Download AnonyTun VPN V2.1 For Better and Stable Connection On Glo, Etisalat 0.0kb Latest Cheats

Download AnonyTun VPN V2.1 For Better and Stable Connection On Glo, Etisalat 0.0kb Latest Cheats

This application called AnonyTun VPN is a tunneling app that enables you to surf the web securely and anonymously; likewise , tweakware, Stark Vpn and Psiphon, but the anonyTun vpn comes with an automated/inbiluild servers and that makes it more stable and faster. AnonyTun is far better than Tweakware in terms of it steady connection, it not like Tweakware VPN that often disconnect within 15 minutes of use. Not long ago Glo 0.00kb cheat was blocked and many people keep saying why!  Why! did glo block the cheat but today I'm happy to bring it to your notice that with the help of This AnonyTun VPN; the Glo and etisalat 0.00kb free browsing cheat is back with full speed and stable connection.

The new version of AnonyTun vpn which v2.1 boast of the following features:
√ Stand alone VPN configurations menu. See the image for full details.

From the screenshot above you can that the compression was disabled as a default settings.

You can also set the MTU size from 65 to 1500; adjusting this may affect your connection either making it faster or slower.  Download AnonyTun VPN V2.1 On Google Playstore.


  1. Lunch AnonyTun vpn 
  2. Tab on "READY TO CONNECT" buttons
  3. Again tab on the three doted lines at the top right corner Under stealth settings

How Make It Work For Glo 0.0kb Free Browsing 
First tab on Vpn settings from the drop down menu.

You can MTU size to 1500 then save your settings.


To make this work well on your smartphone; you will need a good and strong network coverage it's even better to be on 3G or 4G coverage area.

APN NAME: NaijaSturf
APN: gloflat
APN TYPE: default, supl
APN PROXY: empty
APN PORT: empty

Now Lunch the app and tab on the "STEALTH SETTINGS" menu and turn the stealth tunnel option >> tab TCP and change it to HTTP connection protocol >> change the connection port from 8080 to 80 and finally tab on TCP/HTTP and enable it.

HOW TO Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

Just set it as seen in the above screenshot and leave other boxes untick then tab on "GENERATE" button to finally save your settings and click on connect wait a while for AnonyTun vpn to establish it's connection.

Keep enjoying this offer while it stays!

SEE WHY YOU SHOULD Use Tweakware VPN On Your Android Device
5 Benefits Of Using Tweakware VPN On Your Android Device

5 Benefits Of Using Tweakware VPN On Your Android Device

Yeah, it seems 60% of the internet user do not really know the main benefits of using VPN(s), I mean any type of vpn  being it; your-freedom vpn,  vpnbook, Ultralvpn, Tweakware vpn or any other types of vpn. But in this article we will be discussing the benefits of "Tweakware VPN" which I think is the best tunneling app used mostly by average Nigerians as at the time of publishing this article.

Tweakware VPN is a software that is capable of keeping all your online personal information. logs and other activities anonymously using its encryption methods.  Tweakware Vpn also enables you to browse any websites or access their contents and other services that you might have been blocked or limited your activities within their sites using your ISP(IP); This blocking or limiting your activities on some site usually occur when their system detects your IP to be from unsupported Country or when you violate any of rules but trust me, tweakware will make way for you to access the site even when they blocked your IP from accessing their website  🙌.

The internet is a public place and for that reason all the internet users wants their internet activities save and secured. Tweakware boast of keeping your internet logs and activities privately and secured especially when you are using a public or an organization to access the internet such WIFI, AIRPORTS or other organizations to access the internet. Using Tweakware VPN make it will impossibly for anyone to read or understand any information bout you or your Activities while accessing the internet.

  1. All of your activities will be be anonymiz on the internet nobody can tell which or where you are located because your IP address is secure and anonymous.
  2. Your logs-data is fully secured and out of the reach prying eyes.
  3. The blocked, bounds and inaccessible internet-websites resources will be accessible
  4. You will no more panic about your online privacy because tweakware vpn has taken over the action on your behalf.
  5. Tweakware gives you a total internet freedom.
To enjoy the full features of tweakware vpn I will urge you to apply for a premium account by contacting the tweakware's company @ on how to subscribe to premium account.
So why don't you try tweakware on your Android device?  While you're doing that, check out the Etisalat free 200MB Gift which some are already enjoying it. 


Download Glo Café - A Globacom Self Care App For Your Device

Download Glo Café - A Globacom Self Care App For Your Device

Globacom NG Limited have recently announced the lunch of their multi-functional self care mobile App named "Glo Café" the glo café is just like  other network's Self Care mobile applications e.g. myMTN Mobile App , Etisalat Mobile App and I am not really too sure if Airtel has its own Self Care mobile Application.

I have once used the MTN Mobile App and currently I'm using the Glo café self care Mobile App but out of the two I must confess that the Glo Self care Mobile App stands to be the best!  Because is well customized, easy navigating and has friendly user's interface.
What's More, it is an entertainment shop with unshakable access with an abundance content including comedy, videos, sports, music, entertainment gist and news. I can't really explain everything about Glo café all you have to do is to go and get it from Playstore and see it yourself.

Glo Café is a platform for all subscriber related activities including utility and entertainment. The full benefits of glo café are as follows:

  1. Easiest and rapid method of BUYING, SHARING & GIFTING data.
  2. Most simple way to borrow Call credit and Data.
  3. Easiest way to recharge any Glo account.
  4. Quickest way to contact call center executives, raise service related requests, chat with any online agents etc.
  5. Unique shop for all entertainment needs with 2,000,000+ songs on Glo Music café, over 10,000 Music videos, Comedy & sports on Glo Video café and a world class gaming portfolio on Glo Games café.
  6. Direct access on the go for Glo Laffta fest and Mega music concert with latest highlights.
  7. Quickest way to pay for any online bills.
The Glo café is supported on most android iPhone devices. The app is totally free no hidden charges apply. 

Download and enjoy!  Please don't forget to invite your friends here.


Download My Etisalat Mobile App and Get 200MB Free Of Data

Download My Etisalat Mobile App and Get 200MB Free Of Data

Etisalat Promised to give 200MB free of data to any of their subscribers that download their newly updated app "Myetisalat Mobile App" don't think this is an illegal data or a cheat or promo because it was officially posted on the etisalat's facebook fans page on Friday at around 12:59pm and it's a normal data just as those we used to buy with our money and it has no limitations of using it. I think their trying to use this method to get many downloads count on the play-store by giving out the 200mb just to motivate their subscribers to download. But trust me,  naija we no dey see awoof go despite the fact that they said awoof de burst belle 😂! See the official message as posted on facebook:
Get free 200MB now, download the #MyEtisalatApp here >> with your Cliq

However, apart from the free 200MB stuff the app has its own benefit which can get some tasks done easily for all etisalat subscribers, let's find out what to do and how we can use this app below.


With #myetisalat App we can do almost everything on the etisalat network with just a tap. We can do the following:

  • See everything just in a brief
  • Check your balances;
  • Know status & more, 
  • E-Top Up and buying of data with your debit card or bank account, 
  • Manage your multiple lines centrally,
  •  Chat with a customer care agent within a short time, 
  • Manage your services on yur own terms,
  • Redeem rewards, 
  • And can even lock your line if it gets stolen & much more. all you need to do is just tap.
So as Etisalat user, the steps you need to follow to enjoy this gift from Etisalat is just to download the "Etisalat Mobile App" G-PlayStore after the instruction tab on the register button to activate, Once it's successfully completed then wait for your data's welcome message from etisalat.

NOTE: You may not get yours instantly if you Try to activate it during the weekend period but hopefully you will get it on Monday. All the etisalat subscribers are entitled to this gift if she, he,  me and you downloaded the app and followed as prompted on the app.

Don't forget to share with your friends and love once.
-Download My Etisalat Mobile App for Android

-Download My Etisalat Mobile App for iPhone

Download My Etisalat Mobile App for Blackberry
Enjoy while it stays! 
Etisalat Best Smartphone Data Bundles 2017

Etisalat Best Smartphone Data Bundles 2017

As a smartphone user it's very important to know what or which type of data subscription that best suits your smartphone usage and that's why every network provider has its smartphone data bundles it's left for to choose which serve your needs.
In this article I'm going to table all the Etisalat Best smartphone data bundles including the *USSD* Command and the Short *Codes* to activate them. This data bundles works properly on all devices including Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone and any other smartphones.

Smartphone Data Bundles
Plan Monthly Cost (₦) Activation Codes (text to 8183) Activation Code (USSD)
11.5GB ₦8000 Smarte *229*2*55#
Smartd *229*2*33#
2.5GB ₦2000 Smartc *229*2*44#
1GB ₦1000 Smartb *229*2*22#
500MB ₦500 Smarta *229*2*11#

You should also have it in mind that you will also enjoy automatic renewal (you have the privilege of getting auto-renewal features) on each data purchased, if there is enough  airtime on your phone to meet the terms of auto renewal you would be given the exact amount purchased in your first subscription, If you do not finish your active data-plan before the auto renewal time don't worry the remaining data will work alongside your current data plan because it will rolled-over during the auto renewal period or if additional data is purchased before the expiration date of the  active data.

Do you want to get this method by SMS?  If yes then you may quickly send "HELP" to 229, If you don't wish to use the auto renewal feature it's very simple, Dial *229*0# to opt out of the auto-renewal.

REMEMBER: Once you opt out from auto renewal it may reflect your call rate or charges from 20kb/s when you are on auto renewal and 40kb/s when you opt-out or when you data get expired.

The above table with the subscription codes and USSD commands may display correctly depending on your type of browser, so look carefully before dialing any of codes.
Presently those are the trending smartphone data bundles  for Etisalat. 

  I hope you enjoy the write-up?