Etisalat: 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat Working Via New Proxy Server In Anonytun

(Etisalat) 9Mobile Latest free browsing cheat is now working via new proxy server on Anonytun. This (9Mobile) Etisalat Anonytun cheat is not unlimited as it's capped at 60MB every 24 hours though it's still manageable because there is a popular saying which stated that: “half bread is better than none”, i.e. if you used up 60 megabyte today, you won't be able to connect to the internet again till next day unless you subscribe for a 9Mobile data plan, but if you are lucky; you can use more than 60mb of data as said by #9mobile official.

9mobile free browsing cheat

If you are my regular reader (visitor), did you enjoyed the 9Mobile unlimited free browsing cheat which was recently blocked? Check it out!

Whatever your answer may be; don't worry, an alternative method of Anonytun free browsing cheat on etisalat is here with new proxy server. The data volume may be too small but at least it can update one or two apps on Google Play Store.

As we all know, this data plan is a social media data plan which could be used to access, youTube, twitter, G+, Skype, Instagram, snapchat and more...

But with the help of Anonytun VPN this social bundle (data) can power all app on your smartphone without being restricted.

Without wasting much of your time, let's start with the procedure of (etisalat) 9mobile free browsing cheat via Anonytun Proxy server.

Note: This 9mobile free browsing cheat is  100% working as at the time of writing this post and it may get blocked at anytime, so use it while it last. It works on old etisalat sim and the new 9mobile sim, enjoy!

Like i said earlier, the power of this Etisalat free browsing cheat lies on Anonytun VPN so if you want to enjoy this (9mobile) etisalat cheat to the fullest you must have the following tools in your Android phone;

• 9mobile|Etisalat sim with 0.00naira and no data on it
• Good 3G/4G connection
• Anonytun VPN - install it if not yet installed on your Android device.

Anonytun Settings For 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat Via New Server

You don't need to do any manual APN internet settings for this this 9mobile free browsing cheat to work, just use the default settings.

Now open the Anonytun ==> navigation icon click on three white dot ==> VPN Settings ==> MTU Size and change it to 1500 ==> Google DNS On/Off and tick On and save the settings.

After that click on Stealth Settings ==> Stealth Tunnel On/Off tick to on ==> Connection Protocol HTTP ==> Connection Port==> 8080.

Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

• Tick to On

Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

•Request method post
•Injection method: Normal
•Tick on keep alive and useragent
•Click on generate, save the settings

Now go to anonytun vpn main menu and click on connect and enjoy the 9Mobile free browsing cheat via new server. 



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