Social Media Data Bundles For Airtel, 9Mobile, MTN, Glo For Less Data Usage On Social Network sites

Do you know that social media sites consumes a lot of data? Most especially twitter, instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites due to bunch of pictures, videos, Ads and frequency News feed. That's why purchasing a separate Social Media Data for your regular social media activities would be a great idea, among these data bundles, we have Airtel social bundle plan, Glo, MTN Social Plans and 9Mobile social media data subscription for smartphone users.

All these social media data comes with normal bandwidth at a cheap prices and it works on any Android device, either through or visit fb download page for free facebook app. The social media data is designed to help you minimize data untimely zapping.

If you are such a person who based on accessing social media sites only then why must you subscribe for what you wouldn't exhaust before it expires, read full details below as this article contains useful information on social media data bundle subscription code that reflects the latest development in Nigeria telecom service provider's data packs.

Airtel Facebook Flex
Airtel Facebook Flex is a new flexible social media data that allows you to access only Facebook without touching your airtime or even when you are out of airtime and it's exclusive to Airtel, the Smartphone Network in Nigeria! Facebook flex let you decide when to use data. Facebook flex doesn't require any tricks or subscription code, just see how it works below.

Note: Facebook flex is a Social media data bundle that comes in two variants, they are Free mode and data mode. The free mode can be used to do all tasks on facebook such as like,  share, comment and status updating while on the data mode you can streams facebook videos shared by loved ones, and photos.

How To Use Airtel Facebook Flex Data plan 
  • Turn On your phone's data connection
  • Visit and you would be automatically redirected to Airtel flex service page, alternatively, you may use your Android facebook app to enjoy free facebook.

Glo Social Media Data Bundle
Glo Nigeria has the most cheapest internet data plans that covers all your needs so for this reason, Glo has no exact social media data plans. Just sub to any of Glo data plan and access facebook for free from your mobile and do more online. 

MTN GoodyBag Social Media Data 
MTN GoodyBag social is category of data subscription that allows you to chat, tweet and share media posts. With MTN GoodyBag social you get more and pay less.
You would enjoy nonstop chatting, tweeting, sharing and lot more on any of your favorite social media app or website.

Among these data plans, we have GoodyBag daily N25, GoodyBag weekly N50 and GoodyBag monthly N150, MTN GoodyBag social bundle plans keeps you connected to your loved ones anytime, anywhere.

You can also pick any five (5) GoodyBag  social bundles of your choice for N50 daily, N150 weekly and N500 monthly.

To subscribe to any social media data bundle Simply dial *131*3# or text the keyword of your preferred App to 131. E.g., for MTN WhatsApp Bundle, text WAD to 131. See check below for USSD and short codes for facebook app, Eskimi and other social media apps respectively.

You can subscribe for any of the goodybag subscription plan by either USSD Codes or send keywords of the plan of your choice to 131 as detailed below.

MTN GoodyBag Daily N25 Subscription
  • MTN WhatsApp Bundle Daily “WAD” to 131
  • Facebook Daily “FBD” to 131
  • 2Go Daily “2GOD” to 131
  • Twitter Daily “TWTD” to 131
  • Instagram Daily “INSD” to 131
  • WeChat Daily “WCD” to 131
  • Ninmbuzz Daily “NIMD” to 131
  • Eskimi Daily “ESKD” to 131.

MTN GoodyBag Weekly N50 Subscription
  • Instagram weekly - INSW to 131
  • Ninmbuzz weekly - NIMW to 131
  • MTN WhatsApp Bundle - WAW to 131
  • Facebook weekly - “FBW” to 131
  • WeChat - “WCW” to 131
  • Twitter weekly - “TWTW” to 131.

MTN GoodyBag Social Media data N150 Monthly Subscription
  • WhatsApp monthly - WAM to 131
  • Facebook Monthly - FBM to 131
  • WeChat monthly - WCM to 131
  • Ninmbuzz monthly - NIMM to 131
  • Eskimi monthly - ESKM to 131
  • 2GO monthly sub - 2GOM to 131
  • Instagram monthly - INSM 131
  • Twitter monthly - TWTM to 131

How To Check MTN GoodyBag Social Media Data Balance
I heard someone said there is no way to check GoodyBag social plans data balance which I don't think so, You can check how much data you have left on the goodybag social plans even if you subscribed to multiple of GoodyBag plans. To check your remaining social media data volume, simply dial *559*25# and you will see the details of  what you have left on each of the social  plans.

How To Opt-out Of GoodyBag Social Media Data Auto Renewal 
To opt-out of any goodybag subscription, simply add “STOP” to the keyword and send it to 131. For example, if you want to opt-out of Twitter Monthly, simply send “STOPTWTM” to 131. And it will stop the subscription. You may also dial *662#, select the particular goodybag social plan you want to stop and you will see the option to unsubscribe. Once you select the option to unsubscribe, you will get a notification immediately for it.

9Mobile Smartpaks
9Mobile Smartpaks is a group of social media data bundles that gives you unlimited access to your favourite apps with new 9Mobile data subscriptions. whether you want to chat, get social, watch movies or live sports, 9Mobile all-day or all-week social media bundles give you the freedom to choose a pak that suit your needs.

9Mobile Smartpaks include hourly, daily and weekly plans, 9mobile has different social media data paks to fit every pocket and every lifestyle.

The 9Mobile Smartpaks can only be used to gain access into any instant messaging apps, such as whatsApp, BBM & WeChat. The 9Mobile video pak offers two uninterrupted hours of video streaming. This data bundle gives you enough time to enjoy a live football match, catch a movie, or chill out with YouTube videos.

You can as well use the social media pak to stay connected to facebook, twitter, instagram and BBM.

The Smartpaks plans which consist of Whatsapp, BBM, WeChat, Eskimi, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter subscriptions, all have three subscription plans which include daily, weekly and monthly plans. The daily plan cost N50, while the weekly cost N150 and monthly cost N400.

9Mobile Smartpaks Plans Subscriptions
You can subscribe to any Smartpaks data plans, simply dial *200# and select option 3 for the data menu. choose option 3 for smartpaks.

Smartpaks Subscription USSD Codes
  • Daily *343*5*5# - N50
  • Weekly *343*5*6# - N150
  • Monthly *343*5*7# - N400
  • WeChat, WhatsApp and BBM only.

9Mobile Social Me Pak Subscription Code
  • Social me pak daily *343*6*7# - N100
  • Social Me Pak Weekly *343*6*8# - N300
  • Social Me Pak Monthly *343*6*9# - N700
All these paks enables you to access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, Whasapp, BBM and Wechat only.

9Mobile Video Pak Subscription
  • Hourly *229*3*5# - N400, Here you would enjoy 2 hours of unlimited video streaming from any app.
  • Daily *253*1# - N500

This pak give you a 3 hours of uninterrupted video streaming + free night streaming for 3 days.  And *253*2# for 7 days unlimited video streaming with free night streaming all night.

9Mobile Special Smart Social Pak
Special smart social pak weekly *343*6*12# - N700
This pak work with BBM, whatsApp, facebook, twitter, eskimi, instagram, wechat, kakao Talk App only.

How To Check 9Mobile Data Subscription Bundle Balance
For those asking for how to check 9Mobile Data Subscription Bundle Balance, it ask easy, simply dial *228# to check your MB data balance easily or via SMS by sending INFO from your phone's SMS app to 228.

With All network social media data bundles, there's never a dull moment! Stay connected with your loved ones!



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