Latest Working Glo UC Mini Handler Settings For Unlimited Free Downloads

Yes! You can now surf and download unlimitedly with highest speed via the latest Glo UC mini Handler settings. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given below;

Free browsing
In a short while, let's check out on some tools required to get this cheat done. Do ensure you have all the requirements and follow the instructions given to configure the UC Mini Handler for Glo Unlimited free browsing tweak and Downloads.

1) Install UC mini 10.4.2 Handler from the link

Benefits Of The UC mini 10.4.2 Handler
  • SUPER FASTER: The UCmini V10.4.2 Handler is 2o% faster than any built in browser;
  • DATA SAVING: This version of UC mini handler saves 3o% of your data;
  • BATTERY UPTIMIZE: It uptimizes your battery its speed is light no much loading to processes data from and to the web.
  • STABLE CONNECTION: It doesn't disconnect often and the speed is wow!

2) Your Glo SIM card without airtime; zero balance on it

3) You should have it in mind that is also required because it really play a big role as a proxy website.

 UC mini 10.4.2 Handler Settings For Latest Glo Unlimited Free browsing  Cheat

Tap on the drop-down menu and select Android as your - Device (user agent)
Custom User Agent (UA):    Mozilla
Web user agent:   Mozilla
Referer Type:     real teferer
UC mini 10.4.2 Handler-Download-Limit:     1020
Mark the remove port option
Set "Real Host" as your type of proxy and "X-FACTOR-WEB" as your Custom Header  to be done with the configuration aspect, write in the proxy server address and put 80 as your "Real Proxy Port"  then you are finally done with the configuration path. 

 Now Tap on OK button to save the configuration settings.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD UNLIMITEDLY WITH UC mini 10.4.2 Handler settings 

Navigate to your UC mini handler menu;

Long press on the ongoing download file and tap on the three (3) vertical lines;

click on the details as shown above and you will see something like; 

Now copy the link of the selected file and open a new tab or any browser and type paste the file's link you copied earlier in the box provided at the bottom of the site and tap on the "GO" button This will take you to download menu.

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Note: once you click on the "download" the site will automatically rename your file to "browse.php" 

Don't worry, just rename it back to your original file format e.g. "UC mini 10.4.2 Handler.apk" 

I used .apk because what I'm downloading is Android App, you can use .mp3, .mp4 for audio and .3gp and mp4 as well. Feel the uniterupted speed and enjoy the "Latest Working Glo Unlimited UC Mini Handler Settings For Unlimited Free Downloads". Please do share with your love ones!



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