Reloaded: Airtel smartCONNECT 4.0 - OvaJara Back2Sender 8x Bonuses

Reloaded: Airtel smartCONNECT 4.0 - OvaJara Back2Sender 8x Bonuses

       It's quite noticed that Airtel Nigeria has the most enticing charges and affordable data plans in Nigeria, and just recently they introduced a new ovajara 8 Times offer which is smartCONNECT 4.0- OvaJara Back2Sender, this package is a more added features of the former Airtel SmartConnect 2.0 and guess what?  You are really going to like it. See how to activate it here.

Airtel smartCONNECT 4.0 - OvaJara Back2Sender offers you 8 Times bonuses while SmartConnect 2.0 gives you 6x data bonuses.
With the Airtel ovajara x8 you can get 8times your recharge whenever you top up! You would be rewarded with 100% amount of your recharge as added data bonuses plus the eight times bonuses you receive on every recharge you made. This packages are mainly designed to improve Airtel's new customers' experience and make it more easier for consumers to browse, call and do more on the network without much stress.

According to Airtel Nigeria, once a customer buys a replacement SIM, registers and inserts it in a very device, he/she begins to get pleasure from the Ovajara eight times bonus and additionally gets the full worth of his recharge as data bonus by finish of  every 2 months.

It seems Airtel are using this method to  induce additional subscribers to the Airtel network but anyway, its a really good idea though.

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When a you recharges with N200, you would be rewarded with N200 in your main account and receives a bonus of N500 for voice calls and N500 data bonus, with an extra N200 airtime to call your family & friends or loved ones with an additional bonus of N200 for social medias -  BBM, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and whole of them, that makes a complete of N1600 airtime on each N200 recharge. is this not enticing?

How To Activate Airtel Smart Connect 4.0 Ovajara x8 Bonuses 
Getting the Airtel ovajara x8 free bonus doesn't requires any trick, just get a new Airtel sim and recharge with N200 by dialing *126*Card PIN# and start enjoying!

To check ovajara x8 balance, dial *123#.

Keep enjoying the smartCONNECT 4.0 - OvaJara Back2Sender while a new latest Airtel cheat for browsing is loading... Keep refreshing this page for more..... 


Updated: Unlimited Data Cheat  For Airtel Free Browsing 2017

Updated: Unlimited Data Cheat For Airtel Free Browsing 2017

Here is an update to Airtel 2017 free browsing cheat which was blazing hot in early May this year but unfortunately, it got blocked and then stop working. But today I'm here and happy to bring it to your notice that airtel free cheat is back and better.

The Airtel 2017 unlimited data cheat is currently working as at the time of writing this post, would get up to 800GB of data by continue dialing a particular ussd command on your mobile phone to make it unlimited.

NOTE: Before you try this airtel free browsing cheat; make sure you are on “Airtel SmartTrybe Jr”  and if you are on other tariff plan then try and migrate to smartTrybe Jr, once the migration is successful then check out the next step below;

Now that you are on Airtel SmartTrybe Jr, what next? To begin, start by dialing a code. Once you dialed this code, you would start getting some huge amount of free data bundles starting from 1GB, the more you dial the code more free data for you!. In case you know a short code for migration, simply dial *317# to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe Jr.

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How To Get Airtel 2017 Unlimited Data Cheat

Turn on the offline mode on your Android device
Change you phone's date to May 3, 2017
Turn off the offline mode
Keep dialling *688*1# for 1GB Unlimited Social Data would keep flowing into your account, the more you dial the more your  data is being accumulated, 1GB x..... Up to 800GB worth of data valid for 30days, starting from the day you get yours.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance
To Check your data balance dial *140#.

If you are not able to use this, here is an alternative for you!  Airtel N0.00kb free browsing cheat

This cheat for airtel browsing is a social media data bundles, so it requires some Psi phon tweak for it to power all apps which will be posted here any moment from now. Keep it logged! 


New MTN Uganda Mobile Money Month

New MTN Uganda Mobile Money Month

MTN Uganda is Telecom service provider with over 8 million subscribers, 70,000 agents country wide and has wide range of services which are;
Sending and receiving money
Paying bills and taxes
Buying airtime and MTN Bundles as well as saving and borrowing with MoKash.

But this time we are talking about the MTN Mobile Money Month.

According to MTN Uganda;
MTN Mobile Money month is to gather and respond to customer feedback, resolve customer queries and reward customers for using MTN Mobile Money.

Don't Miss Out!  Uganda Free Browsing 2017

What is involved during this MTN Mobile Money month?

• Customers who are not yet active on MTN Mobile Money are missing out on this easy, simple secure service. They should activate their accounts by dialing *165# and entering a 5 digit PIN.

• Customers whose accounts have gone dormant should also reactivate their accounts by dialing *165# and following the prompts.

• We encourage customers who are already active on MTN Mobile Money to buy airtime using this channel they will be rewarded with bonus airtime instantly.

Benefits Of Using The MTN Mobile Money

• You will get 30% bonus when you purchase airtime through MTN Mobile Money.
Note: The bonus received is capped at 5,000and may used for MTN to MTN calls and SMS and is valid up to midnight.

• It can be accessed by dialing *165# or via the improved MyMTN App

• Using the MyMTN App is FREE – no data bundle required.

To Buy Airtime And Get Bonus From MTN Uganda 
Any Ugandan who wished to use this service should simply dial *165*2# or use the MyMTN App (

How To Check Balance
 Dial *131*1# to check your balance.

√ Customers should always keep his/her PINs a secret.

© MTN Uganda #MoKash
How To Get Free 50GB From MTN Ghana Network [See How To Get Yours]

How To Get Free 50GB From MTN Ghana Network [See How To Get Yours]

Good day to all our Ghanaian visitors,
Here is the Latest MTN Ghana Free Browsing for you. All MTN Ghana subscribers can now get a huge amount of data worth 50GB on their MTN Ghana line any moment from now as it was officially announced on twitter by @mtnghana.

This is an official MTN Ghana free browsing and not a cheat but a freebies, so if you're not qualified for this offer try and contact MTN customers service or any MTN shop/outlet nearest to you. The free 50 GB Data Bonus will last for 6 months and renewable, you don't need Anonytun VPN or manual internet configuration settings to enjoy this 50 GB data free browsing on MTN.

According to a tweet by MTN Republic of Ghana on their official twitter account;
The freebies goes with the Huawei Ascend Y210 smartphone. However, it can be activated on any type of smartphone regardless of your smartphone type.

I know your question will be; how do I activated the MTN Ghana 50GB data, don't worry because we've covered everything on how to Activate MTN Ghana Free 50GB Data right here, just check it out below.

How To Get 50GB Free Data On MTN Ghana Network

• Open your message
• Type MB in the message body and send it to 151.
• Immediately you would get a respond like;

Thanks for using your new phone for MTN. You have been rewarded with Data freebies of 50GB each month for 6 months. Welcome to the new world


If you got the above message, that's means the 50GB data has been given to you, enjoy for next 6 months, I believe this would surely get your mind off the MTN free browsing tweak.

Enjoy 😎 ☺ 
MTN Prestige Anniversary: Get 750MB Data & 120 Minutes Of Free Call

MTN Prestige Anniversary: Get 750MB Data & 120 Minutes Of Free Call

MTN's Prestige Anniversary: MTN are celebrating their prestige anniversary and along the process, has determined to reward a number of it's loyal customers with 750MB free Data to surf the internet and 120 minutes value of voice call credit(airtime) to call any network in Nigeria. I think this is an alternative to those who can't use MTN free unlimited browsing.

The Free 750mb Data + 120 Munites worth of airtime will last for 7days [1week].

Note: This offer is just out there to some elect customers.

So if you're qualified you will see something like;

Y?ello!  For being loyal to MTN, you have been rewarded with 120 minutes to call all networks & 750MB. Valid for 7 days.  Dial *559*52# to check your data account balance. Thank you for being with us! 
You'll presumably receive a text from MTN Ghana otherwise, you may also dial *559*52# to check  if you have been given the MTN's Prestige Anniversary free data and call time.

Good luck!!! 


Download AnonyTun Beta V5.0 Apk Cracked Version (Ads Free)

Download AnonyTun Beta V5.0 Apk Cracked Version (Ads Free)

Download AnonyTun Beta V5.0 Apk Cracked: Like seriously, Anonytun VPN has been serving tons of life since last 2 months, Guys are enjoying unlimited free browsing on Glo and 9mobile via a tunneling app called “Anonytun VPN apk” and I'm proud to inform you that the 9mobile and  Glo  unlimited free browsing remains on AnonyTun Beta V5.0 Apk cracked edition.

This latest version of Anonytun VPN Beta Apk (Anonytun pro mod apk)  has been repacked with more advance features and its faster because all the junks causing the frequent disconnection has been cleared and this makes it ads free, say goodbye to those annoying pop-up ads while connected on the former AN VPN.

The Anonytun pro mod apk is now available for download on Android, it work on both rooted and none rooted  devices, free of distressful pop-up ads and would make it a best VPN of the year,  Download and enjoy all the free browsing as they are rolling out. 

In the regular version of Anonytun VPN, many users were grumbling about the disconnecting and too many  pops up ads issues, but the  Anonytun pro mod apk is a cracked version of the official AnonyTun VPN and it's free of ads, no frequent disconnecting and it free to use with super fast speed, since the modder didn't attach any payment options in the app.

Features Of Anonytun Beta V5.0 Apk

 • Simple Navigating
• Super Fast
• No Pops up ads
• It Minimizes RAM and Battery usage
• Manual Configuration settings

Where To Download AnonyTun VPN Cracked Version 

Download AnonyTun Beta V5.0 Apk version

Now that you have installed anonytun beta v5.0 the next step is to set it up and enjoy the Glo 0.00kb unlimited free browsing but if you don't know how to do the settings, don't be concerned, I got you coated, go here

If you are among those searching for Anonytun settings for 9mobile then you are at the right place, just install AnonyTun Beta apk, follow the procedure here and enjoy 9mobile|Glo browsing cheat.

Stay tuned for more...


9mobile Night Plan Subscription Codes And Prices, 2GB for N1,000, 1GB N200

9mobile Night Plan Subscription Codes And Prices, 2GB for N1,000, 1GB N200

9mobile night plan subscription codes and prices - A lot of people have been enjoying the night data plans on various networks, Glo, Airtel, MTN and Etisalat. Yes I included the Etisalat Nigeria because when 9mobile was Etisalat they also has their night data bundles which gives their subscribers 500MB for N50 and the validity is between 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM Everyday.

As we all know, since the re-branding of Etisalat's name to 9mobile, there has been lot of changes in their new services which reflects on their voice call packages, daily, weekly, night plan, and monthly data plans and below is subscribe to subscribe to 9mobile night plan and their prices.

How To Subscribe To 9mobile Night Plan

• To activate the 1GB 9mobile night plan for N200, dial *229*3*11# and the validity is 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM

How to Subscribe to 9Mobile Weekend Plan

NOTE: this plan works between 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM

• To activate the 9mobile weekend plan dial *229*3*12# cost N1,000 validity is 1 month.

• To activate the 9Mobile Weekend plan of 5GB for N2,000, dial *229*3*13#, the validity is (30 days)

• To activate 250Mb for N50, simply dial *229*10*10#, you can now subscribe  to any 9mobile night plan of your choice from the categories.

Well, I know that 9mobile night plan are more costly compare to Airtel, Glo and MTN but i bet you would like it as it's faster than the rocket... Remember to browse through the for latest Airtel cheat code and MTN data plan cheat which are currently working like mad, use the search box for easy access to my older articles.
Freedom VPN Configure File For 9mobile Free Browsing>>

Freedom VPN Configure File For 9mobile Free Browsing>>

Hello guys,
        I have the latest freedom VPN Configure File for 9mobile right here and below are some few steps to follow so that you would be able to use the 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat This configuration file has been tested,used and confirmed by Dele Ayo and he decided to share it with us but we would need to go through some settings in order to make it work.

But before I go further your freedom vpn settings, let me quickly ask if you really know what freedom App is all about. Do you know what this tool can do and how it works? If your answer is no then read about Your-freedom VPN and continue to the next procedure but if you already know about it, then continue reading... Here you will learn how to use your freedom for free internet.

It has been observed that free browsing cheats these days seems to be more easier  on VPN Apps, not long ago I posted about AnonyTun VPN 9mobile 0.00kb cheat and Airtel N0.0 Free Browsing Cheat, both are currently working fine I'm writing this post, and would like to say it's an alternative which you may try out and I bet you, you will love to use them on your Android device. Your freedom apk free download is available on Google PlayStore.

This freedom VPN configure file will enable you to browse, download and chats on WhatsApp, Facebook(facebook App), Twitter, Skype and many others for free, and it works on any internet-enabled devices, being it a laptops, windows, iPod iOS, Pc's, tablets and any other smartphones without any Unlimited data plans.

In a brief;
Your-freedom VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tunneling client that gives you a complete online anonymization, anti-censorship and freedom on the internet, it protects your IP address from being logged and keeps your online activities  anonymous, bypass blocked websites, App,  disguises your real identity and get you rid off internet censorship with the help of its unlimited free servers, read 5 Benefits of VPN On Android.

Your Freedom VPN - your-freedom VPN apk
9mobile SIM with N0.00 balance
3G - 4G LTE or a stable 2G coverage
Your Freedom Account Unlimited (if you don't have go to a create one)
Freedom VPN Settings (freedom VPN configure file for 9mobile) - download Zip file
Android 4.4 or higher

You need to create a user account to use 9mobile your freedom configuration settings for Android, yes you really need to set up an account with them to this free browsing cheat settings unlimited.

How To Create your Freedom Unlimited Account for  Free
Go, click on user registration ==> fill all the necessary information required then sign up.

Now go back to freedom App ==>> configure ==>> Account Information
User Name: put your registered name on their site
Password: your secret pass during the registration

Note: The free account comes with the minimum speed of 65kbit/s internet speed  but it could be increased to 1MB/s depending on how strong your network is,  you also have the option of upgrading your free account from the menu I.e if you wish to upgrade from free to a premium account.

Next, once you have all the above requirements, click here for your freedom VPN free download, install it and head to the next step below.

Open Your Freedom App, tap on the configure menu, this will take you to a new window, there will find the following:
• General
• Account Information
• Connection
• Backup/Restore
• Vouchers
• Messages
• Blockit/Settings
• Shop
• Help
• Exit and Back button, but what we are really going to use here is the backup/restore and account information tabs because that's where the tricks lies.

Tab on backup/restore, this will still take you to your-freedom VPN set up wizard that enables you to export DNS and IP filters, save config file but we are not exporting DNS or any IP so we would use one of the options under load config and merge filters which is load config, now click on the load config ==> locate the folder with the extracted 9mobile unlimited free browsing configuration file, see the screenshot below;

After that, click on the 9mobile Unlimited.cfg though there are about  four 9mobile unlimited servers available but you can choose any one that meet your needs as for me I'm using the above mentioned freedom VPN configure file for 9mobile.

Now that you have selected your preferred -freedom VPN configuration settings, tap on the load to save the settings

When the configuration file is successfully installed a pop-up message will showed up like;
“Config read from file/storage/emulated/0/folder/9mobile Unlimited your-freedom configuration/9mobile unlimited.cfg”

Tap on the back button to go to the main menu and finally click on Start Connection, wait for at least 15 to 30 seconds for your freedom VPN to establish connection, once it's successfully connected minimize the freedom App and start surfing the web, download and watch YouTube movies free! If you follow this procedure and your freedom not connecting please kindly leave a comment here.

That's all about freedom VPN configure file for 9mobile, enjoy while it's still fresh!


Smile Data Plans For 4G LTE|VoLTE Enabled Smartphones, iPod iOS, iPhone, Gameconsole and BB10

Smile Data Plans For 4G LTE|VoLTE Enabled Smartphones, iPod iOS, iPhone, Gameconsole and BB10

Smile 4G LTE Internet Data plans: Smile NG is currently the Nō1 4G LTE broadband internet service provider and the fastest network in Nigeria right presently, but they are yet to cover the whole states in Nigeria as they are currently covering about 8 States out the 36 states in Nigeria which are; Asaba, Ibadan, Benin City, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Onitsha while other states/cities are patiently waiting for theirs in the nearest time as promised by Smile 4G LTE Network.

For you to enjoy all the features of smile 4G LTE broadband internet services you need to have a 4G LTE enabled-device and a 4G LTE sim card, alternatively, you may use smile's Router or Mifi (SMIFI-S) that comes with unlimitedLite data plans for 30days for easy internet access on smile 4G LTE services, the MIFI or router enables you to share your smile 4G LTE internet connection with any other internet enabled devices, it could be Android smartphone, iPhone, iPod, iPad pro or PC's.

Unfortunately, smile network does not have daily or weekly Data Plans.

And so, here is something more Fascinating for smile 4G LTE network,
Smile unlimited lite;
Smile data plans;
Smile data bundles.

If you landed here while searching for smile data plan then you are in the right place, just keep scrolling down and have fun as I'm going to list all the smile 4G LTE data plans and subscriptions links respectively.

Smile 4G LTE Requirements; for you to be on smile 4G LTE network, you will need the following to enjoy all their free internet and free calls,
Smile SIM
Compartible 4G LTE Smartphones
Unlimited Premium Data plan
VoLTE-enabled mobile phone

Smile Data Plans: SmileLite, Anytime, More Value And UnlimitedPremium

All these data plans can be used on any smartphone like gameconsole, PC, modem, windows, iPOD, iPAD iOS, Android and many other gadgets that has internet access.

Monthly Data Plans
UnlimitedPremium monthly plan For 19,800Naira- click here -30 days
1GB For 1,000Naira- go here - 30days
10GB For 9,000Naira- follow here -30days
15 GB For 10Naira Subscribe here- 30days
7GB Anytime Data For 5,000Naira activate it here 30days validity
20GB For 17,000Naira - buy from smile Nigeria 1year(12months)
50GB For 36,000 Purchase link 12months validity
3GB Anytime Data For 3,000Naira (Recharge now) 30days
2GB SmileLite Data For 2,000Naira Recharge 30days
100GB For 70,000Naira 12months
200GB For 135,000Naira (12months) 1years

Click on the link provided in between the  prices and validities and see how to subscribe for smile Data Plans.

All the aforementioned Unlimited monthly Smile Data Plans are now available in Asaba, Abjua, Benin, Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onitsha and Kaduna for all smile's network subscribers.


9mobile Automatic and Manual Internet Configuration Settings

9mobile Automatic and Manual Internet Configuration Settings

Etisalat Nigeria promised that change of name will not affect its operations in feature but it has been observed that almost everything about the network has been changed, but one thing that many people find it so difficult to do is manual internet configuration settings, not long ago I posted here about the new list of 9mobile Data Plans Subscription Codes & Prices 2017.

There are lot of 9mobile free browsing cheat and 9mobile data plans circulation on the internet and in order to make it work and active you need to do an exact APN settings (internet settings) on your device and that's why I come up with this article.

However, some do get the 9mobile APN settings automatically upon sim insertion to their phone while some will have to do it manually which is why we are here, so if you fall under the unfortunate persons who  did not get the configuration settings automatically I'm going to show you how to set it manually or get it automatically if you are using a supported phone.

9mobile APN Setting Automatic And Manual

How to get 9mobile automatic APN settings on your phone:
It's easy as ABC, what you need to do is to type SETTINGS in your phone's message and send it to 790;
If you didn't get any response then use the below manual configuration settings;

The Manual Configuration settings for 9mobile goes like:
APN Name: 9mobile
APN: 9mobile
Port: 8080
The configuration settings above can also be use for 9mobile free browsing settings.

I believe you find this post useful, if yes then your comment will give us joy and inspiration to do more better in feature... Enjoy!