[Infographic] How To Choose The Right Bracelet For Each Style Of Woman?

[Infographic] How To Choose The Right Bracelet For Each Style Of Woman?

Tips to choose the bracelet options that match your style

If you're the type that likes to change the look with cool accessories, then you can bet on the bracelets ! People, there are many models and different styles, both for men and for women. But you always have that doubt when choosing, right? And to help you, I separated these tips and for more information look at

Bracelet Infographic 2019

bracelets infographic

The bracelets are made of various types of materials and are very versatile. He has a funky model to wear day or day or ballad, or more formal to go to a wedding, for example. But the important thing is that you like the piece and feel comfortable.

Gold or silver bracelets

They are the most traditional and you can use it both day-to-day and at parties. They have very fine bracelets and other bracelets with stones, pearls and even fringes. They are beautiful, delicate and can match with other accessories such as watch, ring and earrings. And for those who like to dare, the tip is to use the two colors together. It looks beautiful!

For men, the gold, silver or mixed bracelets are thicker than the women's and can also match with watches of the same style. But with fashion, you can mix quite a lot with the most diverse bracelets, saw!

Mix of bracelets and bracelets

Mixing styles and colors of bracelets is super fashionable, you know? The tip is to wear various types of bracelets and bracelets. They can be special or combine different models. And it is worth both men and women. Cool huh?

And if you want to follow this style, buy different models and colors. Pro day, the tip are the vibrant tones and at night, abuse the pearls, sparkles, stones and rhinestones. You can use both arms. Now for more formal events, choose more elegant bracelets, okay!

Now men can wear with or without a watch, and if the watch bracelet is colored, you can wear a bracelet of the same color to match. The ideal is to choose the most discreet bracelets of neutral colors to wear with social clothing. And for the relaxed looks it is possible to combine several styles of bracelets, such as colored, neutral, polka-dotted and leather.

Leather bracelets and bracelets

Folks, this leather strap usually makes more success among men, but they're also released for women, see? They can be made of smooth, braided, textured leather or metal pendants.

Personalized, exotic and exclusive bracelets

The most modern bracelets can be: neon, silicone, Indian bone, magnetic, crystal, crochet, acrylic and even seeds! They are ideal if you like something more daring and colorful, see?
The tip is to mix vibrant colors and flashy tones with bracelets of different materials. But choose the bracelets that most match your style, personality and skin color.

And, people, the bracelets can also be combined with other accessories to make you very successful. Look that!

Necklace, earrings and bracelets

This set of necklace, earrings and bracelet is much desired by women, right? Because it gives a harmonious and pleasant look. And the tip is to choose only one to be the highlight of the look, for example: if you want a great necklace, just combine with small earrings. Now, if the idea is to use big rings, the bracelets should be discreet, okay?

How To Store Your Wristbands

Well, now that you know more about bracelets, how about some tips to keep them?

- Avoid wearing wristbands on the beach. Contact with salt water and sand can ruin them, see?

- Also avoid using when moving the earth or with chemicals;

- Be careful not to scratch the wristbands when doing day-to-day tasks such as typing on the computer, cleaning the house, playing sports or while driving.


How Technology Can Improve Your Business Growth?

How Technology Can Improve Your Business Growth?

Innovation is continually being created. At whatever point another gadget is discharged, there's constantly another being developed, hot at its heels. Programming can continually be refreshed, and glitches are reliably being amended.

Here and there it can appear to be difficult to stay aware of everything! Be that as it may, not to stress. Until further notice, we should concentrate on the advantages that advancements in innovation could have with regards to your extending business.

Improved Communication 

Correspondence has gone ahead a wide margin in the course of recent decades. Beforehand, entrepreneurs would for the most part be reached on a working landline (or especially high flyers may have had a huge, stout, versatile telephone). In any case, these days most of us have the whole world in our pockets.

The multiplication of cell phone proprietorship implies that we can be reached through a wide range of applications and projects by the two individuals we have shared our contact subtleties with and outsiders alike.

As innovation improves, individuals are investing increasingly more energy in their telephones: some will even invest hours looking through Facebook posts, Twitter channels, and the Instagram investigate page. So it just bodes well that organizations are increasing their versatile amusement as well!

 All things considered, on the off chance that you needed to make a positive name for yourself in any field of trade, you need to put yourself precisely where clients are as of now coordinating their consideration.

Data Management and Storage

Long gone are the days when you'd need to document the majority of your business data away in dusty organizers and records. Similarly if own a law firm like Kenneth S. Nugent P.C. then the data management and is essential. So, the technology inclusion in your strategy is a must. Innovation has dealt with the issues innate in the physical stockpiling of unmistakable reports by presenting the cloud. The cloud is basically a system of servers, a significant number of which store information.

You would now be able to digitize your records and documents and store them in "the cloud". This has a lot of advantages. As a matter of first importance, you don't need to stress over your data being physically harmed. You can't spill a hot beverage over the cloud. Also, you can discover the data that you need in an a lot shorter time frame.

Targeting and segmenting market 

When you've improved correspondence with your clients, you can direct statistical surveying all the more effectively. This enables you to comprehend who your intended interest group is: their general statistic including area, interests, questions, grievances and how much discretionary cash flow they need to go through with you. Having gained this data, you can begin concentrating on focused advertising.

Use of Digital Marketing

This is basically guaranteeing that your merchandise and ventures are viably conveyed to the consideration of your intended interest group, urging them to make buys with you, accordingly expanding your net revenue. Regardless of whether you redistribute or keep things in-house, you should concentrate on things like SEO (or website improvement) and web based promoting just as unmistakable or physical publicizing "out in reality".

This blend of viable relational aptitudes, significant hierarchical abilities, and star action with regards to raising brand mindfulness, all things considered, will improve your relations with the purchaser advertise and gain your image a positive notoriety.

You could be well on your way to a noteworthy business development before you even acknowledge it. Along these lines, on the off chance that you haven't as of now, it's an ideal opportunity to grasp innovation inside your independent venture.


Tips To Choose an Online Business Card Printer

Tips To Choose an Online Business Card Printer

Ordering business cards online have become too confusing nowadays. Getting a business online is like shopping online for any other product. The basic goal remains the same- find the item you want at a reasonable price.

Finding the Apt Business Card

The first step of online business card shopping is to find the business card printer who is carrying the type of business card that you are looking for. Usually, the business card printers will offer the customers a full-colour business card that comes in a (3” by 2.5”) standard size.

Business card

You have to decide if you will be going for the custom artwork in your business card or will go for the templates or designs that are offered in many business card printers. Many business card printers give you the option to order business cards. Getting a unique background is not an easy task, the chances are less that you will finally get one.

If you are looking for different cards, like a die-cut business card, you can always go for your favourite search engine to check the available stuff. Many business card printers will usually offer more than one type of business cards.

Paying for a Reasonable Business Card

These are some points to be taken care of while getting a business card.

  • The thickness (14pt card is more sturdy than a 10pt)
  • Go for one with a protective coating (a card might turn out to be “glossy” without the protective coating)
  • If there are extra charges for uploading your images
  • How many cards can be ordered at once
  • Shipping cost
  • The reputation of the business card printing service 

Finding a Reputable Business Card Printer

Like any other product, you can go for the top business card printers who have reached the top and stayed there, but not necessarily. Apparently, there is one high-ranking business card printer that has received an “unsatisfactory” rating. The rating was given by the Better Business Bureau.

So, it is advisable to look for approval from a designation such as the Better Business Bureau or a Bizrate certification. The company would surely mention it somewhere had they won such a certification.

Another simple way is to get samples of their business cards. You can examine the cards and also get to know of the customer service as well.


If you had not known this earlier, know that most of the business card printer available to you on the web are the dealers for two or even three wholesale business card printing companies. So, you might be just comparing identical business card whole the time you spent online.

There is nothing wrong about that anyway, most of them add value by informing people about business cards. But, knowing the fact that most of the business card printing services that you come across online offer identical cards will surely save your comparison time.
Now that you are informed about the differences, you can make a good decision in choosing the right business card.

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How Global Sourcing Services are Essential For Your Business?

How Global Sourcing Services are Essential For Your Business?

Worldwide sourcing is a business methodology, where organizations select the correct providers or sources to play out their activities. It is a tremendous subject in business the board and is includes giving work to experienced sources.

Worldwide sourcing administrations are a shelter to the present organizations as it is less expensive than the real work. It will be the following problem area in sourcing, and is drawing in several universal purchasers and merchants. With the expanding number of organizations working all around, your enthusiasm for sourcing can be extremely advantageous for your business.

The following are a few reasons for what reason should you pick worldwide sourcing administrations for your business.

1.To build the quantity of suppliers

Joining worldwide redistributing into your business will enable you to give a persistent stream of merchandise. To have the required number of suppliers you should great reviews in the market like ( they have built through strong business activities. There are various providers all around who can deliver quality items at moderate rates. These providers pick the methodologies that balance the vicinity to crude materials, so they can lessen the deficiency of supply as interest increments.

2. Quality merchandise with low-creation cost 

The expense of work and assembling is the real drive of  sourcing, particularly with regards to the creation of attire, electronic gadgets, toys and other purchaser items. Various western organizations are exploiting worldwide sourcing administrations and getting profited. Sourcing the work guarantees that all the work is finished by spending a little sum.

3. New innovation 

Worldwide redistributing is giving an assortment of chances in high innovation stages and item structures. The greater part of the nations with low work and assembling cost utilize the most cutting edge innovation, which nations like US and UK don't utilize. This makes worldwide sourcing the best alternative, as the items are planned and made utilizing most recent apparatuses and supplies.

4. Streamlining of expense 

In a most recent study, it was discovered that organizations that are on worldwide sourcing consider charge advancement as a piece of their sourcing activities. As the worldwide sourcing of the organization builds up, the organization has noteworthy open doors for enhancing the duty and remain on the ball.

5. Consumer loyalty 

Worldwide redistributing improves consumer loyalty, as the items are fabricated with high caliber and are accessible at reasonable rates. Through worldwide sourcing, you are contracting exceptionally gifted and skilled experts who can guarantee that you are conveying items that fulfill the clients. Because of which, your clients will be satisfied to return over and over. Consumer loyalty ought to be your definitive objective, regardless of where your organization is or regardless of how you fabricate the items.

In spite of the fact that worldwide re-appropriating is giving organizations a complete production network, a definitive driving variable is the expense. Rivalry is expanding in different enterprises, and organizations are being compelled to think in an imaginative manner to satisfy the expanding need of purchasers.

There is no uncertainty that the sourcing is the best alternative, with regards to sourcing over the globe. You will without a doubt locate the best supplier who offers the best rates with better administration and quality.


2019 UTME: JAMB reschedules printing of exam slips

2019 UTME: JAMB reschedules printing of exam slips

reprint jamb slip 2019

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has rescheduled the printing of the 2019/20 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination slips.
It is now scheduled for April 4. See how to print jamb slip 2019 here.

JAMB’s Head of Media and Publicity, Dr. Fabian Benjamin, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Abuja.

NAN reports that the printing of the examination slips was initially scheduled to begin on April 2.

Benjamin said the shift in date came after 14 Computer Based Tests centres were on Monday suspended due to infractions during the board’s conduct of Mock Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, including an incident where JAMB staff were attacked at one of its centres.

He said: “The suspension has caused some distortion in the initial arrangement and the board will have to relocate candidates who were scheduled to write in the affected centres to other suitable centres.

“We all know that one of the essence of the mock exercise was to check the level of preparedness of not only candidates but also centres that keep to the rules and regulations of the board.
“It is to check on centres that are desperate to cheat and to make sure that they do not achieve their aim.

“Immediately after the exercise yesterday, we went into a meeting and examined the conduct of the exercise, identified the structural problems and made adjustments immediately.
“We want to ensure no centre fails during the conduct of the exercise.

“So we need today and tomorrow to redistribute the candidates affected by these suspended centres who had planned to extort them, defraud and frustrate the system, to centres that are more suitable, then printing can begin Thursday.”

Benjamin added that the board was putting all hands on deck to ensure that candidates sat for the examination in centres where they were safe, suitable and conducive for the exercise that would be globally accepted.

He apologised to all candidates of the examination for the inconvenience caused, adding that the board’s intention remained to give its best, and ensure a hitch-free and successful exercise.

NAN recalls that Prof. Ishaq Oloyede on Monday said the board had de-listed 14 CBT centres out of the 712 accredited due to infractions like technical hitch and deceit.

He also said that two staff of the board were attacked at Lagos state Polytechnic centre and were almost murdered but were rescued.

Oloyede said the 698 centres left in the operations were ready for the conduct of the UTME scheduled to hold between April 11 and 15.
How to Re-Print Jamb Slip 2019

How to Re-Print Jamb Slip 2019

how to print jamb slip 2019

How to Re-Print Jamb Slip 2019

It is time! the most anticipated time is now here, I have received several calls from Jambites asking me when the Jamb reprint will begin. As we all know and as I have always disclose that the official date to re-print JAMB Examination slip is 2nd April, 2019.

Hence on this article I will give a quick overview on how to go about on reprinting your jamb examination slip for 2019.

Similarly, not that the exam slip which reflects each candidate exam schedule will be available for printing on JAMB portal. Candidates are advised to print their slips before Thursday, April 11, 2019, in order to familiarize themselves with the examination schedules as no form of excuse for missing the examination will be entertained.

How Print JAMB Exam Slip 2019

Reprinting of JAMB registration slip is quite easy. All you would be required to print your JAMB exam slip that reflect your examination schedule is your registration number.

Follow the steps outlined below for the process:

1. Go to JAMB UTME e-slip printing page at

2. Enter your JAMB Registration Number or Email address in the appropriate column.

3. Finally, click on ‘Print Examination Slip’ to access your exam schedule.

Note: Please allow popup for JAMB site ( from your browser for more details on how to print jamb slip 2019 and get started!