How I got My Google Adsense Account Approval in 4 Easy Steps

Today I will show you how I got my Googl Adsense Account Approval with these 4 easy steps after so many try and error.

We must have known that getting Adsense Account Approval this days is somehow stressful due to one mistake or the other, But when we correct our mistakes it would be very much easier for us to be excepted into Google Adsense Revenue program. Read  Adsense Policies Here.

well, I know there are many ways you could get Adsense account approval but in this case I'm telling you out of my experience, I have read and tried many of those tricks on the but none seems to work out for me until I used these 4 easy steps of getting Adsense account approval and it really works for me at last.

Adsense Revenue is the best paying-ads program for bloggers but at times to be accepted into the platform and in order to have AdSense Ads on your site/blog might be so difficult but you should never give up, keep working hard and put your practice to work.

How to get Approved quickly

How To get Adsense Account Approval  For Blogspot Site

STEP 1: Figure out what is really the issue with your site or blog that is not allowing you  to get approval; is it plagiarism, insufficient contents, privacy policies issue?  It's very important to know which one is hindering you from not getting Adsense approval and apply a solution to it and get it fix.  If it is plagiarism problem, and those contents are rightfully composed by you then what you should do is to make a proper editing, change some phrases and keywords or use any online plagiarism checker to show you where exactly is being plagiarised.

But in my own case; I choose to deleted everything on my blog which left my site with zero post then I start afresh because I  was pretty sure that all articles on my blog as of then was all copied from other sites, and if  you know you did the same Just like me “copycat” then you should follow my lead and delete all copied post from your site. And if your own case is that of insufficient contents then all you gat to do is to write and post more articles on your blog in order to get approval.

The most common problems faced by some bloggers that block them from getting adsense approval may be the “privacy policy ”  or some other requirements to comply with adsense policies then you should try to check your site's About Us, Privacy Policy,  Contact Us pages to check f there is any error then correct it, and if it happens that you don't have those pages on your site quickly go and create them now.

STEP 2: Start afresh with good and High quality content. Do a thorough search on the topic which you want to write about as they might be other site that are already ranking for that particular post or keywords you are about to write on,   read at least 4-5 articles from different sources on that particular topic to gather enough information and put them down in your own way but make sure you are giving the information about same topic.

STEP 3: In this step I may say it is absolutely out of my own experience, it's quite different from what I have been reading online about the specific amount of articles/Posts a blog should have before apply for Adsense account and get approval, I was having about 45 good posts on my blog before I resubmit the application after 2 months of deleting the every single article on my blog and I got the approval but many people said that even 10-20 could get you approval but that's a blatant lie but I can't really tell the exact amount of posts .
However, I suggest you should keep it between 40-50 unique articles because I'm 80% sure that this method will really work for you because it work for me perfectly,   but keep it in mind that it will work only if  your contents is original and unique.

STEP 4: A custom domain play a big role in this step, Use a custom domain name for your blogspot or wordpress site. Don't use someone's image (copyrighted images ) in your post and make your site users friendly and easy to navigate with neat sidebars. That's not all but just few to mention and I'm not forgetting a post worth recommended here How To Get Quick Approved For Google Adsense by Confy Scenty My Mentor and the brain behind , a friend that I will never forget in a hurry. 



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  1. What can i say?

    You've really improved and am very happy your hard work is ready to start paying up.

    Your adsense approval adventure is one i know very well about, am glad you were patient enough to get what you truly deserved.

    I can also see you love the icon on our logo, you've borrowed it abi? Lols

    Am very happy for you and this article is what recommending to any Blogger still on the Adsense approval journey, even though i do not agree with the believe you have about one getting approved with just 10 articles, it does happen though rarely.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, as for the logo sorry I didn't take permission from you, yes I thieve_borrowed it #lol 😂! One love man