an idea that inspires you or one that will have few competitors and great demand. If you like to shoot videos and make clips, then put together a site or group with your work, promote it and offer services to people and companies.

If you are into fashion or know where to get rare brands of clothes and shoes, then organize an online store, buy from suppliers at a wholesale price, and sell on your website at your own price. If you are a lawyer and you have extensive experience, then you can advise people online, conduct training and sell your courses to entrepreneurs and large companies.

You can start a business on the Internet with an idea, but to make it work, you need to promote it and register it in the tax.


5 Winter Looks for a Slimmer Look

5 Winter Looks for a Slimmer Look

It's time to slowly forget about summer dresses and sandals at a low speed, because autumn is quickly gaining momentum. Very soon we will replace blouses and shirts with sweaters and cardigans. Get you Klook promotion code if you want to save some money for your slimmer look wardrobe. You already managed to look at 8 stylish autumn images with a white sweater? If you are already burning with the desire to wear stylish autumn outfits, then we have very good news for you: we have prepared everything about 5 looks that will make you visually slimmer. These are the best street style outfits, don't miss out!

1. Striped Print Blouse
Of all trend prints, vertical stripes are best if you want to visually stretch the silhouette. Striped print blouses or shirts combined with skinny jeans at the high waist are the right choice.

2. A jacket with a belt

This simple trick always saves any image, because it emphasizes the waist and hips. Yes, we are talking about the perfect combination: jacket + belt. This trend has already been seen in the images of fashion bloggers, so do not doubt this option for a second.

3. White shirt

This item is considered the basic wardrobe item. It is simply indispensable for creating street style images and office images. If you think that this is a boring thing, then you are very mistaken. Just look at the image in the photo. If you have long had a long white blouse in your closet, then it's time to give her a second wind. Combine it with flared jeans and a wide belt to emphasize the waist. And in no case do not fill the blouse in jeans! Throw a light autumn coat on top, and the stylish look is ready.
4. Monochrome image in black

We have said more than once: if you want to appear slimmer, dress in black. Yes, this color always favorably emphasizes the figure. The monochrome image of black is a very simple and effective way to appear taller and slimmer. Get inspired in the photo. Doesn't such a monochrome look in rocker style look perfect?
5. Coat with a belt
Raincoats and trench coats are an indispensable thing for the offseason. If you just wanted to buy a new coat, then look for a long model with a belt. Combine your cloak with basic wardrobe items and high heel boots. Well, the original bag always makes the image unusual. You will definitely be the center of attention. Use these simple tricks to always create harmonious looks. You don’t want to disfigure your figure with the wrong combination? To prevent this from happening exactly, pay attention to 5 errors that will definitely add several kilograms to you.

6. Jacket

This thing conquered the world of fashion is not accidental. A jacket is comfort, style and versatility. They can be combined with almost all things. But be careful! The combination of a long jacket with a midi skirt or with very wide trousers will add several kilograms to you. How to solve this problem? Tight pants or skirt. This is an ideal combination with a trendy jacket.

7. Midi Skirt

Yes, midi skirts are a must for every girl, but you need to know how to combine it correctly. If you want to wear a full midi skirt, forget about any oversized top. Get Kkday Discount Code to save on any of your desired outfits. Choose tight-fitting blouses, sweaters, tops ... Well, or just tuck the oversize top into the skirt and underline the waist with a belt so that you do not seem like a shapeless bag.

8. The correct proportions

You cannot upload an image with oversized things. Cloaks, XXL jackets, coats and ponchos require a fitted bottom. If you want to look stylish and harmonious, keep a balance between oversized things and tight-fitting clothing.

9. Loose fit

If you choose a simple wide dress and combine it with a coat of the same style, then your figure will look voluminous and shapeless. How to fix it? Just emphasize the dress with a thin belt. This is a proven, reliable option.

10. Sneakers

Probably all girls love sneakers, because they are comfortable, versatile and stylish. If you want to seem visually slimmer and taller, then sneakers are a bad option. And especially - in combination with wide pants of a free cut. Therefore, try to wear shoes with a low, comfortable heel.

The most important thing is to always choose those trendy things that fit perfectly on your figure. Do not buy a thing just because it is very popular. But remember that combining a long jacket with a full midi skirt is a bad idea. If you want to emphasize the waist, use a belt. If you want to look slimmer and taller, wear boots or high heel boots.


8 Rules for a Long-Term Trading Career

8 Rules for a Long-Term Trading Career

No matter what you do, there are some basics or rules that will make you a successful trader. In the world of trading, stock trading and cryptocurrency speculation is always a risky game, and should not be treated as a game, once can become very successful following the news flow, which starts with using our free Live Stock Charts.
Remember the old adage - no matter what you do, it's how you make yourself a winner. So, if you enter the online trading arena, follow these ten trading rules:

Rule 1: Always follow your business plan

We encourage all traders to follow a business plan or strategy. Because we are human beings, we are tempted to break the rules. This is known as a non-disciplinary approach to trading and can cost you a lot of time.

Rule 2: Keep learning

You cannot stick to one strategy. As the market is constantly changing, you must also change your strategies. It requires daily training. You need to study the market trends and choose your strategy accordingly. Over time, you will build a deep knowledge base, making you a successful trader.

Rule 3: Protect your capital

It can take years to save and finance your trading account. So always protect your capital. But that doesn't mean that loss is never right. Losses are sometimes inevitable. Capital protection means that you should avoid taking risks that can deprive you of business.

Rule 4: Risk only what you lose

If you talk about risk, let's face it, you have to take the risk if you want to stay at risk. However, it is never advisable to risk money that you cannot afford to lose. For example, the money you deposit into your trading account may not be your child's higher education.

Rule 5: Use technology to your advantage

The tools available to modern traders are quite advanced. They are also constantly evolving. Technologies such as research tools and business automation can provide you with the information you haven't had before. Now you can even manage locations on the go with your phone. Why not use all this flexibility to your advantage?

Rule 6: Never throw the market away

Trying to beat the market will crush you. The market is constantly moving in a spiral and can suck you at any time. After careful analysis, wait patiently and roll the dice.

Rule 7: Prepare an exit strategy

Before entering a position, it is always wise to have an established exit strategy. Include it in your business plan if it helps. Write how you get out of the winning or losing position. Experienced traders say this is the end that determines whether you lose or win.
The exit strategy is not always about stopping losses. You can also use the end of time or activity. The type of market activity can also help you determine your exit.

Rule 8: Accept your loss, but learn from it

Trade is not always about winning. In fact, if you take a closer look, it is usually a loss. Successful traders always think of trading in terms of how much money they can afford to lose.
No business plan is complete proof. You will lose. It is best to accept as you enter the field. But not so, these losses hold valuable lessons for traders. Start from a trading diary to learn from your mistakes. Indicate what went wrong to avoid this mistake in the future. This record will also, help you evaluate the performance of your business plan.

It is also important to have sufficient knowledge about trading and choosing the right CFD trading platform. But without a disciplined approach, you will never be successful. Trading is never easy, but if you follow these golden rules, you will succeed even if you ever lose.


Six Sigma Concept In Companies

Six Sigma Concept In Companies

“Just two years after the Six Sigma system was launched, Motorola was awarded the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. 10 years after the launch of the Six Sigma program, i.e. in the period from 1987 to 1997. The company has achieved outstanding results, including:

· Fivefold increase in sales with a 20% annual increase in profits
· The average annual growth rate of stock prices at 21.3%
· The total savings from the implementation of the Six Sigma program in the amount of $ 14 billion.

Motorola's corporate accomplishments were the result of several hundred separate improvement activities in the design, production and after-sales services in all of the company's business units”.

“Six Sigma is the principle of our work at DuPont. 1,200 employees of the company are certified Black Belts and 250 Masters of the Black Belt. They marked the beginning of our efforts, but the application of Six Sigma mechanisms, methodologies and thinking is now widespread. A new direction in Six Sigma for us is to increase the number of projects that bring more revenue. More than 1,300 such projects were implemented in 2002, and in 2003 the number of such projects was doubled”.

“We have been applying the Six Sigma methodology to the company General Electric for the ninth year, and this has already become an invariable initiative - Six Sigma is the method of our work. Over the past year, we have implemented more than 50,000 projects in three main areas: work with our clients aimed at resolving their issues; improvement of internal processes in order to improve interaction with customers and increase revenue; expanding the supply of high-tech products and services to the market”.

“In 2001-2002, all projects implemented under the Six Sigma program had a positive impact on reducing costs and shortening the time cycle, and on improving the service of domestic and foreign clients. For the third year in a row, Bombardier has exceeded the results achieved with Six Sigma.
“According to the guidance we received, the average rate of return on a project could be approximately $ 250,000. Initial projects brought us twice as much profit. I believe that a certain specificity is inherent in each type of business, since every business has differences, but we were quite satisfied. In the first year, we have completed 70 projects”.

And many other foreign companies apply this concept.




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