All Time Best 9Mobile Unlimited Free browsing Cheats That Rocks From August/October 2017

All Time Best 9Mobile Unlimited Free browsing Cheats That Rocks From August/October 2017

Here is a comprehensive update on 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat that rocks from August - October 2017. I'm sure many of you who rock the 9Mobile Cheats, 9Mobile Anonytun Cheat, 9Mobile Data Cheat, 9Mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat, Special Ramadan Offer, 9Mobile Chat Park  Free Browsing and other Latest free browsing cheat should know what I'm talking about here.

If you don't know about any of the above mentioned free browsing cheats then you have missed a lot.

However, there is still a chance for you because some of these 9Mobile unlimited free browsing cheat are still working perfectly.

We have enjoyed lot of Anonytun 9Mobile cheats, though some of these 9Mobile Cheats have been blocked for a while now but this update will help you find those that are still blazing 🔥.

Here I will highlight all the 9Mobile Cheats but I choose to start with 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat.

If you are my regular reader, I believe you have read about the 9Mobile free browsing cheat is back on Anonytun, this 9Mobile data cheats need a simple 9Mobile cheat settings on Anonytun to work.

This free browsing tweak is also known as 9Mobile 60MB Cheat and it's the trending 9Mobile latest cheat for now.

9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat Settings On Anonytun 

Lunch/open the Anonytun, click on the  navigation icon, tap on the three vertical white doted lines and tap on the  VPN Settings ==> MTU Size and change it to 1500 ==> Google DNS On/Off and tick On√ and save the settings.

After that click on Stealth Settings ==> Stealth Tunnel On√ ==> Connection Protocol HTTP ==> Connection Port==> 8080.

Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

• Tick On√

Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

•Request method post
•Injection method: Normal
•Tick on keep alive and useragent
•Click on generate, save the settings click on «connect».

9Mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via 51VPN

This is still another unlimited free browsing on 9Mobile that started from September which I believe is currently blazing for now, if you previously don't enjoyed it try it now. 

This 9Mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat is perfectly blazing hot on all devices with 51VPN.

All you need to do to enjoy this 9Mobile Cheats is to get 51VPN Apk download, once you've downloaded the 51VPN App install and continue with the configuration settings below. But before you continue, make sure you have and set aside the following tools; 
  1. 51VPN Apk download|install
  2. 9Mobile SIM with 0.0 NG balance
  3. And make sure you are in 3G/4G network coverage area for great result.

51VPN Apk Settings For 9Mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 

This vpn does not require too much settings just download 51VPN Apk here, select Japan Server as nodes from the list of unlimited servers.

Now click on the white up-pointed arrow to connect, see screenshot;

New 9Mobile Cheats

Finally, 51VPN is connected, enjoy your free browsing on 9Mobile with the magic of 51VPN Apk. It's faster, stable and keep you anonymous.

9Mobile Special Data Offer (Special Ramadan Offer) 

9Mobile previously brought back the once enjoyed special Ramadan offer that gives subscribers a huge data volume worth 1GB for 200 Naira.  

When 9Mobile was Etisalat, this offer was for some selected subscriberes but now 9Mobile has officially made it overall data plan which every user can enjoy anytime, any day. Here you will see or learn how to activate 9Mobile special offer and how long it would last.

How To Activate 9Mobile 1GB For N200 Special Offer

To activate this offer, make sure you have up to 200 naira on your line. Then dial *929*10# on your phone dialpad to activate the 9Mobile Offer.

How To Activate 9Mobile 1000 Naira For 5GB Special Offer

There is no actual way to activate the 9Mobile 1000 Naira for 5GB special offer, all you will do is to follow the 200 Naira produre, i.e. you should dial the code 5 time which is N1000 and you will be given 5GB for as low as 1000 Naira, dial *228# to check your 9Mobile special data offer balance.

For more highlights on 9Mobile free browsing cheat kindly click on the links below,

In this paragraph, I will be dropping the links to other related latest free browsing cheat on Naijasturf Blog and here I will start with the etisalat unlimited Your-freedom pack zip download follow by 9Mobile Latest Cheat9Mobile CheatsAnonytun settings for airtel and Anonytun settings for MTN  enjoy while it last, do you have any questions about this highlights? Let us know via the comment box below, thanks for coming. Stay tuned! 


16 Random Password Generators For Online Maximum Security

16 Random Password Generators For Online Maximum Security

What is the best way to ensure online maximum security? The answer to this question is indefinite but creating a strong passwords via random password generators would be the best answer.

Here you will learn how to avoid the common and dangerous passwords practices used by 85% of internet users with the help of some random password generators, it could be done through trusted password generator online or software on PC, Android.

Random Online Password generators

In recent survey conducted by ZoneAlarm, 85% consumers found to use risky password construction practices, such as their real (personal) information and easy to guess password (words).

I my self was once a victim of h*ckers, one of my gmail account was being  h*cked due to weak and common password, then i learnt so many things about password and that's why I come up with this topic.

Before I continue with the 16 Random Password Generators For Maximum Online Security let's look at some examples of some risky and common password you should avoid.

Here are examples of these in order from the top most commonly used password of all time.

Top 25 Most Used Passwords Of All Time

  • Admizone
  • Missyou 
  • Iloveyou 
  • 12345678
  • Ashley 
  • 123456
  • Password 
  • Princess 
  • 123456789
  • Gabriel
  • Jammy218
  • Qwerty 
  • Abc123
  • 12345
  • Nicole
  • Lovely 
  • Babaylove
  • Michael1981
  • 654321
  • Jessica07
  • Chelseafan
  • Mic83l4322
  • Elizabeth
  • Romeoandjuliet
How long are your passwords? How mixed and secure are they? Below shows the most common length of passwords created.

4% = 5 to 11 characters,
2% = 12 characters,
1% = 13 characters,
26% = 6 characters,
20% 8 charaters
19% = 7 characters,
12% = 9 characters
19% = 10 characters.

It's quite noticed that 4% of consumers who use some variant of the word “password”

25 Proportion of top 25 most commonly used passwords that has first name.

16% overall percentage of consumers who create passwords using a person's first name instead of using random password generators to create a strong passwords.

The most common length of password created by most internet users fall under 8 letters, i.e 6 letters. This short of the recommended length for best password protection, if you don't know how to create best password then Random password generators is recommended.

According to NASA guideline, it's recommended that all passwords should be at least eight characters and above.


It should also contain a mix of 4(four) different types of characters which must include uper case and lower case letters.

List Of Top Random Password Generators For Online Privacy 

  1. Free Password Generator - Is a memorable Password Generator tool that lets you choose between string letters, uper & lower case letters, digits and special symbols before entering the length you want and click on “generate” for you unique passwords.
  2. Strong Password Generator - As the name implies, strong password generator can generate a strong mix  password without any special characters that are up to 100 in length. Use strong password generator to create secure passwords that are impossible to guess.
  3. Norton Password Generator - Experience password freedom with Norton Identity Safe Password Generator (password generator Norton). The use of Norton identity  safe password generator allows you to mixed case letters, numbers and punctuation, and has the option to include no similar characters for extra security.
  4. PC Tools Password Generator - PC tools password lets you create your easy to remember passwords easier in just a few easy steps.
  5. Random Passwords Generator - Random password generator is the best free password manager which is trusted by 20+ million users and protect them from all potential threats.
  6. Online Password- Generator - Online password generator will guide you on how to create random strong passwords online, and has option to include uper case letters, special characters, repetation of letters, punctuations and digits.
  7. Last Pass - Last Pass is a best password generator which you can use to create secure random passwords.
  8. MSD Services Password Generator  - SSD Service is a great site to generate strong, secure passwords, you choose to use special characters or numeral mix together.
  9. XKPSWD - this site will help you create a pronouncable but yet a secure passwords, the site has special feature that allows to customize the way you want your passwords to be. 
  10. Little Lite - Password Generator - This is a great site that generates a single password per search, a pronouncable password generator.
  11. Online Security Tools - free 
  12. Domain Diagnosis - free
  13. The Bitmill 
  14. Password Generator  - free
  15. Random Password Generator
  16. Secure Password Generator 


Tips For Password Length And Security

  • When creating a password, use at least 14 characters or more but the commonly used is 6-8 characters.
  • The higher the mixed characters in your passwords, the better.
  • Test your password with a password checker and see how secure it is.
  • Write down your generated password so they can be remembered.

How To Create The Perfect Password 

  • Add Length With Numbers - add 2 numbers that are meaningful in between the sentence of your passwords.
  • Using the first letter of every word, turn your sentence into acronym.
  • Add length with punctuations and/or symbols, put punctuation marks at the beginning and the end of your password.
  • Start with a sentence or two, at least 10 characters total, think of something meaningful to you.
  • Use random password generators.

Types Of Passwords To Avoid

Cyber criminals uses sophisicated that can rapidly figure out your password so there some passwords you need to avoid e.g.
• Your personal details such as date of birth, your name, driver's licence, etc.
• Dictionary words in any language 
• Sequence or repeated characters.
• Word spelled backwards and Abbreviation.

Use any of these free random password generators for maximum online Security.


Latest WhatsApp Download For PC, Windows 7, Windows 8,8.1, Windows 10

Latest WhatsApp Download For PC, Windows 7, Windows 8,8.1, Windows 10

How to download WhatsApp for PC? Don't worry, here you would learn how to download WhatsApp for PC/Laptop.

The latest WhatsApp download for PC procedure, how to install and its features will discuss right here, keep scrolling 👇.

WhatsApp download for PC windows

The world famous messaging app (WhatsApp) was initially programmed to work on mobile devices such as; Android smartphone, Blackberry OS, iOS(iPhone), and Windows Phone.

The developers don't want PC user to be left out of the groove so they think of carrying along the windows OS user and introduced “WhatsApp Web version” which MAC or Windows PC users can chat on Whatsapp from their desktop by installing the Whatsapp program.

I believe most of mac or Windows PC users who loves using whatsapp web are still enjoying their chats with their loved ones and it seems to work well so far.

However, this latest WhatsApp Download for PC has almost same features as seen in WhatsApp Web, though you don't have to use any internet browser to run it, it's an app (native app) on its own just as WhatsApp for mobile.

WhatsApp for PC has the same features and functions just as it was in the mobile version of the app.

Note: Before using WhatsApp for Desktop you would need to scan QR code via a smartphone the same process as on WhatsApp web in order to associate you new WhatsApp login with the previous one on the phone. If you don't have WhatsApp on your phone then here to download WhatsApp for mobile (Android) and continue with the process and start chatting!

Features Of WhatsApp For PC

Whatsapp for windows PC is beautiful designed with great user interface and well arranged navigations, see more features below;

• Voice Call when connected to microphone
• Video Call when connected to Webcam
• Image and Video Status, Text Status  same on WhatsApp for Android
• Lots of Gifs and Emoji's
• Ability to send attachment
• Broadcast messages Supported
• Group chats
• Pin favorite chats
• Ability to send Audio and App, install WhatsApp Web see features yourself.

Fact: WhatsApp for PC can not work on own, it would be backed, supported by a mobile device and in this case your phone data connection always needs to be on in order to use WhatsApp for windows PC to chat directly from your PC.

Download WhatsApp: Install WhatsApp Messenger for Windows PC.

Click on the above link for WhatsApp Download process, you can directly install from the site without downloading it to your computer, just click on “Install WhatsApp” that's all.

Do you find this WhatsApp Download options useful, and what is your thoughts on this version of WhatsApp for windows PC? Do let me know via the comment box. 


Etisalat: 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat Working Via New Proxy Server In Anonytun

Etisalat: 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat Working Via New Proxy Server In Anonytun

(Etisalat) 9Mobile Latest free browsing cheat is now working via new proxy server on Anonytun. This (9Mobile) Etisalat Anonytun cheat is not unlimited as it's capped at 60MB every 24 hours though it's still manageable because there is a popular saying which stated that: “half bread is better than none”, i.e. if you used up 60 megabyte today, you won't be able to connect to the internet again till next day unless you subscribe for a 9Mobile data plan, but if you are lucky; you can use more than 60mb of data as said by #9mobile official.

9mobile free browsing cheat

If you are my regular reader (visitor), did you enjoyed the 9Mobile unlimited free browsing cheat which was recently blocked? Check it out!

Whatever your answer may be; don't worry, an alternative method of Anonytun free browsing cheat on etisalat is here with new proxy server. The data volume may be too small but at least it can update one or two apps on Google Play Store.

As we all know, this data plan is a social media data plan which could be used to access, youTube, twitter, G+, Skype, Instagram, snapchat and more...

But with the help of Anonytun VPN this social bundle (data) can power all app on your smartphone without being restricted.

Without wasting much of your time, let's start with the procedure of (etisalat) 9mobile free browsing cheat via Anonytun Proxy server.

Note: This 9mobile free browsing cheat is  100% working as at the time of writing this post and it may get blocked at anytime, so use it while it last. It works on old etisalat sim and the new 9mobile sim, enjoy!

Like i said earlier, the power of this Etisalat free browsing cheat lies on Anonytun VPN so if you want to enjoy this (9mobile) etisalat cheat to the fullest you must have the following tools in your Android phone;

• 9mobile|Etisalat sim with 0.00naira and no data on it
• Good 3G/4G connection
• Anonytun VPN - install it if not yet installed on your Android device.

Anonytun Settings For 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat Via New Server

You don't need to do any manual APN internet settings for this this 9mobile free browsing cheat to work, just use the default settings.

Now open the Anonytun ==> navigation icon click on three white dot ==> VPN Settings ==> MTU Size and change it to 1500 ==> Google DNS On/Off and tick On and save the settings.

After that click on Stealth Settings ==> Stealth Tunnel On/Off tick to on ==> Connection Protocol HTTP ==> Connection Port==> 8080.

Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

• Tick to On

Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

•Request method post
•Injection method: Normal
•Tick on keep alive and useragent
•Click on generate, save the settings

Now go to anonytun vpn main menu and click on connect and enjoy the 9Mobile free browsing cheat via new server. 


Top 20 Movie Download Sites To Watch Your Favorite TV Shows

Top 20 Movie Download Sites To Watch Your Favorite TV Shows

Need list of some top movie download sites to watch your favorite movies episodes and TV shows? Then you have come to the right place to get 'em all.

We love watching our favorite movies most likely, when they are absolutely free. But getting those best free movies isn't that easy.

So, here we have provides a list of some top movie download sites and how to download movies from the websites based on video quality with just a click.

If you open your net browser and type in the search box with terms “free movie download sites”, you’ll be given with an extended list of black-market websites promising to download best movies in a matter of seconds.

But, except for being black-market, these websites are a gateway to a torrent of malware.

Here we would provides a list of top movie sites for you to easily find your favorites hd movies to stream. Try them out and find the one that interests you the most.

With the arrival of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, HBO etc., watching movies and TV shows in our home has become additional comforting than ever. But, what if you don’t want to spend a dim for that?

We got you covered as we will be dropping the list of top free and legal movie downloading sites. Without taking much of your time, let's start by giving you the top tv shows and movie downloading sites.

Free movie download sites
Free Movies Download Sites

Top Free Movie Download Websites - Watch Legal Movies

• MoviesFoundOnline
This free movie download and streaming site provides high quality series of movies, tv shows, short films, Viral videos, stand-up comedy, drama, thriller and other legal free movies in different media formats.

• Hulu Live TV Shows 
Hulu curates all your favorite TV episodes In One Place, it gives you freedom to Watch thousands of shows and free movies for a limited time without the need of downloading movies, then continue with pro plans starting from $5.99/month, on the premium account; HBO, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX available as add-ons.

Apart from the above features, you would have a choice to create free account but remember the free acct comes with limited contents.

• Classic Cinema Online Dot com 
If you are that type of person who don't like watching movies, Classic Cinema Online would probably make to start watching movies with their list of though film and tv shows such as Horror movies, comedy, action films, drama and live TV shows.

• Public Domain Torrents 
As the name implies, public domain torrents is another free movie download site where you can download latest Hollywood and Bollywood in different format that suit your device.

• FzMovies 
Fzmovies is also a great source of best mobile TV shows, cartoons, real action movies in avi, mp4, 3gp and others.

Apart from movies, FzMovies has other  features like; Downloading help when you are having difficulty to download from their website. You can also request movies if your favorite movies are not on their website.

• GoodDrama 
For those of you who like Korea Movies, Tv shows & Drama's ( China, Japan and others ) goodDrama is where you get them all.

• YoDrama 
Are you a fan of Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean and HK movies? This free movie website has a lot for you to enjoy.

• 300mbFilms 
Get all the latest high quality movies in small size and in resumable 300mb links.

• Free Movies Online 
Open Culture aka Free movies Online provides almost all TV shows with over 50 different links. Open Culture is a home for free online curses and free movies. They also hosts lot of e-books, Textbooks and Audiobook for free lessons.

You is the top leading video site that you can stream, download lot of movies right on your smartphone.

Youtube is easily accessible and it's free, you can easily download videos from youtube using snaptube Or vdeo mate and other online redirection such as savefromnet.

• Mynollywood Movies 
This is another great website for free nollywood movies, they specialised on hosting nolly movies such as; Yoruba movie, Housa movie and other top Nigerian movies.

O2tvseries a home to get all the list TV series, all genre plus best movie episodes in alphabetic order(A-Z base on category).

• Micromkv is also among the free movie download sites that provides you all the list of  ongoing and complete TV series, starting from Hollywood movies to Bollywood movies. Micromkv ensures you full HD Movie And TV Shows Download for free.

• Free Movies Archive 
Internet Archive; here you can get almost all TV shows with over hundreds different free movies download links in  for free.

• Koreandrama 
Visit for high quality seasonal movies download.

NOTE: Most of high quality movies comes in larger size, you may use BitTorrent to fasten your network speed on any movie download site.

• WorldFree4u 
Home of all Movies TV Shows, you can also Watch Movies HD Online and direct download mp4 link with just a click.

Please do let us know if this article is helpful or not, what's saying?


List of Customer Care Call Centre and Emails On All Nigerian Networks

List of Customer Care Call Centre and Emails On All Nigerian Networks

For those having difficulties contacting their network service providers, here is the full list of Customer Care Call Center on all Nigerian networks for 24/7 customers' support and complaints, if you are looking for means to contact any telekom operator in Nigeria; then you are at the right place to get all call centre numbers and emails of any network operator in Nigeria.

Nigerian telecom operators have specialised call centre for prepaid and postpaid subscribers where they can request, complain and ask questions over the phone or via their official email if there's any inconveniences.

MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat,9mobile,Smile customer call centre

 In this post I will share all the contact details of 9mobile customer care line, Glo customer care numbers, MTN customer care and Airtel customer service centre within Nigeria, read about their contacts below fort anytime you need their help.

Glo Customer Care Call Centre Numbers And Emails

Glo Nigeria Call Centre provides a 24/7 and 12 months client support wherever client problems, requests, complaints, and queries square measure catered for over the phone.

If you wish to speak with Glo customer care representative, you can reach them via glo  call centre by dialing 200 for postpaid subscriber and if you are a prepaid customer simply dial 121 from your phone.

Alternatively, you can reach glo call centre by sending associate email to

Airtel Nigeria Customer care Email, Numbers

You can contact Airtel customer service via their free 24 hrs toll-free call centre by phone or email.

You can reach Airtel Nigeria call centre free at anytime and that they can answer your queries and help you to form the foremost out of Airtel services.

To contact Airtel customer care, simply dial 111 or 121 if you are an Airtel subscriber,   if you are calling from other network within Nigeria and abroad; you can call +2348021500111 and +2348021500121.

MTN Customer Care Nigeria - Call Centre

MTN customer care representatives ar obtainable on a twenty four - hour basis
to attend to all or any your enquiries,
complaints and basic services required. you'll contact MTN center in variety of the ways below;
From your, phone, Dial 180 (23480310180) you are an MTN subscribe, from other networks you can reach MTN call centre on 23480310180 or,

Use MTN self help service (181 mtn subscribers only) and (+234)80310181 from other networks and abroad.

9mobile Customer Support/Call Centre Numbers

9mobile customers' care are available to attend to all your enquiries and needs from 7Am to 9PM daily. Call 200 from 9mobile line or 08090000200 from any network, fixed line or international line.

Smile Nigeria Customer Support
You can also contact smile Nigeria on Skype: smileng-customercare
Call: +2347020444444

The above contact info are the present customer care numbers for Glo, MTN, 9mobile, Smile 4G and Airtel Nigeria call centre to communicate with them.

I hope you find this post useful? Do let me know by comment box below, stay glued to naijasturf Blog for more...

Incoming Searches:

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How To Download - Play PSP Games On Android Using PPSSPP Emulator

How To Download - Play PSP Games On Android Using PPSSPP Emulator

PPSSPP is one amongst the foremost purposeful PSP emulators obtainable, and you'll be able to even use it on your smartphone. detain mind that so as to run most games at acceptable speed, you'll have a more recent Android device. Older devices is also too slow to run PPSSPP Games properly. If you have got custom code put in on your PSP to enjoy all PSP Games, you'll be able to dump your own PSP discs and replica them to your smartphone.


In this post we shall cover all the available processes on installing PPSSPP and how to extract PSP ISO games.

To start with the processes; first of all download and install PPSSPP Emulator (PSP ROM for Android) on your Android from Google Play Store for free.

How To Download PPSSPP - PSP Emulator? 

Open the Play Store from your phone and type “PPSSPP” in the search box, a result will come up with different sorts of ppsspp related apps, just tap on PPSSPP - PSP Emulator and wait for installation process to be completed.

After that, open the emulator App which you have installed in step 1, now it's time to download some PSP games.

How To Download PSP Games For PPSSPP Emulator

You may visit either from your mobile phone or PC, click on any PPSSPP Game you want to download ==> tap on “Continue Reading” scroll down and click on “slow speed download” then wait for about 30 minutes countdown. Now your file is ready for download (tap on download now) to save the file. Alternatively, I suggest, PSP ISO, CSO games can also be download from emuparadise with ease.

When the game is being downloaded, go to download's folder on your Android device and extract it, open the extracted folder; there you will see the PPSSPP Games ISO file that we needed. Move move the PSP ISO game into storage/emulated/0/PSP/Game folder in your phone.

I hope we are following? Well, since we have everything needed to play PSP Games, the next step is to know if the PPSSPP emulator will for works on our phone type by downloading cube test program.

Cube test program can be download from, go to the site and click on (downloads) from the top site navigation, scroll down, skip all other downloading options and click on cubes program and save to your phone or PC.

To know if PSP ISO games or cube test program will work on your device, simply copy either of the files to SDcard ==> PSP==> Game past it here, if the cube test program works; that means you are ready to play PSP Games on your Android device.

 Now open the PPSSPP Emulator and click on Game folder, here you would see the list of ISO Games on your Android, tap on any PSP ISO game you want to play and enjoy!

Frequently Searches
The best 100 PSP Games, top 100 PlayStation games, PSP games list, PSP emulator games for Android, PSP games 2017, PSP ISO PPSSPP Games,  how to play games on ppsspp, how to get PSP games free, PSP ISO games list, emuparadise PPSSPP games for Android, download game ppsspp Android God of war, PSP ROM.


Dream League Soccer Game 2017 Apk Download

Dream League Soccer Game 2017 Apk Download

Are you a soccer game lover? Download  Dream League Soccer 2017 for a dynamic and smooth soccer gameplay on your Android phone without slacking nor closes unexpectedly during plays.

Dream league soccer allows you to create your very own stadium and manage your own team as you want, Sign top superstar players such as Diego Costa and Aaron Ramsey to create your very own Dream Team, this game is free to play, but some content and in-game items may be exchanged for real money on play store.

Dream league soccer 2017 Apk Download

What You Should Know About Dream League Soccer 2017 Apk Download

  1. Coins: you can earn coins while playing the game or by watching videos and you can also buy it in packs starting from $1.99 to $19.99
  2. Network: this game uses Wi-Fi and mobile data when available to download additional game content and advertising. This option can be disabled from the settings tab.
  3. Advertisement: yes this game contains third-party advertisement, if you like to disabled advert then purchase in game currency from the shop.
Be ready for sensible, plan of action AI to make a difficult and addictive expertise. With all new visuals, realistic animations and 60fps dynamic gameplay (compatible devices only), Dream League soccer is that the good football game package that captures truth essence of the attractive game.

Dream League soccer on-line puts your Dream Team against the absolute best within the world. Work your method through the ranks to prove your team is that the greatest!

Features Of Dream League soccer 2017 Apk Download

  1. FIF Pro™ licensed players brings the most authentic Dream League Soccer experience to your hands!
  2.  Freedom to create, customize and control your very own Dream Team!
  3. 6 Divisions to work your way through, and over 7 Cup competitions!
  4. Build your very own stadium to showcase your superstars!
  5. Develop your players with more accuracy and intent
  6. Season objectives to keep you engaged and coming back!
  7. Google Play achievements & leaderboards to see who ranks on top!
  8. Customise and import your very own kits & logos!
  9. Sync progress between devices with Google Play Cloud!
  10. Exclusive soundtrack provided by Sunset Sons, King Nun, Holy Oysters, Tobtok & Maholo
How To Download Dream League Soccer 2017 apk? 
Click on the link to download the game.

Notice! This game is completely packed in  xapk format both the OBB + Data FILES and to install it you have to use xapk installer which would automatically extract every file to where it should be.

Once the above steps is completed, congratulations! Dream league soccer 2017 apk has been successfully installed on your Android, play and enjoy!

For further inquiring, contact firsttouchgame on the following:
Facebook: Facebook page
Twitter: Twitter handle
YouTube: YouTube channel


Gionee X1s Price In India, Nigeria, Features and Review

Gionee X1s Price In India, Nigeria, Features and Review

We can't just get enough from Gionee as they keep releasing new and unimaginable smartphones, today we have got the full specifications of Gionee X1s with amazing features that would make you sell your present phone and go for it. Below are some key specs, price of Gionee X1s in Nigeria and India.

Gionee X1s features and price
Gionee X1s 

Gionee X1s is backed by a 4000mAh battery and powered by 1.5GHz quad core MediaTek processor MT6737T alongside 3GB RAM with 16GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 256GB with the help of MicroSD card. This phone runs Android 7.0 (Nougat).

About the camera; the Gionee X1s spots a 13mp rear camera and a 16mp selfie shooter, This device supports dual micro sim.

Gionee X1s Features, Full Phone Specifications 

Operating System 
OS Version: Android 7.0 - Nougat
Processor: Chipset Mediatek - MT6737T
CPU 1.5GHz quad core
Skin: Amigo 4.0
Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Dimension: 150.30 * 73.50 * 8.80
Screen size: 5.20 inches
Resolution: 720*1280 px (~458 PPI pixel density)

in-built memory: 16GB

Rear camera 13 px
Front camera 16 px
Flash surport: yes

2G bands GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
3G bands HSDPA 4G bands LTE
Speed HSPA, LTE 150-50/Mbps
SIM: dual (sim1 & sim2 - Micro )

Wi-Fi: √
Bluetooth: v4.0 (A2DP)
FM Radio: √

Battery Info
4000mAh unremovable Li-Ion battery with fast charging.

-3.5mm jack: √
-Loud Speaker: √
-Alert Type: wave ringtone, MP3 and vibrating

Other Key Specs
Proximity sensor, Fingerprint sensor, accelerometer,
Ambiet light sensor
Dual LED flash,
Face detection,
Video 1080p@30fps
Secondary 16 MP, 1080p

Gionee X1s expected price in Nigeria is ₦72,000 and Rs.12,999 in India.

Gionee X1s was announced September,2017 and would be available on 21st September this year so let's keep expecting.
While we are waiting for the release date of this phone; I want to bring it to your notice that this smartphone supports band 40 mostly used by LTE networks in India.


Download SnapTube for Android (Latest)

Download SnapTube for Android (Latest)

SnapTube is the world's best YouTube free videos and music downloader for Android that enables you to download video in multiple resolutions and play music in any format in short simple step.

SnapTube app - Downloader have cluster of such a series of videos and music downloads from top movies sites or videos uploaded to social network, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Korean Show, vine, Song Lelo and many others.

Snaptube YouTube videos downloader

It's no longer new that saving videos from social media isn't that easy, Well, I know there are lot of tricks on how to download YouTube videos but I don't think those methods are as simple as using SnapTube which is the latest version for Android, check here for  how to install SnapTube apk latest version.

Features Of SnapTube App Video And Music Downloader

Direct Mp3 Downloads
√ Powerful In-built media player
√ Get Videos in multiple resolutions
√ Search Videos by entering keywords
√ Converting YouTube videos to mp3
√ Sub menu ==>> video sites ==>> popular and category
√ YouTube, you will land here when you search for any video by keywords
√ Channels, YouTube channels list for the searched keywords
√ Playlists, list of recently played videos
√ Web, this will take you to Google Search

See the screenshot of Category:

Videos music downloader
SnapTube category 

The popular menu is a place where new YouTube and other videos are added regularly and you can just search for any video using the app search box and watch it.

SnapTube app is not limited to only Android device but is also available for Windows PC and you can do it from Snaptube Official website which I will share with you after this paragraph.

To download this app log on to SnapTube's official website to get newest Snaptube apk for free, incase you might want to unlock all the cool features of this great app, simply join their VIP premium version of SnapTube play store VIP.

Snaptube VIP upgrade
SnapTube VIP 

Features Of SnapTube VIP Premium 

  1. Permanently removed app ads
  2. No banner Ads
  3. Enable Batch download feature
  4. 2k-4k option is urned on for HD videos download.
Where To Download SnapTube App
Download SnapTube online video here  and enjoy.

How To Download YouTube Videos Using SnapTube

Open the downloaded Snaptube app ==>> click on any website which you would want to download video or music 🎶 from ==>> wait for the page while it loads all the hot videos ==>> tap on the video, tap on the red pointed arrow with download sign and it will take you to a new window to download file in multiple resolutions and formats see on the screenshot below;

Files types
Files Formats 

Note: To download video on facebook you to login to your facebook account by log on to and you are good to go.

Now click on any format that suits your device, enjoy hot videos and music easy, fast and free with SnapTube-YouTube Downloader.