How To Download - Play PSP Games On Android Using PPSSPP Emulator

PPSSPP is one amongst the foremost purposeful PSP emulators obtainable, and you'll be able to even use it on your smartphone. detain mind that so as to run most games at acceptable speed, you'll have a more recent Android device. Older devices is also too slow to run PPSSPP Games properly. If you have got custom code put in on your PSP to enjoy all PSP Games, you'll be able to dump your own PSP discs and replica them to your smartphone.


In this post we shall cover all the available processes on installing PPSSPP and how to extract PSP ISO games.

To start with the processes; first of all download and install PPSSPP Emulator (PSP ROM for Android) on your Android from Google Play Store for free.

How To Download PPSSPP - PSP Emulator? 

Open the Play Store from your phone and type “PPSSPP” in the search box, a result will come up with different sorts of ppsspp related apps, just tap on PPSSPP - PSP Emulator and wait for installation process to be completed.

After that, open the emulator App which you have installed in step 1, now it's time to download some PSP games.

How To Download PSP Games For PPSSPP Emulator

You may visit either from your mobile phone or PC, click on any PPSSPP Game you want to download ==> tap on “Continue Reading” scroll down and click on “slow speed download” then wait for about 30 minutes countdown. Now your file is ready for download (tap on download now) to save the file. Alternatively, I suggest, PSP ISO, CSO games can also be download from emuparadise with ease.

When the game is being downloaded, go to download's folder on your Android device and extract it, open the extracted folder; there you will see the PPSSPP Games ISO file that we needed. Move move the PSP ISO game into storage/emulated/0/PSP/Game folder in your phone.

I hope we are following? Well, since we have everything needed to play PSP Games, the next step is to know if the PPSSPP emulator will for works on our phone type by downloading cube test program.

Cube test program can be download from, go to the site and click on (downloads) from the top site navigation, scroll down, skip all other downloading options and click on cubes program and save to your phone or PC.

To know if PSP ISO games or cube test program will work on your device, simply copy either of the files to SDcard ==> PSP==> Game past it here, if the cube test program works; that means you are ready to play PSP Games on your Android device.

 Now open the PPSSPP Emulator and click on Game folder, here you would see the list of ISO Games on your Android, tap on any PSP ISO game you want to play and enjoy!

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