8 Rules for a Long-Term Trading Career

8 Rules for a Long-Term Trading Career

No matter what you do, there are some basics or rules that will make you a successful trader. In the world of trading, stock trading and cryptocurrency speculation is always a risky game, and should not be treated as a game, once can become very successful following the news flow, which starts with using our free Live Stock Charts.
Remember the old adage - no matter what you do, it's how you make yourself a winner. So, if you enter the online trading arena, follow these ten trading rules:

Rule 1: Always follow your business plan

We encourage all traders to follow a business plan or strategy. Because we are human beings, we are tempted to break the rules. This is known as a non-disciplinary approach to trading and can cost you a lot of time.

Rule 2: Keep learning

You cannot stick to one strategy. As the market is constantly changing, you must also change your strategies. It requires daily training. You need to study the market trends and choose your strategy accordingly. Over time, you will build a deep knowledge base, making you a successful trader.

Rule 3: Protect your capital

It can take years to save and finance your trading account. So always protect your capital. But that doesn't mean that loss is never right. Losses are sometimes inevitable. Capital protection means that you should avoid taking risks that can deprive you of business.

Rule 4: Risk only what you lose

If you talk about risk, let's face it, you have to take the risk if you want to stay at risk. However, it is never advisable to risk money that you cannot afford to lose. For example, the money you deposit into your trading account may not be your child's higher education.

Rule 5: Use technology to your advantage

The tools available to modern traders are quite advanced. They are also constantly evolving. Technologies such as research tools and business automation can provide you with the information you haven't had before. Now you can even manage locations on the go with your phone. Why not use all this flexibility to your advantage?

Rule 6: Never throw the market away

Trying to beat the market will crush you. The market is constantly moving in a spiral and can suck you at any time. After careful analysis, wait patiently and roll the dice.

Rule 7: Prepare an exit strategy

Before entering a position, it is always wise to have an established exit strategy. Include it in your business plan if it helps. Write how you get out of the winning or losing position. Experienced traders say this is the end that determines whether you lose or win.
The exit strategy is not always about stopping losses. You can also use the end of time or activity. The type of market activity can also help you determine your exit.

Rule 8: Accept your loss, but learn from it

Trade is not always about winning. In fact, if you take a closer look, it is usually a loss. Successful traders always think of trading in terms of how much money they can afford to lose.
No business plan is complete proof. You will lose. It is best to accept as you enter the field. But not so, these losses hold valuable lessons for traders. Start from a trading diary to learn from your mistakes. Indicate what went wrong to avoid this mistake in the future. This record will also, help you evaluate the performance of your business plan.

It is also important to have sufficient knowledge about trading and choosing the right CFD trading platform. But without a disciplined approach, you will never be successful. Trading is never easy, but if you follow these golden rules, you will succeed even if you ever lose.


Six Sigma Concept In Companies

Six Sigma Concept In Companies

“Just two years after the Six Sigma system was launched, Motorola was awarded the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. 10 years after the launch of the Six Sigma program, i.e. in the period from 1987 to 1997. The company has achieved outstanding results, including:

· Fivefold increase in sales with a 20% annual increase in profits
· The average annual growth rate of stock prices at 21.3%
· The total savings from the implementation of the Six Sigma program in the amount of $ 14 billion.

Motorola's corporate accomplishments were the result of several hundred separate improvement activities in the design, production and after-sales services in all of the company's business units”.

“Six Sigma is the principle of our work at DuPont. 1,200 employees of the company are certified Black Belts and 250 Masters of the Black Belt. They marked the beginning of our efforts, but the application of Six Sigma mechanisms, methodologies and thinking is now widespread. A new direction in Six Sigma for us is to increase the number of projects that bring more revenue. More than 1,300 such projects were implemented in 2002, and in 2003 the number of such projects was doubled”.

“We have been applying the Six Sigma methodology to the company General Electric for the ninth year, and this has already become an invariable initiative - Six Sigma is the method of our work. Over the past year, we have implemented more than 50,000 projects in three main areas: work with our clients aimed at resolving their issues; improvement of internal processes in order to improve interaction with customers and increase revenue; expanding the supply of high-tech products and services to the market”.

“In 2001-2002, all projects implemented under the Six Sigma program had a positive impact on reducing costs and shortening the time cycle, and on improving the service of domestic and foreign clients. For the third year in a row, Bombardier has exceeded the results achieved with Six Sigma.
“According to the guidance we received, the average rate of return on a project could be approximately $ 250,000. Initial projects brought us twice as much profit. I believe that a certain specificity is inherent in each type of business, since every business has differences, but we were quite satisfied. In the first year, we have completed 70 projects”.

And many other foreign companies apply this concept.




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How To Activate 9mobile 1.5gb For N200?

How To Activate 9mobile 1.5gb For N200?

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How Do I activate 9mobile 1.5GB for N200?

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Can I subscribe for 9mobile 1.5GB for N200?
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Devices that support 9mobile 1.5GB for N200

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How to activate Glo 1.2GB for N200_ valid for 3 days

How to activate Glo 1.2GB for N200_ valid for 3 days

Few days ago, Airtel download bundle came to limelight, where users or customers can get 1GB for just N350. Today, Glo is offering something more affordable.
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What you must know about Glo 1.2GB for N200

If you are interesting in activating the phone, you must take note of the below questions and answers, acknowledgement and important notes:
*. Glo data cap: 1.2GB
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The Glo 1.2GB for N200 is valid for 3days, and it works for all Smartphones, Laptops, iPhones, Modems. Here is how to activate the Glo 1.2GB for N200 and enjoy.

How to activate Glo 1.2GB for N200

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That’s all. Enjoy your bundle plan. This is one of the best Glo data plan for the year. Although, 9mobile, MTN are also offering something similar too.
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How to Style Hair for the Right Face Shape?

How to Style Hair for the Right Face Shape?

Hairstyling methods is the way to be in the know regarding the most recent patterns that work for your face shape. Coordinating the correct hair part with the face shape is another condition to make our look work. The individuals who might feel that this needs to be done in an odd way would be really disappointed. Truth be told, the side and the method of brushing the hair in either heading when done improperly can ruin our appearance. Discover more on the guidance of beauty supply outlet on the most proficient method to combine hair parting with different facial highlights.

Hair Styling that complements your face shape

Some depend on nature when choosing which hair separating to select. In fact, it very well may be one of the conventional arrangements, anyway with the advancement and improvement of hairdressing this will before long change. Picking the correct bearing and side ought to rely upon our noticeable facial highlights. Taking the stunts of famous people can be one of the principle wellsprings of motivation.
In spite of the fact that it may sound testing to change our hair separating, it is as yet helpful to add a sweet pizazz to our strands. With this little makeover, you'll quickly see an adjustment in the extents of the face just as in the entire look. From the start, quieting the locks may appear to be troublesome, anyway with the utilization of legitimate hair styling items and apparatuses it tends to be done in a moment. These are a portion of the normal face shapes and the perfect hair separating that can complement the principle resources of our face.

Elliptical Face

Those who were honored with brooding look shape will have a simple activity to pick among the partings. Since practically these match the essential characteristics of these facial highlights. In any case, it appears that experts will in general grade to the center part alternative. The individuals who search for some definition can take as a compass the scaffold of the nose and utilize a top-notch brush to make the center line that isolates the two sides of the head.
Making a comparatively adjusted look will help you in making the absolute most sleek hairdos available. This is the perfect separating method which would draw out the best of the length of your face and would adjust the inevitable imbalances.

Round Face

It may appear to be astounding that round face shapes are best complemented with the assistance of a center separating. This hairstyling procedure can add a few points and length to the facial highlights. In this way, start brandishing your strands in a comparative style to try and out the extent contrasts.
Utilize the teeth or the tail of your brush to make the best possible situation of the strands. Think about the internal part of the arrangement as the perfect purpose of takeoff. Lift the strands and help the procedure with your hands if important.

Square Face

Similarly, to adjust face formed individuals, the individuals who possess a square face can likewise appreciate the respect of game side-separated hairdos. Be that as it may, it appears that corner to corner separating is similarly as immaculate. This will quiet the sharp points of your highlights and will promptly add delicateness and refinement to your appearance.

Additionally, this stunt has likewise the capacity to add tallness to the temple and take from the width. Brush the hair to the ideal side contingent upon the length of the nose, make it smooth, uncovering your face or fairly brushed in the face to cover a specific extent of the temple.

Heart-Shaped Face

This kind of face shape can likewise be breathtakingly coordinated with side-separating just as slanting. The ampleness of the temple, for this situation, is conversely with the thinness of the jawline. In this way, the progressive answer for juggling with the extents is to pick the best hair part.
For this situation brush your strands to the side, covering an area or totally blazing the entire face contingent upon your inclinations and certainty. Utilize the correct hairstyling items as wax and hairspray to make a quite fab impact on your company.

Final Words

From the tasteful side-part to the vanguard crisscross parts all can make extraordinary progress among the individuals who are enamored with exploring different avenues regarding spic and span haircuts. The key to progress lies practically speaking, in the event that you have figured out how to evaluate every one of the plans, you'll have the option to discover which one suits your face best.
As opposed to misguided judgments, there are no limitations when picking the side. The two people can wobble between the privilege or the left half of the head. In any case, most importantly looking through the various styles is the key to the final choice process.