New Airtel Prepaid Data Plans For All Devices (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, PC, and Modem)

Airtel - the smartphone network. As the name implies, Airtel is one of the smartest data network company that has covered some parts of Africa, Asia and other 20 countries respectively and has a user friendly broad bandwidth. Their list of prepaid plans covers the most affordable data subscriptions for Android phones and other gadgets. The Airtel's prepaid data plans is considered one of the best data bundles in Nigeria, Ghana, India, and some other countries.
There are lots of Airtel's data plans, e.g. smartSPEEDOO data plans, Airtel SmartTRYBE (trybe), but here we would provide you a well detailed information about the new Airtel prepaid data plans that work on all devices (Airtel data plan for Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Modem), and how to check Airtel data plan balance with USSD codes.

Airtel prepaid data plans

In the list we have almost airtel prepaid data plan activation for smartphones. These include: Airtel Unlimited Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Time based bundles activation codes, you can check them out below.

List Of Airtel Prepaid Data Plans With Subscription Codes (Latest Airtel data plan for smartphones)

Airtel Daily Internet Bundles
*410# - Airtel Daily data bundle alternatively known as 1-Day subscription for 100 naira. This is one of the Airtel prepaid data plans that offers you a rich bouquet of data bundles to meet your internet needs, the data volume is caped at 75MB.

*412# - This is the Airtel subscription code for 200 naira valid for 3-days. The Airtel 200 naira subscription gives you a huge amount of data worth 200MB to browse, download and watch YouTube videos. You can subscribe for this plan by dialing *412#. You don't need to be told that this 3 day data subscription is indeed a best choice data plan you should go for when you can't afford monthly bundle.

Airtel Weekly Internet Bundles 
*417# - This Airtel weekly bundle offers 350mb for just 300 naira valid for 7-days (1-week).

*418# - This is another Airtel weekly bundle that last for 2-weeks (14-days), the data volume is caped at 750mb for 500 naira. To subscribe for Airtel EASY BUNDLE simply dial *418# and enjoy the fastest 4G internet speed.

Airtel Monthly Prepaid internet Bundles
*496# - This is Android 1.0 data plan that offers 1.5GB worth of data for 1,000 naira valid for 30-days.

*437*1# - Android 1.5 data subscription for 2.5GB + 1GB bonus data with just 1,5000 naira valid for 1-month. The bonus data can be used between 1 am to 7Am.

•  *438# - Android 3.5 This data plan is caped at 7.5GB for 3,500 naira valid for 30 days.

Airtel 2G Internet Prepaid Packs 
Airtel 2G internet packages offers non stop internet browsing, chatting, downloads on your 2g smartphone. If you are looking for airtel 1gb with 100 naira, below is the airtel 2g data plan - codes.

Airtel 2G Weekly Prepaid Packs
*482*1# - This Airtel 2G package gives you 1GB worth of data for 200 naira, valid for 7 days. To subscribe dial *482*1#.

*482*2# - This Airtel data plan is offered at 500 naira for 3GB valid for 1 week. Dial *482*2# to subscribe.

Airtel Data Plans For Blackberry
This blackberry prepaid data plan subscription & code is usable on all Blackberry OS7 devices as well as none blackberry.

*440*16# - The Airtel BB unlimited monthly plan is valid for 25 days and the data volume is caped at 3.5GB.

How to check your Airtel Data Balance
To check or know your remaining Airtel data balance, here is simple Airtel data plan balance code to check your Airtel prepaid data plans balance. Dial *223# or *140# and your remaining data will pop-up on your phone's screen immediately.



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