How Online Trading Investment for Technology Business Yields Success

How Online Trading Investment for Technology Business Yields Success

When it comes to investing money in stock via Trading Software, the sooner the better. Imagine investing $1,000 in the stock market and after 20 years, seeing it grow to over $5,000! This amount can double over a span of another 10 years. 
Stocks have always shown more growth potential than other types of investment. If plan to save for a long-term goal and invest in your tech based business, the stock market could be your best bet.Younger people usually don’t save for far-off goals like retirement; that simply isn’t their priority. However, your twenties is exactly the right age to start saving. The longer your funds are invested, the more time they will have to grow. 
One of the best ways to give your money a chance to grow over the long run is by investing in stocks such as exchange traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds. You can afford to be more aggressive in your investment mix when you’re younger. That’s mostly because you don’t have a family yet and you are in a better position to take on risk.
If you’re among the stock-shy audience, regardless of your age, give this blog post a read. Here are some reasons why you should start investing in the stock market without delay:

Stocks have the highest potential for growth

First things first, despite ups and downs in the market, stocks consistently earn more than bonds and other types of investments. The market obviously doesn’t grow constantly the whole time, but you’re still better off with this investment. 
With detailed research and well-timed trades over the months and years, it’s possible to make a lot of progress using a modest amount of starting capital. If you want to save for retirement or other long-term goals like a house, stocks are the right kind of investment.

You can get started cheap

The stock market isn’t an expensive form of investment. Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest, you can still get started. You can simply begin setting aside the loose change that you would normally spend on coffee and invest that amount in stocks.
If you’re a novice investor, you can invest your money in an index fund or try dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs). The dividends you earn are automatically reinvested. Over the years, the stock you hold will grow – and so will your earnings.

There’s more than one way to invest

There are lots of ways you can invest money in the stock market. For instance, you can start with mutual funds or individual stocks. Before you get started, however, be sure to map out your goals and perform a risk assessment. 
You have to be careful about where you invest your money. If your risk appetite doesn’t match your risk tolerance, this could cause you to worry or even consider pulling your funds out from the market at an inopportune time. Before you invest, your risk tolerance must align with your long-term goals.

Market risk isn’t as big as the risk of not investing

Are you scared of losing your investment? Experts say that losing your money in the stock market isn’t the biggest threat. Using your savings to buy stocks may seem risky, but the real risk is not investing your funds at all, especially when you consider long-term inflation. If you don’t make your savings grow, you might not be able to afford things you want in the future. 
You must do something to mitigate the risk of inflation. Investing in the stock market is just the right solution. But as an investor, you don’t necessarily have to reach for higher returns. With a diversified mix of safe investments, you can grow your portfolio without being adversely affected by market downturns.

There’s no such thing as “the right time”

It’s difficult to make major gains solely by trying to time the market. No one knows what’s going to happen, or when. People are reluctant to invest in the stock market because valuations are too high, but markets have traded at higher levels for years. If you sit on your hands, you’ll miss out on great returns. You shouldn’t wait for “the right time”. 
Instead, invest in the stock market with dollar-cost averaging. That means invest a percentage of your paycheck in the stock market at regular intervals. In this way, you either purchase more shares at a lower price or fewer shares at a higher price. In the long run, the return on this strategy tends to be better than waiting for “ideal” trading conditions.

The stock market doesn’t have an agenda

People need to understand that the stock market isn’t out to get you. It doesn’t have an agenda against you. Even the rich investors don’t have secret tips hidden up their sleeves. As a matter of fact, there is very little standing between you and successful investors. All you need is a solid understanding of the market and the businesses you are planning to invest your money in… and a trading plan, of course.


Investing in stocks always makes sense given the opportunity cost associated with not investing and the benefits of compound interest over the years. It is pretty clear that you don’t have to put all your money in the stock market. You can invest in bonds, CFD online trading, or even forex. As you plan to invest for your technology business, you should never chase returns. It’s not like playing poker in a casino where you either go home with a huge pile of money or lose.

5 Best Apps to Boost Your Android Device’s Volume

5 Best Apps to Boost Your Android Device’s Volume

Whoever is an avid music listener knows that music sounds best when heard at a high volume. However, the smartphones that we use do not come equipped with the best of speakers. No, they are not poor quality speakers but they do not allow the volume to go beyond a limit. 

You turn up the volume a bit and get ready to hear the slight white noise that accompanies the music. Pretty annoying, isn’t it! Some people tend to blame the service providers. An example would be a client blaming Spectrum Internet packages that they subscribed to for poor reception of calls. What they fail to realize is that it's not the WiFi but their smartphone which is the real culprit.

Here are 5 best apps (from a pool of a thousand apps out there) that can boost the volume of your Android device:

Volume Booster

The user interface of this app is very interesting. It mimics the standard volume knobs that you would see on a car CD player. You can turn the volume high or low to your liking by rotating these knobs. Not only does this app puts you in charge of the volume, but also allows you to control the bass, acting as an equalizer. The likable feature about this app is that it does not restrict to volume only as the name might suggest. But it is a music player on its own. You name an equalizer option, and this app has it. The volume of the media can be increased by a whopping amount of 30-40%. So, if you are looking for a 2-in-1 option- a music player with a volume enhancer, this app should be your go-to option.

Volume Booster Pro

Do not get confused, this app has nothing to do with Volume Booster. In fact, if you view apps on the Play Store, you will come across similarly named apps. So, this should not surprise you. Anyhow, moving on to the features of this app, so this app allows to up the volume of not just the media that you are listening to but also the ringtones and alarms.  The many toggles that are available on the app make this convenient. You can easily control the volume of anything that you wish to on your Android device. Moreover, this app also allows you to put your whole system on ‘silent’ mode making it convenient to carry mobile in settings that do not entertain the noises that mobile phones create. This app increases the volume of the speaker by 10-20%.

Volume Booster by Vintage Audio Tools

The best thing about this app is that its design makes it easy to navigate through it. There is a slider in this app (as opposed to a knob) that allows you to set the volume to your liking. One feature that this app lacks is that it does not allow the users to boost the volume of the system or adjust the volumes of alarm or ringtones. But that should not put you off. It does have three buttons that the developer has designed for your convenience. The buttons are:


In case, you are too lazy to slide the toggle, just click on the button you please to adjust the volume.

Speaker Booster

A simple user interface, free to download and a unique design are features that are descriptive of this app. What makes this app stand out from the other volume enhancing apps on the block is its ability to adjust the equalizer. This is made possible by its efficient algorithm that allows the user to adjust the equalizer accordingly. Thus, giving a boosted volume feel. Some of the features of the app include:

         Adjusting volume at the system level
         Adjusting the volume at the media level
         Adjusting the volume of notifications
         Works for both earplugs and speakers

Volume Up

This app also operates using a slider that allows the users to adjust the volume. There are separate sliders for volume and boost. Hence, the users can adjust both separately according to their liking. The interface of the app is very user-friendly and easy to use as well. It does not pose any problem. 

However, the users must be careful while turning the volume up using the slider, especially when they are wearing earplugs. A sudden increase can irritate the ears or can sound unpleasant. You can adjust the volume of your media using the ‘Volume Up’ bar that you will be able to view on your notifications pane.

Summing it up, all the above-mentioned apps are good in their own capacities. Download them to avoid any inconvenience. From listening to your favorite songs to hear the sound of notifications from a distance, these apps offer it all. However, if you face difficulty in hearing, let's say the Spectrum Customer support rep, there is not much that these apps can do!


Top 5 Best iPhone Offline Games in 2019

Top 5 Best iPhone Offline Games in 2019

Own an iPhone X, carry an LV bag, have an internet connection on your mobile at all times! While this may sound very fascinating, but not everyone can afford to do all three. If you cannot afford to subscribe to expensive data packages, you can still enjoy cheaper options like offline games.

Best Free Offline Games For iPhone

However, it is not always about saving the data. Many times the Internet speed is not enough to play online without any interruptions. You can keep a check on the performance of your connection at any time with services like Cox Internet speed test. However, what if the test reveals that the speed at any given instant is not sufficient for you to play a game online? For instances like these, you need to have a backup plan a.k.a offline games! This is definitely my back up!

Best iPhone Offline Games

Here are some of the best ones for iPhone users.


Want to have a blast from the past? This game pretty much serves the purpose. Kraino is the perfect title if you grew up in the ’90s and want some nostalgia. Inspired by classics like Castlevania, the eerie music and the detailed pixel art make this game a hot favorite amongst individuals. The setting of the game has six different castles with each one having a unique environment. There are monsters involved as well. You have been warned! So, basically, you have to control a skeleton protagonist and hack-n-slash your way through ghosts and slime blobs. You might think that six castles are not that much of a work to do but wait till you play the game. Each stage is lengthy with multiple checkpoints. Things only get complicated as you progress forward in the game. But it is a challenging and a fun game to play. And the best part is that it is free. Moreover, you can play it offline.

Flipflop Solitaire

Many of us, if not all, are guilty of playing a lot of this classic card name we call Solitaire. If you are a fan of this game, then you for sure will relish playing a newer and more exciting version of this game- the Flipflop Solitaire. What makes this game all the more fun is the fact that it is the exact opposite of the original version. This might confuse you but yes the creator of the game Zach Gage has taken the things in the opposite direction with this version. While the old game asked of you to untie knots of the unordered cars to display them into clean and sequenced stacks, the new game demands you to tie knots. So, you take the knots of cards and try tying them into one another. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it. Give it a shot. It won’t cost you anything!

Temple Run 2

A sequel to one of the most smashing games, Temple Run 2 comes with new adventures and features. Among the many new landmarks that you will have to make your way through include forests, zip lines, mines and of course temples. The aim is to run as far as possible from the cursed idol that resides in a hidden temple. In your quest to escape from the wrath of the idol, you run through some of the most dazzling environments. Kudos to the designers of the game who have put in thought in the vivid graphics of the game. Apart from the visuals, the sound effects in the game are captivating as well. You will also enjoy the upgraded characters and the introduction of more power-ups.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is a popular racing game. It comes with realistic graphics and is a treat for all the racing fanatics. It comes with an option to play offline or connect to the Internet to play in order to access exclusive deals. This game is so popular among people that it has been translated into most major languages. What makes it even more fun to play this game is the fact that developers keep introducing updates that aim at fixing bugs to provide the players with a smooth experience. So, if speed thrills you and racing is your thing, this game is just the right one for you.

Super Mario Run

How can one not mention Super Mario when talking about games? It is Nintendo’s first release for iOS. However, Super Mario Run is a bit different from Super Mario in terms of how it operates. While you can play the later even on TV, the former can be played by just tapping. All you have to do is the time your taps.
So, you have plenty of options to choose from. The blog did not talk about many other offline games that are just as interesting. However, the ones listed above are the most popular ones. The fact is that you cannot get an instant solution to your Internet connectivity issues at times. And that is frustrating. I'm hooked on games so I know! Even my service provider is sick of me - the Cox Customer service number is on my speed dial! The point is, always have an alternative option to cater to your entertainment needs. And what better could you ask for than games that you can play offline!

Happy gaming!


How Best To Secure Your Bitcoin Wallet

How Best To Secure Your Bitcoin Wallet

How to protect bitcoin wallet

The Bitcoin wallet is essentially your account and holds the Bitcoin you have. However, since Bitcoin doesn’t quite exist anywhere, it could be said to be an electronic record of the Bitcoin in your possession. So, why is there such emphasis on securing it in the first place? Each Bitcoin wallet contains a key pair – the public and private keys – without which you cannot own or transact Bitcoin. Therefore, if you lost the key pair, especially the private key, you would lose access to your Bitcoin. That said, this article looks into some of the ways that you can protect your Bitcoin wallet.

How to Secure Bitcoin Wallet

The below details demonstrate to you precisely the standard ways to secure your Bitcoin wallet from high-profile Bitcoin thefts and keep your virtual coins safe and sound just like a new born baby:

Make use of cybersecurity tools

Bitcoin wallet protect

If you have any experience with cybersecurity tools, then you know that to get the best effect you should rely on multiple cybersecurity tools. Even so, that doesn’t mean using two or more tools of the same kind but instead using two or more different tools to accomplish multiple results.

In this case, you need to use a VPN and Tor. Tor is best known for anonymity while VPN is best known for privacy and network security. Coupling the two provides you with effective privacy, anonymity and network security, without any downsides. Using Tor over VPN is one of the best ways to guarantee Bitcoin anonymity, which is essential considering that a Bitcoin address can be traced back to you.

Use an offline wallet

Bitcoin wallet
While online wallets are the most common, offline wallets are the most secure. An offline wallet consists of two separate systems. The first system is an air-gapped device whose sole purpose is to house the primary body of the Bitcoin wallet. The second system is an interface that allows connects to the primary body, when needed, for the transaction. Since an offline wallet is not connected to the internet or any network guarantees that it is secure from hacking. However, offline wallets are a target for theft which is why it is advisable to store the wallet in a secure place such as a secure home safe or a bank vault.

Encrypt your wallet

Although most wallets are highly encrypted by design, it doesn’t hurt to add a layer of encryption. The extra encryption comes in handy if you lose your device, protecting your wallet from tampering. You should create a backup of your wallet soon after you encrypt it. Additionally, you should hide your encrypted Bitcoin wallet in an encrypted and secure vault. Using a password manager to manage the password should make the job easier while providing that additional security.

The Takeaway

To secure your Bitcoin wallet, you need to look into the weaknesses of a Bitcoin wallet and find ways to cover those shortcomings. For instance, in this case, the cybersecurity tools cover for the lack of anonymity in the Bitcoin wallet. Using an offline wallet, using cybersecurity tools and encrypting your wallet are but a few of the many ways to secure your Bitcoin wallet. More importantly, you should update your information regularly since cyber attacks evolve constantly.


Download GBWhatsApp (6.60) Apk Latest Mod For All Phones 2019

Download GBWhatsApp (6.60) Apk Latest Mod For All Phones 2019

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp messenger, packed with unmatched features allowing you to modify your WhatsApp looks and feels to your preference. The GBWhatsapp can be really fun and interesting because with this mod version (GBWhatsApp 6.60 latest 2019) you have full control over the messenger. It gives you genuine access to customize your WhatsApp's appearance and features like change chat icons, theme, backgrounds, sending files up to 100mb, auto reply messages, and much more...

That being said, we all know the official WhatsApp has many features but it lacks the customization which you and I want. If you are one of those guys who wants to customize the looks and feels of WhatsApp messenger to suit your taste, today I want to share with you the latest mod of GBWhatsApp (6.60) for Android operating systems with beautiful looks and feels and customizable features.

The best thing is that you can Download Latest GB Whatsapp in order to use multiple Whatsapp accounts in One Mobile phone. You don't need to uninstall the original WhatsApp before installing the GBWhatsapp Apk. Best of all, you don't need to spend a dime for using GBWhatsapp, it's absolutely free to use.

Features Of GBWhatsApp (6.60) Apk Latest Mod 2019

If you ask me I will tell you that GB WhatsApp features are uncountable but here the most important to WhatsApp users:
  1. New added themes - it enable you to change the look and feel of the app (E.G. notifications icon, app icon, chat background, chat headers, etc).
  2. Improved Privacy options.
  3. Auto respond - it's capable of replying to your contacts automatically when you are busy or offline.
  4. Hide last seen - it lets you hide last seen.
  5. Ability to hide Read Receipts.
  6. It allows users to send up to 50MB video instead of 16MB in the official WhatsApp.
  7. It allows you to send up to 100MB of audio files instead of 16 MB as the official limit.
  8. Sending multiple images (up to 100) at the same time instead of 10 images in regular version.
  9. Copy the status of contacts simply by tapping on their status.
  10. Ability to send all files formats such  Apk, PDF, jar, Doc, etc.
  11. Latest new style of chat bubbles, blue ticks.
  12. Updated Emojis Added.
  13. Can be along with other WhatsApp app.
  14. Dissable voice and video calls.
  15. Conversations lock feature.
So guys, if you are looking for how to download gbwhatsapp the latest version free for Android, simply press the "Download Now" button below to download and install GB WhatsApp apk. The whole process will just take a few moments.

Download GBWhatsApp Apk - Latest

Title: GBWhatsapp apk
Download type: safety (no torrent/no viruses)
Rating: 100%
Updated: 22.08.2018
File size: 35MB
License: free
Special requirements: no.

GBWhatsApp 6.60 Mod for Android

Follow this link for GBWhatsApp GBWhatsApp download latest versionDownload now and enjoy some amazing features!!!
MTN Night Browsing: Activation, Charges & Validity 2019

MTN Night Browsing: Activation, Charges & Validity 2019

MTN recently upgraded its Data plans list and included the MTN Night Browsing which have 2G 3G for prepaid customers to enjoy Unlimited downloads, Chats on Social Networking Sites. These are only working between 12 Am to 5 Am.

Today, in this outstanding guide, you will get to know all about the MTN Night Browsing 2019. So look down to see very much instructional guide on the MTN Night Browsing code as I'm going to show you the activation codes, charges, and validity below.

Of course, there are other good data plans on the MTN network but why the MTN Night Browsing is another great choice?

OK, just imagine yourself being a busy person throughout the whole day and wouldn't have time to go online in daytime, certainly the MTN Night Browsing is all you need to keep you up till 5:00 Am when you got some assignments to solve or whenever you feel like not sleeping despite all the stress from work.

The mtn pulse night browsing has been my all-time best data plan whenever I feel like to download or stream movies online. Although MTN had decrease the volume of their hourly night data plans from 500MB @ N25 to 125MB @ N25, 1.5GB @ N50 to 250MB @ N50. However, you can still use it to download unlimitedly because multiple purchases are allowed.

Mtn night browsing on pulse data plan

If you are among those who search for “What time is MTN Night Plan” Note that MTN allows their night plans subscribers to start surfing from 12am-5am as it is the highest time for night browsing.

How To Subscribe For The MTN Night Plans - MTN Pulse Night Browsing

The MTN night browsing on pulse data plan has ever been a savvy way to enjoy all the lightning download speed at night.

To Activate MTN Night Plans

Note that the MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle is only available to subscribers on the mtn pulse package. Which means you have to migrate to the MTN pulse in order to get the exclusive offers attached. Before we forge ahead with our main topic, let me quickly show you how you can migrate to MTN pulse fast.

How To Migrate To MTN Pulse

To migrate to the MTN pulse, simply dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#. Alternatively, you can text 406 to 131 to “migrate” to the MTN Pulse.

MTN pulse

Upon the successful migration, all you need do is to follow the below procedure to activate MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle.

MTN pulse night browsing code

MTN 25 Naira Night Browsing Plan (MTN Pulse )

To opt-in for the mtn 25 naira midnight subscription on pulse, follow the instructions  below (mtn night plan activation code):
  • Simply text N125 to 131 
  • You will be automatically subscribed for 125MB @ N25 after sending N125 to 131 and the subscription fee of N25 will be deducted.
  • The main nightlife browsing valid from 12am-5am and that's why MTN defines it as happy hour data bundle.

MTN 50 Naira Night Plan - MTN Night Browsing on Pulse Data Plan

  • To activate mtn 50 naira night browsing plan, kindly send N250 to 131 to subscribe for the 250MB @ N50.
  • It’s Valid from 12am-5am (5 hours).
According to MTN official, 
You can activate the 125MB Pulse Nightlife bundle four (4) times (i.e. 125MB + 125MB+ 125MB + 125MB = 500MB) or the customer can activate the 250MB Pulse Nightlife bundle two (2) times (i.e. 250MB + 250MB = 500MB). 

How to Check MTN Night Browsing Data Balance

After you might have already subscribed, it may happen that you  wish to check out the remaining data allocated to you but don't know how to check your MTN night browsing data, finally here is how to check data balance on mtn night plan:

To check your Pulse Nightlife bundle balance, simply dial *559*96#.

Final Thought About The MTN Night Browsing On Pulse Data Plans

The MTN Night Browsing is just the best data plan you can get when it comes to night surfing with lightning speed. I hope this post has helped you to enjoy the Pulse Nightlife Bundles at cheaper rates.