How To Use Glo EasyShare And Share Your Credit With Loved Ones

Well, this is no longer a new feature on Glo network, this feature has been in existence for some time now and presently is the simple method of sharing your call credits with your loved ones that are using Glo lines and thousands of people have been using it before now.

This stress-free feature makes it easy for you to share call airtime(credit) with your friends, family coworkers, school mates or other relations with no stress, simple and understandable.

This article is for those who don't know about Glo EasyShare service, and a recall back for those who have once or been using it.

How Do Use EasyShare
All you need to do whenever you want to share or transfer credits to your loved ones is to apply the USSD below; press *131*reciepient phone number* amount to be tranfer*your 5 digit pin# if haven't changed your personal identification number (PIN)  then your default pin should be 00000.

Let's assume you want to transfer 500 to my number which goes like; *131*08079360418*500*00000# and tap on the send,ok or green button and would be prompt to reply with 1 to continue or 2 to cancel. See example below

You have requested a credit transaction of 500.00NGN for 0807936041. Press 1 to confirm, press 2 to cancel.

If you want to  transfer 500 to my number then you should reply with 1 otherwise press 2 to cancel the transaction.

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Immediately you confirmed the transaction, a confirmation message will be sent to you by SMS that your transfer is completed.
The recipient will also be notified about the transaction with your number in the message like
You received a credit transfer of N500 from 090523688558.....

I hope you find this article useful? 
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