New 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat Settings on Anonytun VPN

  Enjoy the new 9mobile free browsing cheat with Anonytun VPN android app. This application enables you to surf,download freely and keeps all your internet activities encrypted, see below for settings and how to make it work. Don't get it twisted, in case you don't Know; 9mobile NG is a Rebranded name of Etisalat NG.

Note: This this cheat is not unlimited as it's just a browsing settings for 9mobile, it caped at 60MB of data, that means you will only be able to enjoy 60mb daily as long as this tricks works, there is no restrictions on this one. All the 9mobile subscribers can enjoy it being you a post-paid or pre-paid user, works on new and old Etisalat NG SIM cards, all you have to do is to set up the   Anonytun setting for 9mobile accurately.

Here comes a brand new free browsing vpn on 9mobile named “Anonytun VPN” it is almost has the same settings with the etisalat 0.00k tweak but the key difference is that Etisala 0.00k free cheats is unlimited while this one is caped at 60mb per day. But I promise you will surly enjoy this one because others have been enjoying the Glo 0.0kb Latest Cheat and it's still working pretty cool.

9mobile anonytun vpn settings for free cheat will be discuss right after this paragraph, read it carefully so you could be able to do the settings and enjoy. Since this one is not unlimited  I would suggest you should try Glo Glo UC Mini Handler Settings For Unlimited Free Downloads which is still blazing hot.

9mobile 60mb free cheat Requirements:
- Anonytun VPN Download-here
- 9mobile sim card either new or old with 0.00 data or airtime balance.
- Strong network cover area
- Anonytun setting for 9mobile

Anonytun VPN settings For 9mobile free data
First of all you will have to download Anonytun VPN APK install it and configure it with the settings below:

click on the Stealth Setting and enable the Stealth tunnel mode if it was disabled
Configure the connection protocol as:

- Connection Protocol : HTTP
- Connection port: 8080

Tab and drag to left on custom TCP/HTTP headers to enable it
Then Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and set it as this:

- URL/
- Requested method: POST
- Injection method: Normal
- Tick on the user agent √

Now click on the Generate button to save the setup and return to Anonytun VPN's main menu, tap on the Connect option and for about 30secs - 1 minute depending on your network capacity after all these processes completed then you are good to go, downloading and browsing begins, now enjoy the free browsing vpn on 9mobile!

Sorry it's capped just 60mb, (9mobile 60mb) stay logged for more and unlimited cheats coming your way soon.



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